61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 59AA-18.009. Mediation
 61F13-10.006. Meetings; Notice Of Meetings And Agenda
 61F13-10.010. Public Information And Inspection Records
 61F13-11.003. Examination
 61F13-11.004. Licensure By Endorsement
 61F13-11.007. Supervised Post-Doctoral Experience Required For Licensure
 61F13-11.009. Rule Governing Time Limits And Conditions For The Maintenance Of An Active Application File
 61F13-11.011. Application Guidelines
 61F13-11.012. Limited Licensure
 61F13-11.0063. Certification For Licensure Upon Passing The Examination
 61F13-12.002. Application And Examination Feee For Licensure By Examination Review Fee
 61F13-12.003. Reexamination Fee
 61F13-12.004. Application Fee For Licensure By Endorsement
 61F13-12.005. Biennial Licensing Fee
 61F13-13.005. Board Approval Of Continuing Psychological Education Providers
 61F13-13.006. Obligations Of Continuing Psychological Education Providers
 61F13-13.007. Definitions
 61F13-13.008. Evaluations Of Providers
 61F13-13.0042. Continuing Psychological Education Credit
 61F13-15.003. Probable Cause Determination
 61F13-15.0035. Reconsideration Of Findings Of Probable Cause
 61F13-16.001. Intent
 61F13-16.005. Required Documentation For Certification Of Augmentation
 61F13-16.0015. Augmentation
 61F13-18.003. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61F13-18.005. Advertising
 61F13-18.007. Probation
 61F13-18.008. Disciplinary Supervision Of Practice
 61F13-20.004. Use Of Test Instruments
 61F13-20.005. Consent For Treatment Of Minors
 61F13-20.006. Prohibition Against Treating Psychologists Performing Evaluation Of Minors For The Purpose Of Addressing Custody, Residence Or Visitation
 61F13-20.007. Psychological Evaluations Of Minors For The Purpose Of Addressing Custody, Residence Or Visitation Disputes
 61F13-20.008. Evaluation And Treatment Of Adults Who Lack Abilitiy To Give Informed Consent
 61F13-22.003. Maintenance And Retention Of Records
 61F13-22.004. Disposition Of Records Upon Termination Or Relocation Of Psychological Practice
 61F13-22.005. Releasing Psychological Records