61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61G8-14.001. Organization
 61G8-14.002. Rulemaking Procedures
 61G8-14.003. Declaratory Statements
 61G8-14.004. Decisions: Determining Substantial Interests
 61G8-14.005. Licensing
 61G8-14.006. Probable Cause Determination And Discipline
 61G8-14.007. Forms And Instructions
 61G8-14.008. Payment Of Fines And Costs
 61G8-14.009. Criteria For Selection Of Investigators
 61G8-14.010. Meetings
 61G8-14.011. Designation Of Official Reporter
 61G8-14.012. Conducting Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 61G8-15.004. At Need; Preneed
 61G8-15.005. Operational Personnel
 61G8-15.006. Reasonable Time For Obtaining Written Permission
 61G8-16.0001. State Examination For Funeral Industry Professionals
 61G8-16.001. Examination For Embalmer Applicants
 61G8-16.002. Examination For Funeral Director Applicants
 61G8-16.003. Examination For Licensure By Endorsement For Embalmers
 61G8-16.004. Examination For Licensure By Endorsement
 61G8-16.005. Reexaminations
 61G8-17.001. Examination Fees For Embalmers And Funeral Directors; Manner Of Application
 61G8-17.002. Application Fees; Manner Of Application
 61G8-17.003. Fees
 61G8-17.004. Continuing Education For Reactivation
 61G8-17.005. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 61G8-17.006. Examination Review Fee
 61G8-17.007. Duplicate License Fee
 61G8-17.008. Delinquency Fee
 61G8-17.009. Processing Fee
 61G8-17.010. Inactive Status Fee
 61G8-17.011. Reactivation Fee
 61G8-17.0015. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 61G8-17.0025. Active Status License
 61G8-17.0026. Inactive Status License
 61G8-17.0027. Delinquent License
 61G8-17.0030. Direct Disposer/Establishment; Fees
 61G8-17.0031. Inactive Status
 61G8-17.0032. Renewal Of Inactive License
 61G8-17.0033. Reactivation Of Inactive License
 61G8-17.0034. Continuing Education For License Renewal
 61G8-17.0035. Education Required For Operational Personnel And Non-Licensed Individuals
 61G8-17.0036. Course Required For Initial Licensure And Registration
 61G8-17.0037. Subject Area Requirements
 61G8-17.0041. Continuing Education Provider Requirements
 61G8-17.0042. Approval Of Continuing Education Courses
 61G8-17.0043. Required Records Maintained By Provider
 61G8-17.0044. Advertising Of Continuing Education Courses
 61G8-17.0045. Continuing Education For Board Meetings
 61G8-18.001. Embalmer Intern Training Program
 61G8-18.002. Funeral Director Intern Training Program
 61G8-18.005. Disciplinary Provisions
 61G8-19.001. Reciprocity Agreements
 61G8-19.002. Requirements For Reciprocity
 61G8-19.003. Reciprocal Agreements For Temporary Emergency Licensure
 61G8-20.001. Report Of Cases Embalmed Or Bodies Handled
 61G8-21.001. Licensure Procedure; Consequences Of Operating Prior To Licensure
 61G8-21.002. Inspections
 61G8-21.003. Inspection Criteria (Funeral Establishments)
 61G8-21.004. Fees
 61G8-21.009. Disinterment Reporting
 61G8-21.0015. Branch Chapels
 61G8-21.055. Notice To The Department Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 61G8-22.001. Application For Licensure; Consequences Of Operating Prior To Licensure
 61G8-22.002. Inspection
 61G8-22.003. Fees
 61G8-22.004. Operating Procedures
 61G8-23.001. Manner Of Application
 61G8-23.002. Examination Requirements
 61G8-23.003. Disciplinary Actions
 61G8-23.004. Direct Disposal Establishments
 61G8-23.005. Responsibility Of Direct Disposer In Charge
 61G8-24.010. Application For Registration Of Removal Services; Refrigeration Facilities; Centralized Embalming Facilities
 61G8-24.020. Registration For Removal Services
 61G8-24.021. Requirements For Inspection
 61G8-24.022. Inspection
 61G8-24.023. Fees
 61G8-24.024. Operating Procedures
 61G8-24.030. Registration For Refrigeration Services
 61G8-24.031. Requirements For Inspection
 61G8-24.032. Inspection
 61G8-24.033. Fees
 61G8-24.034. Operating Procedures
 61G8-24.040. Registration For Centralized Embalming Facilities
 61G8-24.041. Inspections
 61G8-24.042. Criteria
 61G8-24.043. Fees
 61G8-24.044. Operating Procedures
 61G8-24.0425. Operating Procedures (Centralized Embalming Facilities)
 61G8-25.001. Licensure By Endorsement; Embalmers
 61G8-25.002. Licensure By Endorsement; Funeral Directors
 61G8-25.003. Registration As Temporary Embalmer Or Temporary Funeral Director; Manner Of Requesting And Fee; Practice Limitations; Expiration
 61G8-26.002. Qualifications
 61G8-27.001. Embalmer Apprentice Program
 61G8-28.001. Control Of Preneed Agents
 61G8-28.002. Supervision Of Pre-Need Agents
 61G8-29.001. False, Fraudulent, Deceptive And Misleading Advertising
 61G8-30.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61G8-30.002. Minor Violations, Notice Of Noncompliance
 61G8-30.003. Citations
 61G8-30.004. Minor Violations, Notice Of Noncompliance
 61G8-30.0021. Notice Of Noncompliance
 61G8-31.001. Procedure Required
 61G8-32.001. Course Requirements
 61G8-32.002. Approved Courses
 61G8-32.003. Time For Completion Of Courses
 61G8-32.004. Confirmation Of Completion Of Courses
 61G8-32.005. Random Audits Of Completion
 61G8-32.007. Requirement For Instruction On Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome And Communicable Diseases
 61G8-33.001. Funeral Establishments
 61G8-33.002. Direct Disposal Establishments
 61G8-33.003. Centralized Embalming Facilities
 61G8-33.004. Cinerator Facilities
 61G8-33.005. Removal Services
 61G8-33.006. Refrigeration Facilities