61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G18-10.001. Purpose
 61G18-10.002. Composition
 61G18-10.003. Quorum
 61G18-10.004. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 61G18-10.005. Agency Head
 61G18-10.006. General Information
 61G18-10.007. Statutory Chapters And Rules
 61G18-10.008. Probable Cause Panel
 61G18-10.009. Meetings
 61G18-10.010. Notice Of Meetings
 61G18-10.011. Agenda
 61G18-10.012. Workshops
 61G18-10.013. Emergency Meetings
 61G18-10.014. Declaratory Statement
 61G18-10.015. Guidelines For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases Or Others In Which Substantial Interests Are Determined By The Board
 61G18-10.016. Time Of Payment Of Civil Penalties
 61G18-10.017. Educational Advisory Committee
 61G18-10.018. Other Board Business For Which Compensation Is Allowed
 61G18-10.020. Investigators; Criteria For Selection; Training
 61G18-10.021. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 61G18-10.022. Conducting Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops By Communication Media Technology
 61G18-10.023. Designation Of Official Reporter
 61G18-10.024. Public Comment
 61G18-10.0065. Notice To The Department Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 61G18-11.002. Examination And Licensure
 61G18-11.003. Reexamination
 61G18-11.004. Examination Review And Procedure
 61G18-11.005. Applicants Prior To November 14, 1979
 61G18-12.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 61G18-12.002. Examination And Reexamination Fees
 61G18-12.005. Renewal Of Active Status License Fee For Veterinarians
 61G18-12.006. Delinquency Fee
 61G18-12.007. Initial Licensure Fee
 61G18-12.008. Reactivation Fee
 61G18-12.009. Renewal Fee For Inactive Status License
 61G18-12.012. Late Permit Application Fee
 61G18-12.017. Fee To Enforce Unlicensed Activity
 61G18-12.018. Board Of Veterinary Medicine
 61G18-12.019. Reinstatement Of A Null And Void License Fee
 61G18-12.0085. Processing Fee
 61G18-13.002. Approved Schools
 61G18-14.002. Licensure By Endorsement
 61G18-14.003. Endorsement Definitions
 61G18-15.001. Permit Requirements
 61G18-15.002. Minimum Standards For Premises Where Veterinary Medicine Is Practiced
 61G18-15.005. Periodic Inspections
 61G18-15.006. Minimum Standards For House-Call Practices
 61G18-15.007. Minimum Standards For Limited-Service Veterinary Medical Practices
 61G18-15.008. Emergency Rabies Clinic
 61G18-15.009. Suspension
 61G18-15.0022. Minimum Standards For Permanent Locations Where Agricultural Veterinary Medicine Is Practiced
 61G18-15.0025. Minimum Standards For A Mobile Veterinary Practice For Agricultural Animals
 61G18-15.0035. Minimum Standards For Mobile Premises Permits
 61G18-15.0071. Limited Service Patient Records
 61G18-15.0072. Limited Service Written Statement
 61G18-15.0073. Inspections
 61G18-16.001. Continuing Education Requirements For Inactive Status License
 61G18-16.002. Continuing Education Requirements For Active Status License Renewal
 61G18-16.003. Continuing Education Standards
 61G18-16.004. Continuing Education Credit For Board Meetings
 61G18-16.005. Euthanasia Of Dogs And Cats; Technician Certification Course
 61G18-16.0035. Standards For Providers Of Continuing Veterinary Medical Education
 61G18-17.001. Exemptions And Exceptions
 61G18-17.005. Tasks Requiring Immediate Supervision
 61G18-18.001. Medical Records Of Deceased Veterinarian; Retention, Time Limitations
 61G18-18.002. Maintenance Of Medical Records
 61G18-18.0015. Medical Records; Relocating Or Terminating Practice; Retention And Disposition
 61G18-19.002. Complementary Or Alternative Veterinary Medicine
 61G18-21.001. Advertising
 61G18-22.001. Active Status License
 61G18-23.001. Inactive Status
 61G18-23.002. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 61G18-24.001. Delinquent Status
 61G18-25.001. Temporary License To Practice Veterinary Medicine
 61G18-30.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G18-30.002. Minor Violations, Notice Of Noncompliance
 61G18-30.003. Citations
 61G18-30.004. Time Limitation For Paymnet Of Administrative Fines
 61G18-30.005. Terms Of Probation
 61G18-30.006. Mediation