61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61A-1.001. Division
 61A-1.002. Rectifier
 61A-1.003. Distributor
 61A-1.004. Vendor
 61A-1.005. Branch
 61A-1.006. Definitions
 61A-1.007. Package Store
 61A-1.008. Consumption On Premises Place
 61A-1.009. Rebate
 61A-1.010. Approved Advertising And Promotional Gifts
 61A-1.011. Single Transaction
 61A-1.012. Division Purpose
 61A-1.013. License Classification
 61A-1.014. Manufacturer
 61A-1.015. Cooler
 61A-1.016. Military, Naval, Or Air Force Reservation
 61A-1.017. Moral Character
 61A-1.018. Conviction
 61A-1.019. Person
 61A-1.020. Sale Of Alcoholic Beverages To Agents For Consumers
 61A-1.021. Wine And Liquor
 61A-1.022. Liquors
 61A-1.0061. Restaurant
 61A-1.0101. Product Displays
 61A-1.0102. Point Of Sale Advertising Items
 61A-1.0103. Consumer Advertising Specialty Items
 61A-1.0104. Alcoholic Beverage Samples
 61A-1.0105. Brand Images
 61A-1.0106. Cooperative Advertisements
 61A-1.0107. Inside Signs Advertising Brands
 61A-1.0108. Combination Packages
 61A-1.0109. Point Of Sale Coupons
 61A-1.01010. Premium Offers
 61A-1.01011. Sweepstakes, Drawings, Or Contests
 61A-1.01012. Vendor&Apos;S Property Included In Contests Or Sweepstakes
 61A-1.01013. Vendor-Sponsored Tournaments
 61A-1.01014. Gifts To Those Who Are Not Licensed Vendors
 61A-1.01015. Private Labels
 61A-1.01016. Shelf Plans
 61A-1.01017. Educational Seminars
 61A-1.01018. Trade Shows And Conventions
 61A-1.01019. Proof Of Insurance Coverage
 61A-1.01020. Draft Cleaning
 61A-1.01021. Returns Of Damaged Products
 61A-1.01022. Returns Of Undamaged Products
 61A-1.01023. Warehousing
 61A-1.01024. Split Cases
 61A-1.01027. Merchandise Exception
 61A-1.01028. Recordkeeping
 61A-2.004. Wine Permits For Religious Or Sacramental Purposes
 61A-2.005. Bitters, Classification
 61A-2.006. License Transfer By Operation Of Law Or Under Judicial Proceedings
 61A-2.007. Corporation
 61A-2.008. Notification Of Penalty
 61A-2.009. State Bonded Warehouses
 61A-2.010. Delivery From Outside United States
 61A-2.011. Motions
 61A-2.014. Applications
 61A-2.015. Payment Of Fines And Licenses, Penalty
 61A-2.017. Beverage Licenses, New Quota Issue
 61A-2.018. License Application Report(S)
 61A-2.019. Approved Forms
 61A-2.020. License Transfer Where Administrative Charges Are Pending
 61A-2.021. Distilled Spirits In Excess Of 153 Proof
 61A-2.022. Penalty Guidelines
 61A-2.023. Proposed And Final Tax Assessments
 61A-2.024. Final Refund Denials
 61A-2.0081. Revocation With Prejudice To Location
 61A-3.001. Central Storage Warehouses
 61A-3.002. Spirituous Beverages, Serial Numbers On Cases
 61A-3.003. Lotteries
 61A-3.004. Coin Operated Machines And Amusement Devices
 61A-3.005. Package Stores
 61A-3.006. Advertising
 61A-3.012. Licensed Premises At Airports
 61A-3.013. Transit License
 61A-3.018. Bowling Alleys, Special Licenses
 61A-3.019. Club Licenses
 61A-3.020. Licenses, Change Of Series
 61A-3.021. Licenses, Transfer Of Ownership
 61A-3.024. Alcoholic Beverages, Breakage Returns
 61A-3.026. Vehicle Permit
 61A-3.027. Deliveries By Licensees
 61A-3.028. Carrier Delivery
 61A-3.029. Importing
 61A-3.030. Shipments Into Dry Counties Prohibited
 61A-3.031. Returns
 61A-3.0031. Gambling, Possession Of Gambling Paraphernalia
 61A-3.033. Delinquency, Payment Of
 61A-3.034. Delinquent List, Removal From
 61A-3.035. Delinquent List
 61A-3.036. Settlements, Alcoholic Beverage Debts
 61A-3.037. Transfer Of Stock Ownership
 61A-3.039. Exceptions In Employment Of Minors And Others
 61A-3.042. Wine Containers - Brand Identification
 61A-3.046. Promotional Displays And Advertising
 61A-3.047. Exploitation Of Dwarfs
 61A-3.048. Exploitation Of Dwarfs
 61A-3.049. Bottle Club Licenses
 61A-3.050. Special Low-Proof Products
 61A-3.051. Transfer Of Quota License
