61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G6-2.010. Return Of Previously Issued Licenses
 61G6-3.004. Registration Of Limited Or Restricted Competency Licenses
 61G6-4.001. Composition
 61G6-4.002. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 61G6-4.003. Agency Head
 61G6-4.004. General Information
 61G6-4.005. Statutory Chapters And Rules
 61G6-4.006. Probable Cause Panel
 61G6-4.007. Time For Payment Of Civil Penalties
 61G6-4.008. Meetings
 61G6-4.009. Notice Of Meetings
 61G6-4.010. Agenda
 61G6-4.011. Workshops
 61G6-4.012. Emergency Meetings
 61G6-4.013. Rulemaking
 61G6-4.014. Declaratory Statement
 61G6-4.015. Guidelines For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases Or Other Cases In Which Substantial Interest Are Determined By The Board
 61G6-4.017. Investigators And Investigative Consultants, Criteria For Selection
 61G6-4.018. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examinations
 61G6-4.019. General Definitions
 61G6-4.020. Public Comment
 61G6-4.0141. Final Orders
 61G6-5.001. Definitions
 61G6-5.002. Application For Certification By Examination; Reexamination
 61G6-5.003. Requirements For Certification
 61G6-5.004. Requirement For Business Organizations
 61G6-5.005. Financial Responsibility; Definitions; Grounds For Denial
 61G6-5.006. Certification Of Additional New Business Entity Or Transfers
 61G6-5.007. Applications Committee
 61G6-5.008. Public Liability And Workers&Apos; Compensation Insurance
 61G6-5.009. Endorsement
 61G6-5.010. Statement Of Authority
 61G6-5.011. Qualification Of Joint Ventures
 61G6-5.012. Notification Of Changes
 61G6-5.0035. Certification Of Registered Contractors
 61G6-5.0036. Certification Of Registered Contractors
 61G6-5.0061. Registration Of Additional New Business Entity Or Transfers
 61G6-6.001. Certification Examination Requirements
 61G6-6.002. Specialty Electrical Contractor Certification Examination
 61G6-6.003. Examination Review
 61G6-6.004. Board Responsibility Relative To Examinations
 61G6-6.005. Reexamination
 61G6-6.006. Examination Review Procedures
 61G6-6.017. Examination Scores
 61G6-7.001. Specialty Electrical Contractors
 61G6-7.003. Additional Classes Of Certified Specialty Electrical Contractors
 61G6-7.004. Registration Of Specialty Electrical Contractors
 61G6-7.005. Registered Residential Alarm System Contractor
 61G6-7.0025. Limited Alarm Registration
 61G6-8.001. Fees
 61G6-8.002. Special Assessment Fee
 61G6-9.001. Continuing Education For Reactivation
 61G6-9.002. Criteria For Continuing Education For Reactivation Of License
 61G6-9.003. Definitions
 61G6-9.004. Continuing Education Requirements For Renewal For Certificateholders And Registrants
 61G6-9.005. Registration Of Course Providers
 61G6-9.006. Approval Of Continuing Education Courses
 61G6-9.007. Qualifications Of Course Instructors
 61G6-9.008. Course Syllabus
 61G6-9.009. Required Records Maintained By Course Providers
 61G6-9.010. Proof Of Completion By Certificateholders And Registrants
 61G6-9.011. Audit Of Certifications Of Completion
 61G6-9.012. Advertising Of Continuing Education Courses
 61G6-9.013. Continuing Education Courses Required By Disciplinary Action
 61G6-9.014. Fees
 61G6-9.015. Continuing Education Exemption For Spouses Of Military Personnel
 61G6-9.0105. Proof Of Completion By Certification Holders And Registrants
 61G6-10.001. Purpose
 61G6-10.002. Violations And Penalties
 61G6-10.003. Aggravating Or Mitigating Circumstances
 61G6-10.004. Payment Of Fine
 61G6-10.005. Minor Violations And Non-Compliance
 61G6-10.006. Reinstatement And Relicensure
 61G6-10.007. Probation
 61G6-10.008. Mediation
 61G6-10.0015. Standards Of Practice
 61G6-10.0065. Reinstatement Of Null And Void License
 61G6-11.001. Citations
 61G6-12.001. Requirements For Burglar Alarm System Agent Training Courses
 61G6-12.002. Requirements For Fire Alarm System Agent Training Courses
 61G6-12.003. Requirements For Fire Alarm System Agent Identification Card
 61G6-12.004. Continuing Education Requirements For Fire Alarm System Agents
 61G6-12.0015. Requirements For Burglar Alarm System Agent Identification Card
 61G6-12.0016. Continuing Education Requirements For Burglar Alarm System Agents
 61G16-8.001. License And Certification Renewal And Reinstatement