61. Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 61J2-1.011. License Fees And Examination Fees
 61J2-1.013. Registration Categories
 61J2-1.014. Inactive Renewal
 61J2-1.015. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 61J2-1.016. Review Of Fees
 61J2-2.027. Applications By Individuals
 61J2-2.029. Examination Areas Of Competency
 61J2-2.030. Notice Of Denial
 61J2-2.031. Where To Apply
 61J2-2.032. Informal Hearings
 61J2-3.008. Pre-Licensing Education For Broker And Sales Associate Applicants
 61J2-3.009. Continuing Education For Active And Inactive Broker And Sales Associate Licensees
 61J2-3.010. License Reactivation Education For Brokers And Sales Associates
 61J2-3.011. Continuing Education For School Instructors
 61J2-3.012. Equivalency For Prelicensing Education
 61J2-3.013. Hardship Cases
 61J2-3.014. Application For Commission Prescribed Or Conducted Courses
 61J2-3.015. Notices Of Satisfactory Course Completion
 61J2-3.016. Video Tape Quality Standards
 61J2-3.017. Video Tape Classroom Viewing Conditions
 61J2-3.018. Examination Review
 61J2-3.019. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examinations
 61J2-3.020. Post-Licensing Education For Active And Inactive Broker And Sales Associate Licensees
 61J2-4.007. Registration Requirements
 61J2-4.010. Successor Partnerships
 61J2-4.0061. Definition
 61J2-5.014. Registration Of Corporation
 61J2-5.015. License Status Of Officers And Directors Required
 61J2-5.016. License Status Of Active Officers And Directors
 61J2-5.018. Vacancies Of Office
 61J2-5.019. Responsibility For Registration Status
 61J2-5.020. Execution Of Papers By Corporation
 61J2-6.006. Employment By More Than One Entity
 61J2-9.0061. Change Of Address
 61J2-10.016. Title
 61J2-10.017. Mortgage Releases
 61J2-10.018. Promises To Resell
 61J2-10.019. Lotteries
 61J2-10.020. Free Lot Schemes
 61J2-10.022. Office
 61J2-10.023. Branch Office
 61J2-10.024. Office Entrance Signs
 61J2-10.025. Advertising
 61J2-10.026. Team Or Group Advertising
 61J2-10.028. Kickbacks Or Rebates
 61J2-10.029. Advance Fee Accounting And Reporting Procedures
 61J2-10.030. Rental Information
 61J2-10.031. Time For Payment Of Administrative Fines And Costs
 61J2-10.032. Notice Requirements
 61J2-10.033. Agency Disclosure
 61J2-10.035. Sold Signs
 61J2-10.036. Agency Disclosure
 61J2-10.037. Transaction Broker Notice
 61J2-10.038. Mailing Address
 61J2-10.039. Property Management Disclosure
 61J2-14.008. Definitions
 61J2-14.009. Real Estate Sales Associate
 61J2-14.010. Real Estate Broker
 61J2-14.011. Rights Of Broker In Deposits
 61J2-14.012. Broker&Apos;S Records
 61J2-14.013. Commission To Be Held In Trust Account
 61J2-16.003. Interpretation Of Particular Phrases And Clauses
 61J2-16.004. Correspondence Course Instructor
 61J2-16.006. Guest Lecturers
 61J2-16.007. Required Communication By School Permit Holders
 61J2-17.009. Minimum Standard For Prelicense Course Of Study
 61J2-17.011. School Instructor Requirements And Qualifications
 61J2-17.012. School Records; Class Roster
 61J2-17.016. Renewal Of Instructor Permits
 61J2-20.009. Probable Cause Panel
 61J2-20.041. Meetings
 61J2-20.042. Chairperson
 61J2-20.043. Minutes
 61J2-20.044. Orders
 61J2-20.047. Official Records
 61J2-20.049. Commission Member Compensation
 61J2-20.050. Criteria For Investigative Employment
 61J2-20.052. Designation Of Official Reporter
 61J2-20.053. Administrative Procedures
 61J2-20.054. Public Comment
 61J2-22.001. Parties To Action
 61J2-23.001. Time-Share Resale Listing Agreement Disclosures
 61J2-24.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 61J2-24.002. Citation Authority
 61J2-24.003. Notification Of Noncompliance
 61J2-24.004. Mediation
 61J2-24.005. Revocation
 61J2-24.006. Probation
 61J2-25.001. Membership
 61J2-25.002. Meetings
 61J2-25.003. Chairperson
 61J2-25.004. Minutes
 61J2-25.005. Official Records
 61J2-25.006. Principal Office
 61J2-25.007. Committee Members Compensation
 61J2-26.001. Examination Requirements
 61J2-26.002. Residency
 61J2-26.003. Post License And Continuing Education