63D-1.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-1.002. Definitions
 63D-1.003. Preliminary Screening
 63D-1.004. Comprehensive Assessment
 63D-1.005. Documentation
 63D-2.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-2.002. Procedure For Assessing Risk
 63D-2.003. Detention Risk Assessment Instrument
 63D-3.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-3.002. Definitions
 63D-3.003. Assessment And Recommendation
 63D-3.004. General Characteristics Of Diversion Programs
 63D-3.005. Intensive Delinquency Diversion Services (Idds)
 63D-3.006. Other Diversion Programs
 63D-3.007. Jpo Supervised Diversion
 63D-4.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-4.002. Definitions
 63D-4.003. Community Involvement In Design And Operation
 63D-4.004. Life Safety Standards And Security
 63D-4.005. Admission Of Youth
 63D-4.006. Medication Management
 63D-4.007. Juvenile Assessment Center Role In Responding To Criminal Street Gangs
 63D-4.008. Release Of Youth
 63D-5.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-5.002. Definitions
 63D-5.003. Planning The Supervision Of The Youth And Selecting Relevant Interventions
 63D-5.004. Classification And Reclassification
 63D-5.005. Risk-Based Interventions
 63D-5.006. Violations Of Supervision
 63D-5.007. Termination Of Supervision
 63D-6.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-6.002. Definitions
 63D-6.003. Facility-Based Program Model
 63D-6.004. Community Supervision Model
 63D-6.005. Common Elements Of Facility-Based And Community Supervision Models
 63D-6.006. Admission And Orientation For Youth Committed As Minimum Risk
 63D-6.007. Progress Reports
 63D-6.008. Release
 63D-7.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-7.002. Definitions
 63D-7.003. Transition Planning While The Youth Is In A Residential Commitment Facility
 63D-7.004. Pre-Release Notification
 63D-7.005. Post-Residential Supervision
 63D-7.006. Admission To Post-Residential Supervision Program
 63D-7.007. Managing Supervision And Designing Intervention Through The Yes Plan
 63D-7.008. Violations
 63D-7.009. Termination Of Services
 63D-8.001. Definitions
 63D-9.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-9.002. Detention Screening
 63D-9.003. Intake Services
 63D-9.004. Risk And Needs Assessment
 63D-9.005. Comprehensive Assessment
 63D-9.006. Comprehensive Evaluation
 63D-10.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-10.002. Diversion Services
 63D-10.003. Community Supervision Services
 63D-10.004. Violations Of Supervision
 63D-10.005. Residential Case Management And Transitional Planning
 63D-10.006. Termination Of Supervision
 63D-10.0035. Transfers Of Supervision
 63D-11.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-11.002. Design And Operation
 63D-11.003. Safety And Security
 63D-11.004. Admission Of Youth
 63D-11.005. Medication Management
 63D-11.006. Responding To Street Gangs
 63D-11.007. Release Of Youth
 63D-12.001. Purpose And Scope
 63D-12.002. Safety And Administration
 63D-12.003. Service Delivery
 63D-12.004. Minimum-Risk Commitment
 63D-12.005. Progress Reports
 63D-12.006. Release