 61A-3.052. Identification To Verify Age
 61A-3.053. Hardship For Extension To Activate Quota License
 61A-3.054. Division Of Alcoholic Beverages And Tobacco
 61A-3.055. Items Customarily Sold In A Restaurant
 61A-3.0111. Employment Of Certain Persons By Vendors Prohibited, Fingerprinting
 61A-3.0141. Special Restaurant Licenses
 61A-3.0305. Pool Buying Procedures
 61A-3.0535. Calculation Of Quota License Transfer Fee
 61A-4.001. Licenses, Manufacturer-Distributor
 61A-4.003. Delinquent Accounts, Reporting
 61A-4.004. Distributors Prohibited From Accepting Personal Checks From Employees
 61A-4.005. Brand Registration
 61A-4.006. Labeling, Alcoholic Beverages
 61A-4.011. Division Of Alcoholic Beverages And Tobacco
 61A-4.017. Window Signs
 61A-4.019. Storage By Out-Of-State Manufacturers Or Distributors Prohibited
 61A-4.020. Storage Permits
 61A-4.021. Wine Bottlers, Storage Tanks
 61A-4.024. Distributors, Consignment Sales Prohibited
 61A-4.025. Delivery By Manufacturers
 61A-4.026. Delivery Of Carload Lots
 61A-4.027. Shipment Out Of State, Spirituous Beverages
 61A-4.030. Deliveries To Vendors
 61A-4.033. Distributors, Deliveries Without Additional Taxes
 61A-4.034. Samples, Excise Tax Deductions Prohibited
 61A-4.036. Taxes, Payment For Employee Consumption
 61A-4.041. Passenger Vessels Engaged In Foreign Commerce
 61A-4.043. Invoice By Alcoholic Beverages K-Ld License Series Distributors
 61A-4.045. Invoice By Alcoholic Beverages J-Bdw License Series Distributors
 61A-4.046. Alcoholic Beverages, Samples, Withdrawals
 61A-4.049. Wine Further Defined
 61A-4.050. Cooperative Or Pool Buying By Vendors
 61A-4.051. Trade Spending
 61A-4.052. Unlawful Warehousing
 61A-4.053. Distributors, Assistance And Service To Vendors
 61A-4.054. Spirituous Beverage Container Limit
 61A-4.058. Promotional Displays And Advertising
 61A-4.061. Malt Beverages; Exclusive Sales Territories
 61A-4.063. Alcoholic Beverage Surcharge Implemented For Consumption-On-Premises Vendors
 61A-4.0131. Malt Beverages, Keg Deposits
 61A-4.0371. Excise Tax Deductions For Breakage And Spoilage Of Alcoholic Beverages
 61A-4.0461. Discounts, Alcoholic Beverages
 61A-4.0471. Discounts, Records, Deal Sheets
 61A-4.0501. Cooperative Or Pool Buying - Definition; Creation; Procedures; Record Keeping; Restrictions
 61A-5.001. Obtaining Of Forms
 61A-5.010. Applications; Transfer Fee
 61A-5.0011. Application For Vehicle Permits
 61A-5.011. Completed Application For The Grant Of A New Quota Liquor License
 61A-5.0012. Application For Mortgagee&Apos;S Interest In Spirituous Alcoholic Beverage License; Request For Alcoholic Beverage Lien Search
 61A-5.0013. Application For One/Two/Three Day Permit Or Special Sales License
 61A-5.0014. Application For Change To A Licensed Legal Entity
 61A-5.0015. Importer Or Broker Sales Agent License
 61A-5.0016. Application For Common Carrier License; Application For Passenger Vessel Permit
 61A-5.0017. Application For Extension Or Amended Sketch Of Licensed Premises
 61A-5.0018. Application For Alcoholic Beverage Exporter Registration
 61A-5.056. Application For Retail Tobacco Products Dealer Permit
 61A-5.057. Application For Quota License Filed Before October 1, 1992
 61A-5.0105. Selection Of Applicants For Quota Alcoholic Beverage Licenses By Public Drawing
 61A-5.700. Application For Alcoholic Beverage License
 61A-5.701. Application For The Grant Of A New Quota Liquor License
 61A-5.708. Request For License Cancellation
 61A-5.710. Personal Questionnaire
 61A-5.747. Quota License Drawing Entry Form
 61A-5.761. List Of License Application Requirements
 61A-5.787. Application For Transfer Of The Notice Of Selection For A New Quota Alcoholic Beverage License
 61A-6.001. Definitions
 61A-6.002. Implementation Of Advance Disposal Fee Program
 61A-6.003. Levy Of The Advance Disposal Fee
