61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61F6-9.018. Organization
 61F6-9.020. Delegation Of Powers And Duties To Physical Therapy Council
 61F6-9.021. Model Rules Of Procedure
 61F6-9.022. Declaratory Statement
 61F6-17.001. Definitions
 61F6-17.003. Physician Assistant Certification
 61F6-17.012. Physician Assistant Performance
 61F6-17.013. Responsibilities Of Supervising Physicians
 61F6-17.0035. Physician Assistant Certification Renewal
 61F6-17.0037. Requirements And Limitations Of Prescribing Privileges
 61F6-17.0038. Formulary
 61F6-18.004. Decisions Determining Substantial Interest
 61F6-18.016. Delegation Of Authority
 61F6-18.019. Deadline For Submission Of Material
 61F6-19.002. Application, Certification, Registration, And License Fees
 61F6-19.003. Renewal Fees
 61F6-19.010. Fee For Certification Of Public Records
 61F6-20.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61F6-20.003. Reinstatement Of License
 61F6-20.004. Permanent Revocation
 61F6-20.017. Citation Authority
 61F6-21.001. Examinations
 61F6-21.004. Examination Application Deadlines
 61F6-22.002. Endoresement; Passage Of Examiniation
 61F6-22.003. Preprofessional, Postsecondary Education
 61F6-22.009. Applications
 61F6-22.020. Western Hemisphere Exile Requirements
 61F6-22.022. Licensure Denial
 61F6-22.024. Restricted Licenses For Areas Of Critical Need
 61F6-22.025. Licensure Under Supervision
 61F6-22.026. Sportes Entity Exemption
 61F6-23.008. Unlicensed Physicians; Duties Of Hospital
 61F6-23.009. Registration Mandatory; Unlicensed Physician
 61F6-24.001. Advertising
 61F6-24.003. Advertising Of Free Or Discounted Services
 61F6-26.001. Medical Records Of Deceased Physician; Retention, Time Limitations
 61F6-26.002. Medical Records Of Physicians Relocating Or Terminating Practice; Retention, Disposition, Time Limitations
 61F6-27.003. Standards Of Adequacy Of Medical Records
 61F6-27.009. Standard Of Care For Office Surgery
 61F6-27.015. Interpretation Of Diagnostic Imaging Tests Or Procedures
 61F6-27.016. Itemized Patient Billing
 61F6-27.0075. Sexual Misconduct
 61F6-28.002. Continuing Education For Biennial Renewal
 61F6-28.006. Crtieria For License Renewal
 61F6-29.001. Definitions
 61F6-31.003. Responsibilities Of Supervising Physicians
 61F6-33.003. Delegation Of Powers And Duties To Respiratory Care Council
 61F6-33.008. Exemptions And Student Registration
 61F6-34.001. Manner Of Application
 61F6-34.004. Fees For Application, And Initial Registration
 61F6-35.001. Manner Of Application
 61F6-35.005. Fees For Application, Examination, And Initial Registration
 61F6-36.004. Fees
 61F6-37.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61F6-38.001. Continuing Education Requirement
 61F6-38.004. Procedure For Approval Of Attendance Of Continuing Education Courses
 61F6-38.006. Aids Education
 61F6-38.0011. Citations
 61F6-40.006. Insurance: Occurrance Or Prior Acts Coverage
 61F6-47.001. Fees
 61F6-48.002. Lecensure By Examination
 61F6-49.002. Nutrition Counseling
 61F6-50.002. Fraudulent, False, Deceptive, Or Misleading Advertising
 61F6-50.003. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61F6-50.004. Documentation
 61F6-50.007. Standards Of Practice
 61F6-50.008. Performance Of Delegated Tasks By Non-Licensed Personnel
 61F6-50.009. Unauthorized Devices, Testing, Or Treatments
 61F6-51.001. General Requirements
 61F6-51.002. Continuing Education Approval
 61F6-51.004. Continuing Education Requirements For Reactivation Of An Inactive License
 61F6-51.005. Performance Of Pro Bono Services
 61F6-75.001. Definitions
 61F6-75.002. Organization
 61F6-75.003. Delegation Of Powers And Duties To Electrolysis Council
 61F6-75.005. Final Orders
 61F6-75.008. Address Of Licensee
 61F6-76.001. Manner Of Application
 61F6-76.002. Licensure By Examination
 61F6-76.004. Licensure By Endorseement
 61F6-76.006. Licensure Of Electrology Facilities
 61F6-76.0021. Licensure By Examination For Applicants Completing Applications For Licensure On Or Before December 30, 1994
 61F6-78.001. Requirements For Electrolysis Training Programs Approved By The Board
 61F6-78.002. Curriculum Standards For Electrolysis Training Programs
 61F6-78.003. Required Equipment For Electrolysis Training Programs
 61F6-79.001. Renewal Of License
 61F6-79.002. Inactive Licensure Status; Reactivitating Of Licensure
 61F6-79.003. Reinstatement Of Expired License
 61F6-79.004. Fees
 61F6-80.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61F6-80.002. Citations
 61F6-80.003. Terms Of Probation
 61F6-81.001. Unprofessional Conduct; Definition