64. Department of Health

 64B14-1.001. Other Business Involving The Board
 64B14-1.002. Unexcused Absences
 64B14-1.003. Probable Cause Determination
 64B14-1.004. Address Of Record And Place Of Practice
 64B14-1.005. Public Comment
 64B14-2.001. Licensure Without Examination Fees
 64B14-2.002. Biennial Renewal Fee
 64B14-2.003. Delinquent License Fee
 64B14-2.004. Reactivation Fee
 64B14-2.005. Change Of Status Fee
 64B14-2.006. Residency Or Internship Registration Renewal Fee
 64B14-2.010. Continuing Education Fees
 64B14-2.011. Duplicate License Fee
 64B14-2.012. Unlicensed Activity Fees
 64B14-2.013. Special Assessment Fee
 64B14-2.014. Fees For Licensure By Examination
 64B14-2.015. Retired Status Fee
 64B14-2.0015. Application, Examination And Initial Licensure Fees
 64B14-3.001. Definitions
 64B14-4.001. Approved Examinations
 64B14-4.002. Certifications Approved For Endorsement
 64B14-4.003. Documentation Of Eligibility For Licensure
 64B14-4.004. 805(3)
 64B14-4.005. Documentation Of Eligibility For Registration
 64B14-4.0015. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 64B14-4.0035. Incomplete Applications For Licensure
 64B14-4.100. Requirements For Prosthetic Or Orthotic Residency Or Internship
 64B14-4.110. Requirements For Orthotic Fitter, Orthotic Fitter Assistant And Pedorthist
 64B14-4.115. Requirements For Renewal Of Prosthetic Or Orthotic Residency Or Internship
 64B14-4.200. Provisional License
 64B14-5.001. Licensure Renewal
 64B14-5.002. Continuing Education Requirement
 64B14-5.003. Continuing Education Course Criteria
 64B14-5.004. Provider Application
 64B14-5.005. Mandatory Courses
 64B14-7.001. Standards Of Practice
 64B14-7.002. Patient Records
 64B14-7.003. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B14-7.004. Citations
 64B14-7.005. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B14-7.007. Mediation
 64B14-7.0011. Practitioner And Resident Identification