61G2-1.001. Purpose
 61G2-1.002. Composition
 61G2-1.003. Quorum
 61G2-1.004. Description Of Agency Organization And Operation
 61G2-1.005. Agency Head
 61G2-1.006. Access To Board Offices And Records, Service Of Process
 61G2-1.007. Pertinent Statutes
 61G2-1.009. Meetings
 61G2-1.011. Agenda
 61G2-1.012. Workshops
 61G2-1.013. Rulemaking
 61G2-1.014. Declaratory Statement
 61G2-1.015. Procedures For Hearings Before The Board
 61G2-1.018. Conducting Meetings, Hearings And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 61G2-1.019. Final Orders
 61G2-1.0091. Unexcused Absences
 61G2-1.0175. Selelction And Training Of Investigators
 61G2-2.001. Apprenticeship Requirement For Licensure
 61G2-2.002. Examination For Licensure
 61G2-2.003. Renewal Of Licenses
 61G2-2.004. Licensure By Endorsement Or Reciprocity
 61G2-2.005. Notice Of Address Or Electronic Mail Address Change
 61G2-2.006. Reinstatement Of Null &Amp; Void Licenses
 61G2-2.0031. Delinquent Status
 61G2-2.0035. Exemption From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 61G2-3.001. Fees
 61G2-3.002. Application Fees
 61G2-3.003. Examination Fees
 61G2-3.004. Initial Licensure Fees
 61G2-3.005. Renewal Fees
 61G2-3.006. Reactivation Fee
 61G2-3.007. Examination Review Fee
 61G2-3.008. Duplicate License Fee
 61G2-3.010. Auctioneer Recovery Fund Surcharge
 61G2-3.011. Change Of Status Fee
 61G2-3.012. Delinquent Fee
 61G2-3.0041. Unlicensed Activities, Fees, Disposition
 61G2-3.0055. Inactive Status Fee
 61G2-4.001. Apprenticeship Training Requirements
 61G2-4.002. Renewal Of Apprentice Licenses
 61G2-4.003. Change Of Sponsor
 61G2-4.005. Funds Received By Apprentice
 61G2-5.001. Requirements For Conducting An Auction
 61G2-5.002. Required Record Keeping
 61G2-5.003. Client Funds And Sale Proceeds
 61G2-5.004. Advertising
 61G2-5.005. Definitions Applying To Exemptions
 61G2-5.007. Required Surety Bonds
 61G2-7.010. Probable Cause
 61G2-7.030. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G2-7.040. Minor Violations
 61G2-7.050. Citations
 61G2-7.060. Restitution
 61G2-8.020. Definition Of Absolute Auction
 61G2-8.030. Mediation
 61G2-9.010. Auctioneer Recovery Fund
 61G2-9.020. Definitions
 61G2-9.030. Filing Claims
 61G2-9.040. Claims Review
 61G2-9.050. Payment Of Claims