60. Department of Management Services

 60BB-1.001. Definitions
 60BB-1.002. Filing Grievances And Complaints
 60BB-1.003. Wia, Wt And Wtw Hearing And Appeals Chart
 60BB-1.004. Process For Filing Grievances And Complaints With Rwbs
 60BB-1.005. Grievance And Complaint Hearing Process At Rwb Level
 60BB-1.006. The Appeal Of Rwb Decisions Or Lack Of Action
 60BB-1.007. Appeal And Review Of Rwb Decisions By The State
 60BB-1.008. State Level Original Grievance And Complaint Hearing Process For Wia, Wt And Wtw Programs
 60BB-1.009. Remedies
 60BB-1.010. Judicial Appeal Of A Final State Agency Decision
 60BB-1.011. Special Review Of Final State Agency Decisions
 60BB-1.012. Federal Level Appeal Process
 60BB-1.013. Complaint Procedures Related To Wagner-Peyser Job Service Activities
 60BB-1.014. Regional Workforce Board/One-Stop Js And Msfw Complaint And Resolution Procedures
 60BB-1.015. Reporting Criminal Fraud And Abuse, Discrimination, Health And Safety, And Employment Complaints And Violations
 60BB-1.016. Reporting Wia, Wt, Wtw, And Wagner-Peyser Discrimination Complaints
 60BB-1.017. Contact Entities For Discrimination, Employment, Health And Safety, Or Florida Law Violations And Complaints
 60BB-1.018. Other Legal Rights
 60BB-2.022. Definitions
 60BB-2.023. General Reporting Information
 60BB-2.024. Employer Registration Reports And Determinations Of Liability
 60BB-2.025. Reports Required Of Liable Employers
 60BB-2.026. Determinations To Liable Employers
 60BB-2.027. Payment Of Contributions
 60BB-2.028. Delinquent Accounts
 60BB-2.029. Changing Methods Of Financing Benefits - Nonprofit And Public Employers
 60BB-2.031. Succession And Transfer Of Unemployment Experience
 60BB-2.032. Employing Unit Records
 60BB-2.035. Protests Of Liability, Assessment, Reimbursements, And Tax Rate - Special Deputy Hearings
 60BB-2.036. Unemployment Compensation Tax For Indian Tribes
 60BB-2.037. Public Use Forms
 60BB-2.0255. Annual Reporting
 60BB-3.011. Definitions
 60BB-3.012. General Information
 60BB-3.013. Filing Claims And Providing Documentation
 60BB-3.015. Continued Claims For Benefits
 60BB-3.016. Monetary Determinations
 60BB-3.017. Nonmonetary Determinations
 60BB-3.018. Determinations Regarding Charges To Employer Accounts In Connection With Claims For Benefits
 60BB-3.019. Determinations Regarding Suitable Work
 60BB-3.020. Determinations Regarding Discharge For Misconduct
 60BB-3.021. Determinations Regarding Ability To Work And Availability For Work
 60BB-3.022. Determinations Regarding Approved Training
 60BB-3.024. Short-Time Compensation Plan Application
 60BB-3.028. Reemployment Services
 60BB-3.029. Public Use Forms
 60BB-3.0155. Payment Of Benefits
 60BB-3.0251. Definitions Relating To Emergency Unemployment Compensation
 60BB-3.0252. Eligibility For Emergency Unemployment Compensation
 60BB-3.0253. Emergency Unemployment Compensation Individual Accounts
 60BB-3.0254. How To Apply For Emergency Unemployment Compensation
 60BB-3.0261. Definitions Relating To Extended Benefits
 60BB-3.0262. How To Apply For Extended Benefits
 60BB-3.0263. Diligent Work Search Requirements
 60BB-4.100. Definitions
 60BB-4.200. General Eligibility Provisions
 60BB-4.201. Eligibility For Children At Risk Of Abuse Or Neglect
 60BB-4.202. Eligibility For Children At Risk Of Welfare Dependency
 60BB-4.203. 150 Percent Of The Federal Poverty Level
 60BB-4.204. Eligibility For Three And Four-Year-Old Children Who May Not Be Economically Disadvantaged But Who Have Been Served In A Specific Part-Time Or Combination Of Part-Time Exceptional Education Programs
