63. Department of Juvenile Justice

 63F-1.001. Definitions
 63F-2.001. Special Incident Reporting
 63F-2.002. Child Supervision And Care
 63F-2.003. Min Stand For The Care Of Children In Children, Youth, And Families Program Facilities
 63F-2.004. Use Of Security Units At Training Schools
 63F-2.005. Work Responsibilities In Secure Detention Facilities And Residential Treatment Programs
 63F-2.006. Recreation In Secure Detention Facilities And Residential Treatment Programs
 63F-2.007. Religion
 63F-2.008. Visits, Correspondence, And Communication In Secure Detention Facilities And Residential Treatment Programs
 63F-2.009. Health Sanitation And Safety
 63F-2.010. Education
 63F-3.001. Transfer And Furlough Revocation Procedures
 63F-3.002. Transfers; Classification
 63F-3.003. Furlough; Eligibility
 63F-3.004. Revocation Of Furlough
 63F-3.005. Transfers And Revocations; Procedures
 63F-3.006. Formal Hearing Procedures
 63F-3.007. Transfer Agreements
 63F-4.001. Disclosure Of Information
 63F-5.001. Intake Conferences
 63F-5.002. Predisposition Report
 63F-5.003. Background Investigations
 63F-5.004. Arbitration
 63F-5.005. Complaints - Determination Of Completeness
 63F-5.006. Complaints - Children Under Supervision Of Children, Youth, And Families
 63F-5.007. Recommendations To The State Attorneys Office
 63F-5.008. Restitution And Sanctions
 63F-5.009. Detention Screening
 63F-5.010. Safety Precautions
 63F-5.011. Time Limits
 63F-5.012. Physical Restraints
 63F-5.013. Public Forms
 63F-6.001. Purpose
 63F-6.002. Definitions
 63F-6.003. Taking Into Custody A Child Alleged To Be From A Family In Need Of Services
 63F-6.004. Placement Of A Child From A Family In Need Of Services In A Shelter
 63F-6.005. Intake
 63F-6.006. Services And Treatment
 63F-6.007. Case Staffing Committee
 63F-6.008. Family Mediation
 63F-6.009. Arbitration Services
 63F-6.010. Petition For A Child In Need Of Services
 63F-6.011. Medical Examination And Treatment
 63F-6.012. Public Forms
 63F-7.001. Purpose
 63F-7.002. Legal Base
 63F-7.003. Administration
 63F-7.004. Admission Procedures
 63F-7.005. Personnel
 63F-7.006. Staff Training
 63F-7.007. Research
 63F-7.008. Case Records
 63F-7.009. Daily Population Reports
 63F-7.010. Physical Plant
 63F-7.011. Safety And Emergency Procedures
 63F-7.012. Security And Control
 63F-7.013. Food Services
 63F-7.014. Sanitation And Hygiene
 63F-7.015. Medical And Health Care Services
 63F-7.016. Youth&Apos;S Rights
 63F-7.017. Discipline
 63F-7.018. Use Of Confinement In Detention
 63F-7.019. Work Responsibilities
 63F-7.020. Recreation
 63F-7.021. Visitation, Correspondence, And Communication
 63F-7.022. Education
 63F-7.023. State Employee Regulations
 63F-7.024. Transportation
 63F-7.025. Vehicles
 63F-7.026. Transfer To Jail
 63F-7.027. Home Detention
 63F-7.028. Non-Secure Detention
 63F-8.001. Scope
 63F-8.002. Definitions
 63F-8.003. Development Of New And Revised Policies
 63F-10.001. Purpose And Scope
 63F-10.002. Definitions
 63F-10.003. Requests For Youth Information
 63F-10.004. Release Of Records By Department
 63F-10.005. Record Sharing Agreements With Other Government Agencies
 63F-10.006. Confidentiality Of Records Released By The Department
 63F-11.001. Purpose And Scope
 63F-11.002. Definitions
 63F-11.003. Reporting Incidents
 63F-11.004. Reportable Incident Types
 63F-11.005. Operation Of The Central Communications Center
 63F-11.006. Daily Reporting
 63F-12.001. Purpose, Scope And Definitions
 63F-12.002. Dispute Resolution
 63F-13.001. Definitions
 63F-13.002. Submission Of Diversion Data
 63F-13.003. Publication Of Diversion Usage Data