60. Department of Management Services

 60DD-1.001. Requirements For Sworn Invoices Submitted By Or On Behalf Of Wireless Service Providers
 60DD-1.002. Rural County Grants
 60DD-1.003. Rural County Grant And Medium County Loans
 60DD-2.001. Purpose; Definitions; Policy; Applicability; Agency Security Programs; Roles And Responsibilities; Risk Management
 60DD-2.002. Control Of Computers And Information Resources
 60DD-2.003. Physical Security And Access To Data Processing Facilities
 60DD-2.004. Logical And Data Access Controls
 60DD-2.005. Data And System Integrity
 60DD-2.006. Network Security
 60DD-2.007. Backup And Disaster Recovery
 60DD-2.008. Personnel Security And Security Awareness
 60DD-2.009. Systems Acquisition, Disposal, Auditing, And Reporting
 60DD-2.010. Standards Adopted
 60DD-3.001. Enterprise Technology Services Desk; Purpose
 60DD-3.002. Definitions
 60DD-3.003. Enterprise Technology Services Desk Services
 60DD-3.004. User Responsibilities; Service Agreements
 60DD-3.005. User Committee
 60DD-4.001. General
 60DD-4.002. Definitions
 60DD-4.003. Communication Service Authorization; Administration; Approval
 60DD-4.004. Centralized Communications Billing
 60DD-4.005. Communications Service Proposals
 60DD-4.006. Florida State Government Listings
 60DD-5.001. General
 60DD-5.002. Approval Threshold, Exemptions; Requests; Documentation
 60DD-5.003. Delegation To The Department Of Education
 60DD-5.004. Specifications For State Purchasing And State Technology Office Contracts
 60DD-5.005. Special Or Unique Agency Communications Requirements
 60DD-6.001. General
 60DD-6.002. Definitions
 60DD-6.003. Qualification Criteria For State Long Distance Communications System
 60DD-6.004. Suncom Network Services Agreements
 60DD-6.005. Review Of Eligibility Of Users
 60DD-6.006. Modifications, Additions, Reductions Or Terminations To Existing Suncom Service Initiated By An Eligible User
 60DD-6.007. Modifications, Additions, Reductions Or Terminations To Existing Suncom Service Initiated By The State Technology Office
 60DD-6.008. Required Usage
 60DD-7.001. Purpose; Definitions; Policy; And Applicability
 60DD-7.002. Project Management Methodology
 60DD-7.003. Information Systems Development Methodology (Isdm)
 60DD-7.004. Initiation Phase
 60DD-7.005. Needs Assessment Or Feasibility Phase
 60DD-7.006. Planning Phase
 60DD-7.007. Requirements Analysis Phase
 60DD-7.008. Design Phase
 60DD-7.009. Acquisition/Development Phase
 60DD-7.010. Integration, Testing And Acceptance Phase
 60DD-7.011. Implementation Phase
 60DD-7.012. Operations And Maintenance Phase
 60DD-7.013. Disposition Phase
 60DD-7.014. Standards Adopted
 60DD-8.001. Purpose; Definitions
 60DD-8.002. Eligible User Classifications; Application Process
 60DD-8.003. Frequencies And Licenses
 60DD-8.004. Talk Group Limits
 60DD-8.005. Security, Encryption Requirements, Radio Programming, And System Key Management
 60DD-8.006. Service And Maintenance Priorities