61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G19-1.001. Purpose
 61G19-1.002. Agency Description: Florida Building Code Administrators And Inspectors Board
 61G19-1.003. General Agency Information
 61G19-1.004. Statutory Chapters And Rules
 61G19-1.005. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 61G19-1.006. Officers Of The Board
 61G19-1.007. Public Access
 61G19-1.008. Authority Of The Board
 61G19-1.009. Definitions
 61G19-1.010. List Of Approved Forms
 61G19-2.001. Notice Of Meeting And Workshops
 61G19-2.002. Agenda Of Meetings And Workshops
 61G19-2.003. Board Meetings
 61G19-2.004. Conducting Meetings And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 61G19-2.005. Emergency Meetings
 61G19-2.006. Attendance At Board Meetings, Unexcused Absences
 61G19-2.007. Board Member Compensation
 61G19-2.008. Public Comment
 61G19-3.001. Rules Of Procedure
 61G19-3.002. Rulemaking
 61G19-3.003. Emergency Rulemaking
 61G19-4.001. Declaratory Statements
 61G19-5.001. Procedure For Disciplinary Cases And Other Cases In Which A Person&Apos;S Substantial Interests Are Affected By Board Action
 61G19-5.002. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G19-5.003. Aggravating And Mitigating Factors
 61G19-5.004. Final Orders
 61G19-5.005. Criteria For Reinstatment And Relicensure
 61G19-5.006. Citations
 61G19-5.007. Notice Of Noncompliance
 61G19-6.001. Certification Of Building Code Administrators, Plans Examiners, And Inspectors
 61G19-6.002. Certification For Multiple Inspection Classes
 61G19-6.003. Applications For Certifications; In General
 61G19-6.004. Abandonment Of Applications
 61G19-6.005. Information Required On Certificates
 61G19-6.006. Changes In Application And Certificate Information
 61G19-6.007. Standard Certificates; In General
 61G19-6.008. Reexamination
 61G19-6.009. Post-Examination Review Rule For The Florida Principles And Practice Examination
 61G19-6.010. Other Methods Of Qualification For Standard Certification
 61G19-6.011. Limited Certificates
 61G19-6.012. Provisional Certificates
 61G19-6.013. Biennial Renewal
 61G19-6.014. Reactivate A Delinquent License
 61G19-6.015. Inactive Status
 61G19-6.016. Voluntary Certification Categories
 61G19-6.017. One And Two Family Dwelling Inspector Certification
 61G19-6.018. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 61G19-6.0035. Application For Provisional And/Or Standard Certification
 61G19-6.0036. Application For Certification Review Procedure
 61G19-6.0085. Florida Principles And Practice
 61G19-6.0105. Simultaneous Qualification For Inspector And Plans Examiner Certification
 61G19-7.001. Board Approved Cross Training Programs As Alternative Eligibility Requirement For Examination
 61G19-7.002. Training Program Providers
 61G19-7.003. Registration Of Training Program Providers
 61G19-7.004. Approval Of Training Programs
 61G19-7.005. Approval Of Internship Training Programs
 61G19-7.006. Program Syllabus
 61G19-7.007. Records Required To Be Maintained By Program Providers
 61G19-7.008. Certificates Of Satisfactory Completion
 61G19-7.009. Advertising Of Training Programs
 61G19-7.010. Training Program Provider Fees
 61G19-7.0015. Board Approved Comprehensive Standard Training Programs As Alternative Eligibility Requirements For Examination For Building Code Inspector Or Plans Examiner
 61G19-7.0016. Internship Certification Program
 61G19-9.001. Continuing Education For Biennial Renewal
 61G19-9.002. Continuing Education Course Providers
 61G19-9.003. Registration Of Course Providers
 61G19-9.004. Approval Of Courses
 61G19-9.005. Qualifications Of Course Instructors
 61G19-9.006. Course Syllabus
 61G19-9.007. Records Required To Be Maintained By Course Providers
 61G19-9.008. Audit Of Certificates Of Completion
 61G19-9.009. Advertising Of Continuing Education Courses
 61G19-9.010. Continuing Education Courses Required By Disciplinary Action
 61G19-9.011. Continuing Education Course Provider Fees
 61G19-9.0015. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From License Renewal Requirements
 61G19-9.0045. Approval Of Proctored Telecourses And Interactive Distance Learning Courses
 61G19-10.001. Fees; Application, Examination, Certification And Renewal
 61G19-10.002. Change Of Status Fee
 61G19-10.003. Reinstatement Fee Of A Null And Void License
 61G19-11.001. Probable Cause Panel
 61G19-12.001. Delinquent Status