61G5-17.001. Purpose
 61G5-17.002. Composition
 61G5-17.003. Quorum
 61G5-17.004. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 61G5-17.005. Agency Head
 61G5-17.006. General Information And Forms
 61G5-17.007. Statutory Chapters And Rules
 61G5-17.009. Meetings And Election Of Officers
 61G5-17.010. Notice Of Meetings
 61G5-17.011. Agenda
 61G5-17.012. Workshops
 61G5-17.013. Emergency Meetings
 61G5-17.014. Declaratory Statement
 61G5-17.015. Procedures For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases Or Other Cases In Which Substantial Interests Are Determined By The Board
 61G5-17.017. Board Member Compensation
 61G5-17.018. Investigators; Criteria For Selection
 61G5-17.019. Public Comments
 61G5-17.020. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 61G5-17.021. Designation Of Official Reporter
 61G5-17.022. Conducting Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 61G5-17.023. Final Orders
 61G5-17.024. Motion For Reconsideration
 61G5-17.0095. Unexcused Absences
 61G5-17.0201. Licensure Examinations And Examination Procedures For Handicapped Candidates
 61G5-18.001. Who May Apply
 61G5-18.002. Manner Of Application
 61G5-18.003. Cosmetology Examination
 61G5-18.004. Re-Examination
 61G5-18.005. Examination Review Procedure
 61G5-18.006. Inactive Licenses And Standards For Reactivation
 61G5-18.007. Endorsement Of Cosmetologists
 61G5-18.008. Cosmetologist License Renewal
 61G5-18.009. Examinee Assistance By Pre-Recorded Cassette
 61G5-18.011. Initial Licensure Or Registration Requirement For Instruction On Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; Course Content And Approval Requirements
 61G5-18.00015. Cosmetologist And Compensation Defined
 61G5-18.0055. Supervised Cosmetology Practice Exception
 61G5-20.001. Salon Defined
 61G5-20.002. Salon Requirements
 61G5-20.003. Inspections
 61G5-20.004. Display Of Documents
 61G5-20.005. Salon License Renewal
 61G5-20.006. Transfer Of Ownership Or Location Of A Salon
 61G5-20.008. Employment Of Applicants For Licensure As A Cosmetologist Prior To Licensure; Employment Of Applicants For Registration As A Specialist Prior To Registration
 61G5-20.010. Mobile Salons
 61G5-20.0015. Performance Of Cosmetology Or Specialty Services Outside A Licensed Salon
 61G5-20.00175. Fashion Photography
 61G5-22.001. Purpose
 61G5-22.005. Sanitation And Disinfection
 61G5-22.006. Facials (Including Skin Care And Hair Removal)
 61G5-22.015. Specialty Certification
 61G5-22.016. Minimum Curriculum For Nail Specialty Training
 61G5-22.017. Minimum Curriculum For Facial Specialty Training
 61G5-24.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 61G5-24.002. Original Cosmetologist Licensure Fee, Cosmetologist Examination And Endorsement Fees, Initial Specialist Registration; Application And Endorsement Fees
 61G5-24.005. Salon License Fee
 61G5-24.006. Cosmetologist Reexamination Fee
 61G5-24.007. Duplicate License Fee
 61G5-24.008. Biennial Renewal Fee For Cosmetologists And Specialists
 61G5-24.009. Biennial Renewal Fee And Delinquent Fee For Salon License
 61G5-24.010. Delinquent License And Specialty Registration Fee
 61G5-24.011. Processing Fee; Change Of Status
 61G5-24.017. Inactive Status License And Specialty Registration Fees
 61G5-24.018. Examination Review Fee
 61G5-24.019. Hair Braiding And Hair Wrapping Fees
 61G5-24.020. Special Assessment Fee
 61G5-25.001. Active Status
 61G5-25.002. Inactive Status; Reactivation
 61G5-25.003. Delinquent Status
 61G5-25.005. Notice To The Department Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 61G5-29.001. Definitions
 61G5-29.002. Specialty Registration
 61G5-29.003. Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Hiv/Aids) Training For Initial Registration
 61G5-29.004. Supervised Specialty Practice Exception
 61G5-29.012. Who May Apply
 61G5-29.013. Registration Renewal Procedures
 61G5-29.014. Continuing Education
 61G5-30.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G5-30.004. Citations
 61G5-30.005. Mediation
 61G5-30.006. Notice Of Non Compliance
 61G5-31.001. Hair Braiding Defined
 61G5-31.002. Hair Braiding, Hair Wrapping, And Body Wrapping; Registration Requirements, Practice Outside Of Licensed Salon
 61G5-31.003. Hair Braiding, Hair Wrapping, And Body Wrapping Registration
 61G5-31.004. Hair Braiding, Hair Wrapping And Body Wrapping Course Requirements, Source Reference Dates, Ability To Offer On The Internet Or By Home Study
 61G5-31.005. Hair Braiding, Hair Wrapping, And Body Wrapping Term Of Registration, Registration Renewal
 61G5-31.006. Practice Of Hair Braiding, Hair Wrapping, And Body Wrapping Pending Approval Of Registration
 61G5-31.0011. Definitions
 61G5-32.001. Continuing Education