61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G11-24.001. Purpose
 61G11-24.002. Composition
 61G11-24.003. Quorum
 61G11-24.006. General Information
 61G11-24.007. Statutory Chapters And Rules
 61G11-24.008. Probable Cause Determination, Probable Cause Panel
 61G11-24.015. Guidelines For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases Or Other Cases In Which Substantial Interests Are Determined By The Board
 61G11-24.017. Board Business
 61G11-24.019. Criteria For Selection Of Investigators
 61G11-24.0165. Return Of Certificate Of License
 61G11-25.001. Examination Requirements
 61G11-25.002. Reexamination
 61G11-25.003. Examination Review Procedure
 61G11-25.004. Endorsements
 61G11-25.005. Provisional License; Supervision Of Provisional Licensees
 61G11-25.006. Conditional Approval To Take Licensure Examination
 61G11-25.0011. Colonic Irrigation Application Deadline
 61G11-25.0012. Hiv/Aids Course Required For Initial Licensure
 61G11-26.001. Definition
 61G11-26.002. Licensure Of Massage Establishments
 61G11-26.004. Inspection Upon Application For Licensure
 61G11-27.002. Application For Licensure; Fees
 61G11-27.003. Application For Licensure Of A Massage Establishment
 61G11-27.004. Re-Examination
 61G11-27.008. Initial Fee For Licensure
 61G11-27.013. Colonic Examination Fee
 61G11-27.015. Delinquency Fee
 61G11-27.016. Change In Status Fee
 61G11-28.001. Biennial Renewal Of Massage Therapist&Apos;S License
 61G11-28.004. Inactive Status
 61G11-28.005. Renewal Of Inactive License
 61G11-28.006. Reactivation Of Inactive License
 61G11-28.008. Display Of Licenses
 61G11-28.009. Continuing Education
 61G11-28.010. Requirements For Board Approval Of Continuing Education Programs
 61G11-28.0015. Notice To The Department Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 61G11-28.0041. Inactive Status And Renewal Of Inactive License
 61G11-28.0042. Requirements For Reactivation Of An Inactive License
 61G11-28.0043. Delinquent Status License
 61G11-29.002. Qualification
 61G11-29.003. Apprenticeship Training Program
 61G11-29.007. Colonics Training Through Apprenticeship
 61G11-29.010. Supervision Of Provisional Licensees
 61G11-30.001. Misconduct And Negligence In The Practice Of Massage
 61G11-30.002. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G11-30.003. Minor Violations
 61G11-30.004. Citations
 61G11-30.005. Mediation
 61G11-30.006. Notice Of Noncompliance
 61G11-32.002. Documentation Of Graduation From A Board Approved Massage School
 61G11-32.003. Minimum Requirements For Board Of Massage Approval
 61G11-32.004. Standards For Transfer Of Credit
 61G11-33.001. Advertisement