61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G16-1.001. Board Organization And Officers
 61G16-1.002. Administrative Headquarters
 61G16-1.003. Committees
 61G16-1.004. Official Seal Of The Board
 61G16-1.005. Board Meetings
 61G16-1.006. Adoption Of Model Rules Of Procedure
 61G16-1.007. Official Records
 61G16-1.008. Approved Schools And Colleges
 61G16-1.009. Definitions
 61G16-1.011. Probable Cause Panel
 61G16-1.012. Unexcused Absences
 61G16-1.0071. Notice To The Department Of Mailing Address, Email Address, Place Of Practice And Primary Place Of Practice
 61G16-2.001. Seals Acceptable To The Board
 61G16-2.002. Seal, Signature And Date Shall Be Affixed
 61G16-2.003. Certification Definition, Procedures, Prohibitions
 61G16-2.004. Prohibitions
 61G16-2.005. Procedures For Signing And Sealing Geological Papers, Reports Or Other Documents
 61G16-3.001. Schedule Of Fees
 61G16-3.002. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 61G16-4.001. Maximum Permissible Time On Inactive Status
 61G16-4.002. Procedure For Reactivation Of License
 61G16-4.003. Delinquent And Inactive Licenses; Changing Status Of Licensure
 61G16-4.004. Discretionary Reinstatement Of Null Or Void Licenses
 61G16-5.001. Related Degrees
 61G16-5.003. Experience
 61G16-5.004. Application Evaluations
 61G16-6.001. Written Licensure Examination Requirements
 61G16-6.002. Examination Review Procedures
 61G16-6.003. Passing Grade; Duration Of Validity
 61G16-6.004. Answer Sheet
 61G16-6.005. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 61G16-6.006. Licensure By Endorsement
 61G16-6.007. Provisional Licenses
 61G16-7.001. Standards For Supervision Of Governmental Employees By Professional Geologists
 61G16-8.001. License And Certification Renewal And Reinstatement
 61G16-9.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G16-9.002. Notices Of Non-Compliance