64. Department of Health

 64B1-4.001. Acupuncture Program Requirements
 64B12-8.005. Public Comment
 64B12-8.008. Probable Cause Panel
 64B12-8.009. Unexcused Absences Meetings And Election Of Officers
 64B12-8.017. Final Orders - Time For Payment Of Administrative Fines
 64B12-8.018. Investigators; Criteria For Selection; Training
 64B12-8.019. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 64B12-8.020. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B12-8.021. Citations
 64B12-8.022. Mediation
 64B12-8.023. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B12-8.0165. Licenses Of Spouses Of Members Of The Armed Forces
 64B12-9.001. Examination For Licensure
 64B12-9.002. Re-Examination
 64B12-9.003. Examination Review Procedure
 64B12-9.0015. Application For Examination And Licensure
 64B12-9.0016. Demonstrating Knowledge Of Laws And Rules For Licensure
 64B12-9.016. Eligibility Of Individuals Licensed In Another State
 64B12-9.017. Eligibility Of Individuals Practicing In A State In Which Licensure Is Not Required
 64B12-10.003. Responsibility To Client
 64B12-10.004. Licenses
 64B12-10.006. Prescription Files And Transfer
 64B12-10.007. Minimum Equipment Requirements
 64B12-10.012. Change Of Address
 64B12-10.0035. Disclosure Of Licensure Status
 64B12-10.0065. Duplicate Prescription Form
 64B12-11.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 64B12-11.002. Application Fee
 64B12-11.003. Active Status Fee
 64B12-11.004. Reexamination Fees
 64B12-11.005. Retirement Status Fee
 64B12-11.012. Application And Renewal Fees For Continuing Education Providership
 64B12-11.015. Administrative Fees For Apprenticeships
 64B12-11.017. Duplicate License Fee
 64B12-11.018. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 64B12-11.0045. Examination Review Fee
 64B12-11.046. Examination Rescheduling Fee
 64B12-11.0095. Delinquent Status License Fee
 64B12-12.007. Inactive Status License
 64B12-12.008. Reactivation
 64B12-12.009. Delinquent License
 64B12-12.010. Reactivation Of Retired Status License
 64B12-14.002. Application For Board Certification And Renewal
 64B12-14.004. Board Certification Course Requirements And Course Approval
 64B12-15.001. Continuing Education For License Renewal
 64B12-15.003. Standards For Continuing Professional Education
 64B12-15.004. Provider Approval And Renewal
 64B12-15.007. Requirements For Approved Providers
 64B12-15.008. Courses Without Classroom Instruction
 64B12-16.002. Qualifications For Apprentices And Sponsors
 64B12-16.003. Apprenticeship Requirements And Training Program
 64B12-16.004. Termination Of Apprenticeship
 64B12-16.006. Termination Of Sponsor
 64B12-16.008. Enforcement
 64B12-16.011. Required Application For Licensure