61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G14-10.001. Organization Of The Commission
 61G14-10.002. Designation Of Official Reporter
 61G14-10.003. Rules Of Procedure
 61G14-10.004. Business Involving The Board
 61G14-10.005. Forms
 61G14-10.006. Qualifications And Duties Of Investigators
 61G14-10.010. Public Comments
 61G14-10.0015. Unexcused Absences
 61G14-10.0045. Conducting Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 61G14-11.001. Determination Of Openings For Deputy Pilots
 61G14-11.002. Qualification Of Applicants For A Certificate As A Deputy Pilot
 61G14-11.004. Examination For Licensure As A State Pilot
 61G14-11.005. Examination Review
 61G14-11.006. Rapplication
 61G14-11.007. Documents Issued
 61G14-11.008. Cross Licensing
 61G14-11.009. State Criteria For Pilots Or Deputy Pilots Where Federal Endorsement Is Unavailable Or Unobtainable
 61G14-11.0021. Qualifications Of Applicants For A License As A State Pilot
 61G14-12.001. Renewal Of Licenses And Certificates
 61G14-12.002. &Quot;
 61G14-12.003. Exemption From License Renewal Provisions For Spouses Of Members Of The Armed Forces Of The United States
 61G14-12.0015. License And Certificate Retention Eligibility
 61G14-13.001. Requirements For Deputy Pilot Training Programs
 61G14-14.001. Application Fees
 61G14-14.002. Initial Licensing Fee
 61G14-14.003. Initial Certificate Fee
 61G14-14.004. Biennial Fee
 61G14-14.005. Examination Review Fee
 61G14-14.0041. Unauthorized Practice Fee
 61G14-14.0042. Delinquency Fee
 61G14-15.002. Marine Incident Report Form
 61G14-15.003. Safety Guidelines
 61G14-15.004. Boarding And Disembarking
 61G14-15.0025. Immediate Inactivation Of License
 61G14-16.001. Vessel Movements Requiring A State Pilot
 61G14-17.001. Power Of The Board
 61G14-17.002. Probable Cause Determination
 61G14-17.003. Disciplinary Grounds
 61G14-17.004. Guidelines For The Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases
 61G14-17.005. Citations
 61G14-17.006. Mediation
 61G14-17.007. Notice Of Noncompliance
 61G14-18.001. Pilotage Rates
 61G14-18.002. Initiation Of Rate Change
 61G14-18.003. Contents Of Application
 61G14-18.004. Contents Of Petition
 61G14-18.005. Processing Of Application Or Petition
 61G14-18.006. Responses To Board&Apos;S Intended Action
 61G14-18.007. Conduct Of The Hearing
 61G14-18.008. Effective Date Of Orders
 61G14-18.009. Voting Conflicts
 61G14-18.010. Post-Hearing Report
 61G14-18.011. Criteria For Rate Modification Process
 61G14-19.001. Percentage Of Gross Pilotage Assessed
 61G14-20.001. Deputy Pilots&Apos; And State Pilots&Apos; Physical And Mental Capabilities
 61G14-20.002. State Pilots Physical And Mental Capabilities
 61G14-21.001. Ports
 61G14-21.002. New Ports