61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61E8-1.001. Purpose
 61E8-1.002. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 61E8-1.003. Council&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 61E8-1.004. Meetings; Notice Of Meetings, Agenda And Quorom
 61E8-1.005. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 61E8-2.001. Licensure To Practice Midwifery
 61E8-2.002. Examination
 61E8-2.003. Licensure By Examination
 61E8-2.004. Licensure By Endorsement
 61E8-3.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 61E8-3.002. Examination Fee
 61E8-3.003. Initial License Fee
 61E8-3.004. Temporary Certificate Fee
 61E8-3.005. Biennial Renewal Fee
 61E8-3.006. Late Renewal Fee
 61E8-3.007. Inactive Status Fee
 61E8-3.008. Duplicate License Fee
 61E8-3.009. Certification Of Public Record Fee
 61E8-3.010. Continuing Education Provider Application Fee
 61E8-3.011. Continuing Education Provider Renewal Fee
 61E8-3.012. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 61E8-4.001. Definitions
 61E8-4.002. Approval Of Training Program
 61E8-4.003. Acceptance Into Training Program
 61E8-4.004. Educational Objectives
 61E8-4.005. Faculty
 61E8-4.006. Curriculum Guidelines
 61E8-4.007. Clinical Training
 61E8-4.008. Administrative Procedures
 61E8-4.009. Student Employment
 61E8-4.010. Four-Month Prelicensure Course
 61E8-5.001. Renewal Of Midwifery License
 61E8-5.002. Inactive Status
 61E8-5.003. Reactivation Of Inactive License
 61E8-6.001. Continuing Education For Biennial Renewal
 61E8-6.002. Continuing Education Requirements For Reactiviation
 61E8-6.003. Documentation Of Continuing Education Hours
 61E8-6.004. Continuing Education Providers
 61E8-6.005. Criteria For Continuing Education Programs
 61E8-6.006. Performance Of Pro Bono Services
 61E8-7.001. Definitions
 61E8-7.002. Qualifications Necessary For Practice
 61E8-7.003. Acceptance Of Patients
 61E8-7.004. Risk Assessment
 61E8-7.005. Informed Consent
 61E8-7.006. Preparation For Home Delivery
 61E8-7.007. Council Of Licensed Midwifery
 61E8-7.008. Responsibilities Of Midwives During Intrapartum
 61E8-7.009. Responsibilities Of The Midwife During Postpartum
 61E8-7.010. Collaborative Management
 61E8-7.011. Administration Of Medicinal Drugs
 61E8-7.012. Emergency Care Plan
 61E8-7.013. Financial Responsibility
 61E8-7.014. Patient Records
 61E8-8.001. Investigation Of Complaints
 61E8-8.002. Disciplinary Action And Guidelines