62. Department of Environmental Protection

 62N-1.001. Johns River
 62N-2.003. Shrimp; Landing Permits
 62N-2.009. Bait Shrimp Permits For Pleasure Fishermen; Escambia County
 62N-2.010. Bay County, Shrimp
 62N-2.012. Hours For Taking Of Shrimp
 62N-2.015. Citrus-Hernando Shrimp/Crab Lines
 62N-3.002. Crawfish Buoy And Permit Number
 62N-4.001. Steinhatchee River; Line Of Demarcation
 62N-5.001. Oysters; Transportation Of
 62N-5.002. Oysters; Transportation Out Of State
 62N-5.004. Findings And Intent
 62N-5.006. Oyster Harvest Monitoring Requirements
 62N-5.0035. Definitions
 62N-6.001. Permits, Gill Net Prohibitions; Haul Seine Areas
 62N-6.003. Gear And Equipment Hillsborough County; Closed Areas Hillsborough County
 62N-6.004. Prohibition Of The Possession Of Fish Nets In Star Lake Davenport Bayou And Bayou Grande, Except The Hand Net When Operated By One Person; Escambia County
 62N-6.005. Gear And Equipment; Bay County
 62N-6.012. Gear And Equipment; Escambia And Santa Rosa Counties
 62N-6.013. Prohibits Airboats From Taking Of Shrimp; Lee County
 62N-6.014. Regulation Of Purse Seines And Other Nets
 62N-6.016. Regulation Of Mechanical Devices For Taking Scallops In Certain Areas
 62N-7.001. Mullet; Volusia County
 62N-8.001. Stone Crab Buoy And Permit Number
 62N-10.001. Seafood Dealers; Regulations
 62N-16.002. Departmental Jurisdiction
 62N-16.003. Operational Response To Pollution Incident
 62N-16.004. Removal And Disposal Of Unknown Containerized Substances
 62N-16.009. Application Of Definitions
 62N-16.012. Discharge Cleanup Organization; Approval
 62N-16.013. Safety And Operation Of Vessels
 62N-16.014. Removal Of Prohibited Discharges; Procedure
 62N-16.016. Security In Lieu Of Attachment By A Vessel After A Discharge
 62N-16.017. Arbitration Proceedings
 62N-16.018. Civil Violations-Proceedings
 62N-16.019. Excise Tax On The Transfer Of Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia
 62N-16.020. Reimbursement Of Damage Claims
 62N-16.021. Certification Of Repairs
 62N-16.023. Removal And Disposal Of Derelict Vessels
 62N-16.024. Form: New Application For Terminal Facility Registration Certificate
 62N-16.025. Form: Renewal Application For Terminal Facility Registration Certificate
 62N-16.026. Form: Application For Approval As A Discharge Cleanup Organization
 62N-16.027. Form: Request For Reimbursement For Damage
 62N-16.028. Departmental Jurisdictional Boundary Lines
 62N-16.032. Terminal Facility Discharge Prevention And Response Certificates; Inspections
 62N-16.033. Terminal Facility Discharge Contingency Plan
 62N-16.035. Transfers
 62N-16.036. Vessel Spill Contingency Plan
 62N-16.037. Vessel Financial Security Statement; Documentation
 62N-16.038. Form: Vessel Financial Security Statement
 62N-16.043. Lobster Traps
 62N-16.0105. Registration Certificates: Applications; Equipment; Fees
 62N-18.001. Definitions
 62N-18.002. Regulatory Markers - Buoys Or Signs
 62N-18.003. Specifications For Waterway Markers
 62N-18.006. Display Of Regulatory Waterway Markers
 62N-18.007. Other Waterway Markers
 62N-18.008. Speed Signs
 62N-19.001. Blue Crab Buoy And Permit Number
 62N-20.001. Escambia And Santa Rosa Counties; Croakers
 62N-21.001. Palm Beach County Spear Fishing
 62N-22.001. Scope
 62N-22.002. Definitions
 62N-22.003. Regulated Activities
 62N-22.005. Lee County Zones
 62N-22.006. Brevard County Zones
 62N-22.010. Broward County Zones
 62N-22.012. Volusia And Associated County (Parts Of Putnam, Lake, Seminole And Flagler) Zones
 62N-22.023. Collier County Zones
 62N-22.030. Statutory Violation
 62N-22.031. Rule Violation
 62N-22.0161. Faka Union Canal Zones Established
 62N-23.001. Definitions
 62N-23.002. Intent
 62N-23.004. Special Purpose Marker Buoys
 62N-23.005. Other Markers Or Buoys
 62N-23.006. Display Of Regulatory Special Purpose And Other Markers In Waters Of The State
 62N-23.007. Types Of Buoys Or Regulatory Signs And Numerals Thereon
 62N-23.008. Specifications For Regulating, Special Purpose Or Other Markers
 62N-23.009. Speed Signs
 62N-23.010. Violations
 62N-24.001. Scope
 62N-24.002. Definitions
 62N-24.004. Penalties
 62N-24.006. Fort Lauderdale Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.008. Broward County Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.010. Pinellas County Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.011. Okeechobee Waterway Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.017. Palm Beach County Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.018. Johns River Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.108. Charlotte County Boating Restricted Area
 62N-24.109. Withlacoochee River Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.117. Escambia County Boating Restricted Area
 62N-24.118. Flagler County Boating Restricted Area
 62N-24.136. Lee County Boating Restricted Area
 62N-24.143. Martin County Boating Restricted Area
 62N-24.155. Johns County Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-24.164. Volusia County Indian River North Boating Restricted Areas
 62N-28.001. Purpose
 62N-28.002. Definitions
 62N-28.003. Requirements
 62N-28.004. Penalties
 62N-30.001. Retirement Award
 62N-35.001. Definitions
 62N-35.002. Saltwater Fishing License
 62N-35.003. Administration Of Saltwater Licenses, Stamps And Tags
 62N-35.004. Penalties
 62N-35.005. Stamp Design Contest
 62N-35.006. Snook Stamp
 62N-35.007. Crawfish Stamp
 62N-35.015. Fees
 62N-36.001. Scope
 62N-36.002. Purpose
 62N-36.003. Definitions
 62N-36.004. Minimum Requirements For Training Facilities And Instructors
 62N-36.005. List Of Training Facilities
 62N-36.006. Course Administration
 62N-36.007. Examinations
 62N-36.008. Minimum Requirements For Boating Safety Courses
 62N-36.009. Proof Of Successful Completion Of The Course
 62N-38.001. Citation Quotas Prohibited