 61A-6.004. Returns And Fee Payment
 61A-6.005. Interest And Penalties On Delinquent Payments
 61A-6.006. Tax Liens
 61A-6.007. Refunds On Containers Returned To The Distributor
 61A-6.008. Record Retention; Audit Of Records
 61A-6.009. Division Responsibilities
 61A-6.010. Confidentiality
 61A-7.001. Definitions
 61A-7.002. Criteria For Smoking Designation
 61A-7.003. Premises Not Eligible For Smoking Designation
 61A-7.004. Annual Certification Requirements
 61A-7.005. Triennial Renewal Requirements
 61A-7.006. Records Required To Maintain The Designation
 61A-7.007. Formula For Compliance With Required Percentage Of Gross Food Sales Revenues
 61A-7.008. For Percentage Of Gross Alcohol Sales For Consumption On The Licensed Premises Revenue Formula
 61A-7.009. Method Used To Determine Whether An Establishment Is Predominately Dedicated To The Serving Of Alcoholic Beverages
 61A-7.010. Penalty Guidelines For Chapter 386, Florida Statutes - Florida Clean Indoor Air Act
 61A-7.011. Aggravating Or Mitigating Circumstances For Chapter 386, Florida Statutes - The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act
 61A-7.012. 207
 61A-7.013. 695 - Stand-Alone Bar Enforcement
 61A-7.014. 695 - Stand-Alone Bar Violations
 61A-7.015. Appeals
 61A-10.001. Definitions
 61A-10.002. Stamps, Sale Of
 61A-10.003. Meter Imprints, Meter Machines
 61A-10.004. Meter And Stamping Machines, Maintenance And Operation
 61A-10.005. Excise Tax, Imposition And Exemption
 61A-10.006. Stamps, Method Of Affixing
 61A-10.007. Stamps, Limitation Of Use
 61A-10.008. Refunds
 61A-10.009. Sample Packages Of Cigarettes
 61A-10.010. Sales, Passenger Railroads And Other Carriers
 61A-10.011. Cigarette Monthly Reports
 61A-10.012. Manufacturers&Apos; And Importers&Apos; Representatives, Reports And Responsibilities
 61A-10.013. Transactions, Wholesalers Dealers, And Manufacturers&Apos; And Importers&Apos; Representatives
 61A-10.014. Wholesale Dealers, Purchase For Resale Prohibited
 61A-10.015. Transfer, Unstamped Cigarettes
 61A-10.016. Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesale Dealer, Cigarette Wholesale Dealer Or Exporter, Permit Changes
 61A-10.017. Direct Shipments, Prohibition, Exception, And Excise Taxes
 61A-10.018. Invoices Or Daily Sales Tickets, Cigarette Sales To Retail Dealers
 61A-10.019. Retail Dealers, Records To Be Kept
 61A-10.020. Vending Machines, Permits And Restrictions
 61A-10.021. Vending Machines, Reports
 61A-10.0021. Stamping Agent - Requirements
 61A-10.0022. Cigarette Distributing Agent - Requirements
 61A-10.022. Vending Machines, Military Installations
 61A-10.024. Records And Reports
 61A-10.025. Wholesalers/Stamping Agent, Multiple Locations, Discounts
 61A-10.026. Sale Of Stamped, Untaxed Cigarettes By Stamping Agents Or Wholesale Dealers To Indians For Retail Sale, Reporting
 61A-10.027. Interest On Excise Tax; Due Dates
 61A-10.031. New Off Premise Storage Of Unstamped Cigarettes
 61A-10.050. Definitions
 61A-10.051. Excise Tax Exemption, Reports
 61A-10.052. Monthly Reports, Required
 61A-10.053. Records Maintenance
 61A-10.054. Invoices, Tobacco Products Sales To Retailers
 61A-10.055. Excise Tax Refunds
 61A-10.080. Application For Cigarette Permit, Manufacturer Or Importer
 61A-10.081. Application For Cigarette Permit, Wholesale Dealer, Exporter, Or Cigarette Distributing Agent
 61A-10.082. Application For A Tobacco Products Wholesale Dealer Permit
 61A-10.083. Application For Retail Dealer Permit, Cigarette And Tobacco Products
 61A-10.084. Permit Changes
 61A-10.085. Duplicate License Request
 61A-10.0091. Manufacturer&Apos;S And Importer&Apos;S Reporting Requirements
 61A-10.0111. Cigarette Audit
 61A-10.0112. Required Documentation For Imported Cigarettes
 61A-10.0181. Invoices, Other Tobacco Products Sales To Retail Dealers