61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G17-1.001. Purpose
 61G17-1.002. Board Organization And Officers
 61G17-1.003. Administrative Headquarters
 61G17-1.004. Committees
 61G17-1.006. Official Seal Of The Board
 61G17-1.007. Board Meetings
 61G17-1.008. Adoption Of Model Rules Of Procedure
 61G17-1.009. Official Records
 61G17-1.010. Approved Schools And Colleges
 61G17-1.011. Board Member Compensation
 61G17-1.012. Investigators And Consultants; Criteria And Procedure For Selection
 61G17-1.014. Reconsideration Of Supplemented Applications For Licensure
 61G17-1.016. Disposition Of Applications For Examination To Qualify As Land-Surveyor-In-Training
 61G17-1.018. Disposition Of Orders Issued By Mistake
 61G17-1.019. Notice Of Mailing Address And Places Of Practice
 61G17-1.020. Exemption From Renewal Requirements For Spouses Of Members Of The Armed Forces Of The United States
 61G17-1.0051. Probable Cause Panel
 61G17-1.0053. Probable Cause Reconsideration Panel
 61G17-1.0054. Application Committee
 61G17-1.0055. Continuing Education Committee
 61G17-1.0056. Probation Committee
 61G17-1.0072. Committee Meetings
 61G17-1.0141. Reconsideration Of Supplemented Applications For Licensure
 61G17-1.0142. Procedure For Application Review And Decisionmaking
 61G17-2.001. Grounds For Discipline
 61G17-2.002. Payment Of Fine
 61G17-2.003. Unauthorized Practice Of Surveying And Mapping By Or As Part Of A Business Entity
 61G17-2.004. Rapplication By Persons Whose Licenses Bave Been Revoked By The Board
 61G17-2.005. Statement Regarding Lack Of Insurance
 61G17-2.006. Time For Compliance With Final Order; Probation
 61G17-2.0012. Financial Responsibility
 61G17-2.0013. Conflicts Of Interest
 61G17-2.0015. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G17-3.001. Experience
 61G17-3.002. Education
 61G17-3.003. Foreign Degree Evaluation
 61G17-3.004. Application For Retired Status
 61G17-3.0021. Education
 61G17-3.0025. Domestic Equivalency Education Program Criteria For Applicants Who Graduated From Non-Abet Accredited Surveying And Mapping Degree Programs
 61G17-3.0031. Documentation Of Substantially Equivalent Licensing Examination
 61G17-4.001. Written Examination Designated; General Requirements
 61G17-4.002. Content Of Examination
 61G17-4.003. Grading Criteria And Procedures
 61G17-4.004. Grading
 61G17-4.006. Grades Review Procedure
 61G17-4.007. Re-Examination
 61G17-5.001. Ontinuing Education Requirements For Reactivation Of Inactive License
 61G17-5.002. Definitions
 61G17-5.003. Continuing Education For Biennialrenewal
 61G17-5.004. Criteria For Approval
 61G17-5.005. Proof Of Completion Of Continuing Education Hours
 61G17-5.006. Voluntary Inactive Status
 61G17-5.0031. Continuing Education Credit For Biennial Renewal
 61G17-5.0032. Proof Of Continuing Education Credit Earned
 61G17-5.0041. Board Approval Of Continuing Education Providers
 61G17-5.0042. Board Approval Of Provider Status To Conduct Courses Or Seminars On Minimum Technical Standards
 61G17-5.0043. Obligations Of Continuing Education Providers
 61G17-5.0044. Evaluations Of Providers
 61G17-5.0045. Duration Of Provider Status
 61G17-5.0051. Proof Of Completion Of Continuing Education Hours
 61G17-6.001. Purpose And Effect
 61G17-6.002. Definitions
 61G17-6.003. General Survey, Map, And Report Content Requirement
 61G17-6.004. Specific Survey, Map, And Report Requirements
 61G17-6.005. Construction Layout Survey, Record Or As-Built Survey, Quantity Survey
 61G17-6.006. Miscellaneous
 61G17-6.007. Horizontal And Vertical Controls For Public And Private Construction Layout
 61G17-6.0031. Boundary Survey, Map, And Report
 61G17-6.0051. Control Surveys
 61G17-6.0052. Specific Purpose Surveys And Maps
 61G17-7.001. Seals Acceptable To The Board
 61G17-7.002. Seal And Signature
 61G17-7.003. Certificates Of Authorization
 61G17-7.0025. Procedures For Signing And Sealing Electronically Transmitted Plans, Specifications, Reports Or Other Documents
 61G17-8.001. Fee
 61G17-8.0011. Fees
 61G17-9.001. Purpose
 61G17-9.002. Violations And Penalties (Statute)
 61G17-9.003. Aggravating Or Mitigating Circumstances
 61G17-9.004. Citations
 61G17-9.005. Mediation
 61G17-9.006. Probation
 61G17-9.007. Survey Review
 61G17-9.0025. Penalties
 61G17-9.0045. Notices Of Noncompliance
 61G17-9.0065. Surrender Of Seal And Cancellation Of Digital Signature
 61G17-10.001. Reinstatement Of Null And Void License