61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61C-1.001. Definitions
 61C-1.002. Licensing And Inspection Requirements
 61C-1.003. General Inspection Requirements-Maintenance Inspection, Certificate, License And Sign Inspection
 61C-1.004. General Sanitation And Safety Requirements
 61C-1.005. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61C-1.008. License Fees
 61C-1.009. Approved Forms
 61C-1.010. Designated Smoking Areas In Public Places
 61C-1.011. Training - Public Lodging And Food Service Inspector
 61C-1.013. General Inspection Frequency
 61C-1.0021. Administrative Actions And Enforcement
 61C-1.0022. Immediate Closure
 61C-3.001. Sanitation And Safety Requirements
 61C-3.0001. Public Lodging Establishments - General
 61C-3.0002. Definitions
 61C-3.002. Consumer Protection Requirements
 61C-3.006. Unethical Business Practices
 61C-3.009. Elder Or Disabled Individuals At Risk
 61C-3.0011. Safety Requirements - General
 61C-4.0001. Sanitary Standards
 61C-4.002. Advertising
 61C-4.003. Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles
 61C-4.004. Theme Park Food Cart
 61C-4.006. Temporary Events 4 - 18 Days
 61C-4.007. Exemptions
 61C-4.008. Public Food Service - General
 61C-4.009. Definitions
 61C-4.010. Sanitation And Safety Requirements
 61C-4.011. Food Protection
 61C-4.012. Personnel
 61C-4.013. Food Equipment And Utensils
 61C-4.014. Sanitary Facilities And Controls
 61C-4.015. Other Facilities And Operations
 61C-4.016. Temporary Food Service Events
 61C-4.017. Caterers
 61C-4.018. Drive-Ins
 61C-4.019. Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles
 61C-4.020. Vending Machines
 61C-4.021. Examination And Condemnation Of Food
 61C-4.022. Procedure When Infection Is Suspected
 61C-4.023. Food Protection Manager Certification And Public Food Service Employee Training
 61C-4.024. Certificates And Fees
 61C-4.025. Inspection
 61C-4.026. Plan Review And Variances
 61C-4.0151. Labeling
 61C-4.0161. Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles And Theme Park Food Carts
 61C-4.0191. Satellite Service Units
 61C-5.001. Safety Standards
 61C-5.004. Bulletin Boards
 61C-5.006. Elevator Fees; Permits; Certificates Of Operation; Delinquency Fee; Transfer Of Ownership; Certificate Replacement
 61C-5.007. Certificates Of Competency And License Registrations, Initial, Renewal; General Liability Insurance Coverage
 61C-5.008. Definitions
 61C-5.009. Venting Of Hoistways, Minimum Requirements
 61C-5.011. Alterations To Electric And Hydraulic Elevators And Escalators
 61C-5.012. Elevator Accessibility For Americans With Disabilities
 61C-5.0012. Electrolysis Protection For Underground Hydraulic Elevator Cylinders
 61C-5.013. Service Maintenance Contracts, Reporting Requirements; And Maintenance Control Programs
 61C-5.015. Enforcement And Penalties
 61C-5.0015. Maintenance Control Programs
 61C-5.016. Elevator Safety Technical Advisory Council
 61C-5.018. Variances
 61C-5.020. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61C-5.023. Citations
 61C-5.025. Hydraulic Supply Shut-Off Valves
 61C-5.0051. Emergency Stop Switches And In-Car Stop Switches
 61C-5.0052. Falsification Of Reports
 61C-5.0085. Continuing Education Requirements
 61C-7.001. Criteria For Licensure
 61C-7.002. Application Procedures
 61C-7.003. License Fees
 61C-7.004. Inspection Procedure
 61C-7.005. Violations
 61C-8.001. Intent
 61C-8.002. Definitions
 61C-8.003. Funds Availability
 61C-8.004. Program Requirements
 61C-8.005. Review And Processing Of Grant Applications
 61C-8.006. Program Review And Disbursement Of Funds
 61C-8.007. Program Reports