61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G4-12.002. Purpose
 61G4-12.003. Description Of Agency Organization And Operation
 61G4-12.004. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 61G4-12.005. General Information Concerning Agency
 61G4-12.006. Approved Form; Incorporation
 61G4-12.007. Statutory Chapters And Rules
 61G4-12.008. Time For Compliance With Final Order
 61G4-12.009. Fees
 61G4-12.010. Probable Cause Panel
 61G4-12.011. Definitions
 61G4-12.012. Criteria For Selection Of Investigators
 61G4-12.013. License Fees Paid By Check Returned Due To Insufficient Funds
 61G4-12.014. Final Orders
 61G4-12.015. Officers
 61G4-12.017. Reinstatement And Relicensure
 61G4-12.018. Notification Of Investigative And Prosecutorial Costs
 61G4-12.019. Exemption From Renewal Requirements For Spouses Of Members Of The Armed Forces Of The United States
 61G4-12.020. Fee To Enforce Unlicensed Activity
 61G4-12.0021. Board Agenda Materials
 61G4-12.0065. Abandonment Of Applications
 61G4-13.001. Rulemaking
 61G4-13.002. Emergency Rulemaking
 61G4-13.003. Declaratory Statement
 61G4-13.004. Guidelines For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases Or Other Cases In Which Substantial Interests Are Determined By The Board
 61G4-13.005. Time Provided To File Exceptions To Recommended Order
 61G4-13.006. Continuances
 61G4-14.001. Meetings; Notice Of Meetings
 61G4-14.002. Agenda Of Meetings And Workshops
 61G4-14.003. Emergency Meetings
 61G4-14.004. Unexcused Absences
 61G4-15.001. Qualification For Certification
 61G4-15.002. Statement Of Authority
 61G4-15.003. Public Liability Insurance
 61G4-15.004. Licensure By Endorsement
 61G4-15.005. Requirements For Certification And Registration
 61G4-15.006. Financial Responsibility And Financial Stability, Grounds For Denial
 61G4-15.007. Notification Of Changes
 61G4-15.008. False Statements
 61G4-15.009. Replacement Of Qualifying Persons
 61G4-15.010. Requirements For Applicant Seeking Administration Of Oral Examination
 61G4-15.011. Registration And Certification Of Plumbing Contractors
 61G4-15.012. Certification Of Residential Solar Water Heating Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.013. Certification Of Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.014. Violation Of Final Orders
 61G4-15.015. Certification Of Specialty Structure Contractors
 61G4-15.0015. Manner Of Application For Certification Examination
 61G4-15.016. Certification Of Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.017. Certification Of Gypsum Drywall Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.018. Certification Of Glass And Glazing Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.019. Continuing Education Requirements For Certified Asbestos Contractors
 61G4-15.0021. Business Organizations
 61G4-15.0022. Qualification Of Joint Ventures
 61G4-15.0023. Changes In Information
 61G4-15.023. Certification Of Specialty Response Action Contractors
 61G4-15.024. Tracking Registration Of Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.0024. Supervision Of Business Entities
 61G4-15.025. Certification Of Traditional
 61G4-15.026. Certification Of Gas Line Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.027. Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.028. Precision Tank Testers
 61G4-15.029. Tank Lining Applicators
 61G4-15.030. Certification Of Registered Contractors
 61G4-15.031. Medical Gas Certification
 61G4-15.032. Certification Of Swimming Pool Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.033. Certification Of Marine Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.034. Certification Of Tower Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.035. Certification Of Irrigation Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.038. Certification Of Building Demolition Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.039. Certification Of Industrial Facility Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.040. Certification Of Residential Pool/Spa Servicing Specialty Contractors
 61G4-15.0055. Job Scopes For Registered Licensure Categories
 61G4-16.001. Written Certification Examination Requirements
 61G4-16.002. Requirements To Set Examination Date
 61G4-16.003. Examination Review Procedures
 61G4-16.005. Duration Of Validity
 61G4-16.006. Answer Sheet
 61G4-16.007. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Certification Examination
 61G4-16.008. Practical Certification Examination Requirements
 61G4-16.009. Examination And Reexamination
 61G4-16.0015. Exemption From Business And Finance Test
 61G4-16.0021. Written Examination For Swimming Pool Specialty Contractors
 61G4-16.0025. Candidate Information Brochure
 61G4-16.0031. Practical Examination For Swimming Pool Specialty Contractors
 61G4-17.001. Normal Penalty Ranges
 61G4-17.002. Aggravating And Mitigating Circumstances
 61G4-17.003. Repeat Violations
 61G4-17.006. Mitigation; Notice Of Mitigation And Aggravation
 61G4-17.008. Stipulations
 61G4-17.009. Violations Of Provisions Of This Chapter
 61G4-18.001. Continuing Education Requirements For Certificateholders And Registrants
 61G4-18.002. Definitions
 61G4-18.003. Registration Of Course Providers
 61G4-18.004. Approval Of Continuing Education Courses
 61G4-18.005. Qualifications Of Course Instructors
 61G4-18.006. Course Syllabus
 61G4-18.007. Required Records Maintained By Course Providers
 61G4-18.008. Proff Of Completion By Certificateholders And Registrants
 61G4-18.009. Certifications Of Completion
 61G4-18.010. Advertising Of Continuing Education Courses
 61G4-18.011. Continuing Education Courses Required By Disciplinary Action
 61G4-18.012. Fees
 61G4-18.013. Exam Development
 61G4-18.014. Continuing Education Seminars
 61G4-19.001. Citations
 61G4-20.001. Local Disciplinary Actions
 61G4-21.001. Florida Homeowners Construction Recovery Fund
 61G4-21.002. Definitions
 61G4-21.003. Filing Claims
 61G4-21.004. Claims Review
 61G4-21.005. Payment Of Claims
 61G4-21.006. Subrogation And Assignment
 61G4-22.001. Mediation
 61G4-23.001. Notice Of Noncompliance