60. Department of Management Services

 60Y-1.001. Notice Of Meetings; Agenda; And Emergency Meetings
 60Y-1.002. Conducting Proceedings By Communications Media Technology
 60Y-2.001. General
 60Y-2.003. General Description Of The Commission
 60Y-2.004. General Description Of Organization And Functions Of Commission Staff
 60Y-2.005. General Information
 60Y-2.006. Statutory Chapter And Rules
 60Y-2.007. Public Information And Inspection And Copying Of Documents
 60Y-2.009. List Of Forms And Instructions
 60Y-2.011. Petitions For Variances Or Waivers From Rules
 60Y-2.012. Commission Orders; Numbering, Indexing; And Maintenance
 60Y-3.001. Definitions
 60Y-4.001. Applicability
 60Y-4.003. Form Of Documents
 60Y-4.004. Filing And Copies
 60Y-4.005. Proof Of Simultaneous Service Upon Other Parties
 60Y-4.006. Service By Commission
 60Y-4.007. Computation Of Time Periods
 60Y-4.008. Representation
 60Y-4.009. Petitions
 60Y-4.010. Miscellaneous Petitions
 60Y-4.011. Answers
 60Y-4.012. Parties
 60Y-4.013. Intervention
 60Y-4.014. Joinder Of Parties
 60Y-4.016. Assignment Of Hearings
 60Y-4.017. Motions
 60Y-4.018. Consolidation
 60Y-4.019. Discovery
 60Y-4.020. Pre-Hearing Conference
 60Y-4.021. Notice Of Hearing
 60Y-4.022. Subpoenas
 60Y-4.023. Witness Fees
 60Y-4.024. Introduction Of Evidence; Rights Of Parties At Hearing
 60Y-4.025. Transcript Of Hearing
 60Y-4.026. Recommended Orders
 60Y-4.027. Exceptions And Briefs
 60Y-4.028. Oral Argument
 60Y-5.001. Complaints
 60Y-5.003. Investigation Of Complaints
 60Y-5.004. Executive Director&Apos;S Investigatory Determination; Notice
 60Y-5.005. Conciliation
 60Y-5.006. Administrative Dismissal Of A Complaint
 60Y-5.007. Redetermination
 60Y-5.008. Petition For Relief From An Unlawful Employment Practice
 60Y-5.0011. Answer
 60Y-7.001. Complaints
 60Y-7.002. Answer
 60Y-7.004. Investigation Of Complaints
 60Y-7.005. Conciliation
 60Y-8.001. Petition For Relief From A Discriminatory Housing Practice
 60Y-9.001. Purpose
 60Y-9.005. Housing Exemption For Persons 55 Years Of Age Or Older
 60Y-9.007. Housing For Older Persons Registration And Documentation
 60Y-10.001. Purpose
 60Y-10.002. Covered Entities And Facilities
 60Y-10.003. Who May File A Complaint; Confidentiality
 60Y-10.004. Investigatory Process
 60Y-10.005. Relationship Of Other Rules
 60Y-11.001. Purpose
 60Y-11.002. Covered Entities And Employees
 60Y-11.003. Who May File A Complaint; Confidentiality
 60Y-11.004. Investigatory Process
 60Y-11.005. Relationship Of Other Rules
 60Y-25.001. Purpose
 60Y-25.002. General Prohibition Against Discrimination Because Of Handicap
 60Y-25.003. Reasonable Modification Of Existing Premises
 60Y-25.004. Reasonable Accommodation
 60Y-25.005. Design And Construction Requirements
 60Y-25.006. Design Guidelines For Accessible/Adaptable Dwellings
 60Y-25.007. Site Impracticability; Exception