64. Department of Health

 64B13-2.008. Probable Cause Panel
 64B13-2.011. Public Comment
 64B13-2.017. Time For Payment Of Civil Penalties
 64B13-3.001. Confidential Information; Disclosure
 64B13-3.002. Responsibility To Patient
 64B13-3.003. Patient Records; Transfer Or Death Of Licensed Practitioner
 64B13-3.004. Minimum Equipment Requirements
 64B13-3.005. Entrance Sign
 64B13-3.006. Licenses And Signs In Office
 64B13-3.007. Minimum Procedures For Comprehensive Eye Examination
 64B13-3.008. Corporate, Lay, And Unlicensed Practice Of Optometry Prohibited
 64B13-3.009. False, Fraudulent, Deceptive And Misleading Advertising Prohibited; Policy; Definitions; Affirmative Disclosure
 64B13-3.010. Standards Of Practice
 64B13-3.011. Criteria For Selection Of Investigators
 64B13-3.012. Prescriptions
 64B13-3.015. Performance Of Delegated Tasks By Non-Licensed Personnel
 64B13-3.019. Address Of Record
 64B13-3.100. Standards For The Prescribing Of Controlled Substances For The Treatment Of Acute Pain
 64B13-4.001. Examination Requirements
 64B13-4.002. Reexamination
 64B13-4.003. Examination Review Procedure
 64B13-4.004. Manner Of Application; Approved Schools Or Colleges
 64B13-4.005. Criteria For Selection Of Consultants
 64B13-4.006. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 64B13-4.007. Optometry Faculty Certificate
 64B13-4.008. Notification And Evidence Of Licensure
 64B13-4.009. Dispensing Practitioner Registration
 64B13-5.001. Hours Requirement
 64B13-5.002. Criteria For Approval
 64B13-5.003. Exemption Of Spouse Of Member Of Armed Forces From License Renewal Requirements
 64B13-6.001. Fees
 64B13-6.002. Examination Review Fee
 64B13-6.003. Registration Fee For Dispensing Practitioners
 64B13-7.005. Terms Of Probation
 64B13-7.007. Costs Of Probation
 64B13-7.008. Oversight
 64B13-10.001. Application For Certification
 64B13-10.002. Administration And Prescription Of Ocular Pharmaceutical Agents
 64B13-10.0015. Certified Optometrist Examination
 64B13-11.001. Inactive Status
 64B13-11.004. Delinquent License
 64B13-15.001. Purpose
 64B13-15.002. Definitions
 64B13-15.003. Range Of Penalties For Administrative Violations
 64B13-15.004. Range Of Penalties For Patient Care Violations
 64B13-15.005. Designation Of Administrative Violations; Major; Minor
 64B13-15.006. Designation Of Patient Care Violations; Major; Minor
 64B13-15.007. Aggravating And Mitigating Factors
 64B13-15.008. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B13-15.009. Citations
 64B13-16.001. Definitions
 64B13-16.002. Branch Office License
 64B13-16.003. Requirements And Restrictions For Mobile Branch Offices
 64B13-16.004. Requirements And Restrictions For Fixed Branch Offices
 64B13-16.005. Exceptions To Branch Office Requirements
 64B13-18.001. Purpose
 64B13-18.002. Formulary Of Topical Ocular Pharmaceutical Agents
 64B13-18.003. Procedures Regarding Topical Ocular Pharmaceutical Agents