60. Department of Management Services

 60H-1.001. Definitions
 60H-1.002. Department Approval Of Space Need
 60H-1.003. Use Of Approved Forms
 60H-1.004. Filing Of Leases
 60H-1.006. Escalation Clauses
 60H-1.007. Right-To-Terminate Clause Required
 60H-1.009. Notice Of Renewal
 60H-1.013. Fire Code Compliance In Leased Space
 60H-1.015. Procurement Procedures For Leases Of 5,000 Square Feet Or More In Privately-Owned Buildings
 60H-1.016. Procurement Of Leases Of Less Than 5,000 Square Feet
 60H-1.017. Turnkey Lease
 60H-1.018. Nominal And No Consideration Leases
 60H-1.021. Department Prior Approval
 60H-1.022. Department Final Approval
 60H-1.023. Lease Modifications
 60H-1.024. Lease Extensions
 60H-1.025. Disclosure Statements
 60H-1.026. Disclosure Statement - Public Officials
 60H-1.027. Legal Review
 60H-1.028. Information And Forms
 60H-1.029. Evaluation Of Responses
 60H-1.030. Availability Of Rate And Market Data
 60H-1.0241. Lease Renewals
 60H-1.0261. Change Of Ownership
 60H-1.0291. Filing Of Leases
 60H-2.001. Definitions
 60H-2.002. Space Allocation And Configuration Standards
 60H-2.003. Department Standard Method Of Space Measurement
 60H-2.004. Facilities Management Program
 60H-2.005. Rental Rates
 60H-2.006. Information And Forms
 60H-2.0021. Space Allocation And Configuration Standards
 60H-2.0022. Agency Space Allocation Plans
 60H-3.001. Purpose
 60H-3.002. Definitions
 60H-3.003. Applicability
 60H-3.004. Public Notice And Opinion
 60H-3.005. Purpose
 60H-3.006. Public Notice
 60H-4.001. Plan Of Operation
 60H-4.003. Reserved Parking Spaces
 60H-4.005. State-Owned Vehicles
 60H-4.006. Allocation Of Parking Spaces
 60H-4.008. Allocation Of Reserved Paid Parking
 60H-4.009. General Requirements
 60H-4.013. Reserved Paid Parking For Permanently And Temporarily Disabled
 60H-4.014. Established Rules And Regulations
 60H-4.016. Rates For Reserved Paid Parking
 60H-4.019. Rules And Regulations Governing Tow-Away
 60H-4.021. Reserved Car Pool Lots Or Spaces
 60H-4.022. Loading Zones
 60H-5.001. Scope Of Authority
 60H-5.002. Purpose
 60H-5.003. Definitions
 60H-5.004. Restricted Areas
 60H-6.001. Scope Of Authority
 60H-6.002. General
 60H-6.003. Applicability
 60H-6.005. Recording Presence
 60H-6.007. Usage Of Pool Buildings
 60H-6.009. Freedom Of Speech
 60H-6.011. Responsibilities Of Parties Using Pool Buildings
 60H-6.013. Placement Of Exhibits, Posters, Signs, Displays
 60H-6.015. Conformity With Signs And Directions
 60H-6.017. Preservation Of Property
 60H-6.018. Disturbances
 60H-6.019. Damage To Pool Buildings And Grounds
 60H-6.020. Clean Up
 60H-6.022. Vendors Prohibited
 60H-7.001. Definitions
 60H-7.002. Procedures For Entry Into The Pool
 60H-7.003. Determination Of A Qualified Facility
 60H-7.004. Standard Lease Agreement
 60H-7.005. Payment Of Pool Rent
 60H-7.006. Non-Payment Of Pool Rent
 60H-7.007. Rental Rate
 60H-7.008. Charges For Additional Services
 60H-7.009. Pool Rental Rates For Warehouse Space
 60H-7.010. Administration Of Pool Revenues
 60H-7.011. Advisory Statement
 60H-7.012. Request For Financing
 60H-7.013. Standards For A Qualified Facility
 60H-8.001. Scope Of Authority
 60H-8.002. Flags Of The United States And The Florida State Flag
 60H-8.003. Governor Of Florida
 60H-8.004. United States Senator From Florida
 60H-8.005. Members Of The Florida Cabinet
 60H-8.006. Florida Supreme Court Justice
 60H-8.007. Congressman From Florida
 60H-8.008. Former Governor Of Florida
 60H-8.009. Former United States Senator
 60H-8.010. Member Of The Florida Senate Of House Of Representatives
 60H-8.011. Former Member Of The Florida Cabinet
 60H-8.012. Former Member Of The Florida Supreme Court
 60H-8.013. Former Congressman From Florida
 60H-8.014. Other National Or State Official
 60H-9.001. Definitions
 60H-9.002. Intent
 60H-9.003. Properties Acquired For State Rights-Of-Way And Transportation Purposes Excluded
 60H-9.004. Requests For Locations And Determination Of Availability
 60H-9.005. Negotiation Of Lease Agreement
 60H-10.001. Definitions
 60H-10.002. Reports And Records
 60H-10.003. Inventory Data
 60H-11.001. Dozier School For Boys Memorials