61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61J1-1.001. Membership
 61J1-1.002. Meetings
 61J1-1.003. Chairperson
 61J1-1.004. Minutes
 61J1-1.005. Internal
 61J1-1.006. Principal Office
 61J1-1.007. Board Member Compensation
 61J1-1.008. Authorized Signatures On Final Orders
 61J1-1.009. Probable Cause Panel
 61J1-1.010. Criteria For Investigative Employment
 61J1-1.011. Designation Of Official Reporter
 61J1-1.012. Administrative Procedures
 61J1-2.001. Fees
 61J1-2.002. Renewal Period
 61J1-2.003. Inactive Renewal
 61J1-2.004. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Renewal Provisions
 61J1-2.005. Inactive Registration
 61J1-2.006. Renewal Of Registration
 61J1-2.007. Refund Of Applicant And License Fees
 61J1-2.0045. Exemption Of Members Of Armed Forces From Renewal Provisions
 61J1-3.001. Application By Individuals
 61J1-3.002. Where To Apply
 61J1-3.003. Notice Of Denial
 61J1-3.004. Issuance Of Certification
 61J1-4.001. Education
 61J1-4.002. Equivalency Education
 61J1-4.003. Continuing Education
 61J1-4.004. Application For Courses
 61J1-4.005. Notice Of Satisfactory Course Completion
 61J1-4.006. Correspondence Courses For Hardship Cases
 61J1-4.007. Renewal Of Inactive Registrations, Licenses And Certifications
 61J1-4.008. Continuing Education For School Instructors
 61J1-4.009. Post-Licensing Education For Registered Trainee Appraisers
 61J1-4.010. Supervision And Training Of Registered Trainee Appraisers
 61J1-5.001. Appraisal Examination Areas Of Competency
 61J1-5.002. Examination Review
 61J1-5.003. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure And Certification Examination
 61J1-6.001. Experience Requirement
 61J1-6.002. Experience Requirements For Registered Appraisers
 61J1-7.001. Display And Disclosure Of Registration, License Or Certification Designation
 61J1-7.002. Number
 61J1-7.003. Advertising
 61J1-7.004. Office
 61J1-7.005. Temporary Practice
 61J1-7.006. Signatures On Appraisal Report
 61J1-7.007. Employment Of Registered Appraisers
 61J1-7.008. Address Of Record
 61J1-7.009. Use Of Association Names
 61J1-7.010. Registered Appraisers
 61J1-7.020. Public Comment
 61J1-7.0065. Signatures On Appraisal Report And Certification
 61J1-8.001. Citation Authority
 61J1-8.002. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61J1-8.003. Notice Of Noncompliance
 61J1-8.004. Mediation
 61J1-8.005. Revocation
 61J1-8.006. Time For Payment Of Administrative Fines And Costs
 61J1-9.001. Standards Of Appraisal Practice
 61J1-9.002. Standards Of Professional Practice For Appraisal Management Companies; Development And Communications Of Real Estate Appraisals
 61J1-10.001. General Requirements
 61J1-10.002. Registered Trainee Real Estate Appraiser
 61J1-10.003. Certified Residential Appraiser
 61J1-10.004. Certified General Appraiser
 61J1-11.001. Definitions
 61J1-11.002. Application For Registration As An Appraisal Management Company