 60BB-4.205. Economically Disadvantaged Children, Children With Disabilities, And Children At Risk Of Future School Failure, From Birth To Four (4) Years Of Age, Who Are Served At Home Through Home Visitor Programs And
 60BB-4.206. Eligibility For Children Who Meet Federal And State Requirements For Eligibility For The Migrant Preschool Program But Who Do Not Meet The Criteria Of Economically Disadvantaged
 60BB-4.207. Eligibility For Children Of Participants In The Relative Caregiver Program
 60BB-4.208. Verification Of Employment And Income
 60BB-4.209. Redetermination Of Eligibility
 60BB-4.210. Maintaining Eligibility; Breaks In Employment
 60BB-4.300. Waiting List Procedures
 60BB-4.400. Required Parent Co-Payment
 60BB-4.401. Co-Payment Collection
 60BB-4.500. Reimbursement
 60BB-4.501. Reimbursement During Emergency Closures
 60BB-4.502. Records To Be Maintained And Monitoring For Reimbursements
 60BB-4.503. Misrepresentation Or Fraud Regarding Reimbursement
 60BB-4.997. General Information
 60BB-4.998. Program Guidelines
 60BB-4.999. Allocation Methodology
 60BB-5.014. Scheduling Of Hearings
 60BB-5.024. Conduct Of The Hearing
 60BB-5.025. Decision
 60BB-8.100. Definitions
 60BB-8.200. Documenting Child Eligibility For The Vpk Program
 60BB-8.201. Child Registration Procedures; Application; Parent-Orientation Session
 60BB-8.202. Child Eligibility Determination And Enrollment Procedures
 60BB-8.203. Cross County Enrollment
 60BB-8.204. Uniform Attendance Policy For Funding The Vpk Program
 60BB-8.205. Advance Payment And Reconciliation For The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program
 60BB-8.210. Reenrollment For Good Cause And Extreme Hardship And Delayed Enrollment In The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program
 60BB-8.300. Provider Application And Procedures
 60BB-8.301. Statewide Provider Agreement For The Vpk Program
 60BB-8.305. Documenting And Certifying Child Attendance In The Vpk Program
 60BB-8.400. Vpk Class Sizes; Blended Classes; Multi-Class Groups
 60BB-8.410. Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program Substitute Instructors
 60BB-8.451. Vpk Class Schedules
 60BB-8.700. Low-Performing Provider; Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program Improvement Plan And Implementation
 60BB-8.701. Low-Performing Provider; Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program First Year Probation
 60BB-8.702. Low-Performing Provider; Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program Second Year Probation
 60BB-8.703. Low-Performing Provider; Removal From Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program Eligibility
 60BB-8.900. Vpk Forms
 60BB-8.901. Qualified Contractors
 60BB-8.2015. Vpk Child Registration Pilot Project
 60BB-9.121. Federal Quality Funds
 60BB-9.300. Child Care Resource And Referral
 60BB-10.001. Purpose, Intent, And General Principles
 60BB-10.002. Definitions
 60BB-10.003. Participant Eligibility Requirements
 60BB-10.004. How To Participate
 60BB-10.005. Support Services
 60BB-10.006. Employer Participation
 60BB-10.007. Position Requirements
 60BB-10.008. Cost Sharing Or Matching
 60BB-10.009. Reapplying For Temporary Cash Assistance Due To An Unanticipated Emergency
 60BB-11.001. Authority
 60BB-11.002. Public Inspection And Copying
 60BB-11.003. Listing Of Final Orders
 60BB-11.004. Numbering Of Final Orders
 60BB-11.005. Electronic Database Of Orders
 60BB-11.006. Maintenance Of Final Orders