64. Department of Health

 64B15-6.001. Definitions
 64B15-6.002. Application For Licensure
 64B15-6.003. Physician Assistant Licensure
 64B15-6.004. Requirements For Approval Of Training Programs
 64B15-6.005. Grounds For Discipline
 64B15-6.006. Advertising
 64B15-6.010. Physician Assistant Performance
 64B15-6.011. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B15-6.012. Hiv/Aids Education
 64B15-6.013. Physician Assistant Fees
 64B15-6.014. Mediation
 64B15-6.015. Disclosure Of Licensure Status
 64B15-6.0031. Change In Employment Status
 64B15-6.0035. Physician Assistant Licensure Renewal And Reactivation
 64B15-6.0036. Termination Of Supervision
 64B15-6.0037. Requirements And Limitations Of Prescribing Privileges
 64B15-6.0038. Formulary
 64B15-6.0105. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B15-6.0112. Standard Terms Applicable To Orders
 64B15-6.0113. Probation Variables
 64B15-6.0115. Time Limitation For Payment Of Administrative Fine
 64B15-6.00365. Dispensing Drugs
 64B15-6.01051. Citation Authority
 64B15-7.001. Anesthesiologist Assistant Licensure Renewal And Reactivation
 64B15-7.002. Examination For Licensure
 64B15-7.003. Application For Licensure And Licensure Requirements For Anesthesiologist Assistants
 64B15-7.004. Requirements For Approval Of Training Programs
 64B15-7.005. Anesthesiologist Assistant Protocols And Performance
 64B15-7.006. Financial Responsibility
 64B15-7.007. Anesthesiologist Assistant Licensure Renewal And Reactivation
 64B15-7.008. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B15-7.009. Citation Authority
 64B15-7.010. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B15-7.011. Mediation
 64B15-7.012. Fees Regarding Anesthesiologist Assistants
 64B15-7.013. Disclosure Of Licensure Status
 64B15-7.0101. Standard Terms Applicable To Orders
 64B15-7.0102. Probation Variables
 64B15-9.001. Organization
 64B15-9.002. Rulemaking Procedures
 64B15-9.003. Declaratory Statements
 64B15-9.004. Decisions Determining Substantial Interests
 64B15-9.005. Licensing
 64B15-9.006. Probable Cause Determination
 64B15-9.007. Forms And Instructions
 64B15-9.008. Board Member Compensation
 64B15-9.009. Qualifications Of Investigators
 64B15-9.010. Public Comment
 64B15-9.016. Conducting Meetings, Hearings And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 64B15-9.0055. Definitions
 64B15-10.002. Application And Licensure Fees
 64B15-10.003. Active Status Renewal Fees
 64B15-10.007. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 64B15-10.008. Change Of Status Fee
 64B15-10.009. Delinquent Status Fee
 64B15-10.010. Fees For Board Approved Continuing Education Providers
 64B15-10.0031. Inactive Status Renewal Fee
 64B15-10.0032. Reactivation Fee
 64B15-10.0033. Retired Status Fee
 64B15-10.0055. Registration Fee And Renewals For Residents, Interns And Fellows
 64B15-10.0075. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 64B15-12.001. Examinations
 64B15-12.003. Applications For Licensure
 64B15-12.004. Personal Appearance By Applicant
 64B15-12.005. Limited Licensure
 64B15-12.006. Active Status License
 64B15-12.007. Inactive Status License
 64B15-12.008. Delinquent License
 64B15-12.009. Osteopathic Faculty Certificate
 64B15-12.010. Temporary Certificate To Practice In An Area Of Critical Need
 64B15-12.011. Temporary Certificate For Active Duty Military And Veterans Practicing In Areas Of Critical Need
 64B15-12.0031. Registration As A Dispensing Physician; Delegation Of Dispensing To Prescribing Physician Assistants
 64B15-12.0075. Requirements For Reactivation Of Retired Status License
 64B15-13.001. Continuing Education For Biennial Renewal
 64B15-13.002. Continuing Education Requirements For Reactivation
 64B15-13.004. Application For Board Approved Provider Status
 64B15-13.005. Performance Of Pro Bono Medical Services
 64B15-13.0025. Requirement For Continuing Education Course On Prescribing Controlled Substances
 64B15-13.0045. Standards For Board Approved Providers
 64B15-14.001. Advertisings
 64B15-14.002. Notice Of Withdrawal From Patient Care
 64B15-14.003. Hiv/Aids: Knowledge Of Antibody Status; Action To Be Taken
 64B15-14.004. Standards For The Prescription Of Obesity Drugs
 64B15-14.005. Standards For The Prescribing Of Controlled Substances For Treatment Of Acute Pain
 64B15-14.006. Standards Of Practice For Surgery/Procedure
 64B15-14.007. Standard Of Care For Office Surgery
 64B15-14.008. Standards For Telemedicine Prescribing Practice
 64B15-14.009. Standards For Office Based Opioid Addiction Treatment
 64B15-14.010. Physician Practice Standard Regarding Do Not Resuscitate (Dnr) Orders
 64B15-14.011. Qualifications Of Physicians Who Evaluate And Treat Sex Offenders
 64B15-14.012. Optional Informed Consent For Cataract Surgery
 64B15-14.013. Mandatory Standardized Informed Consent For Medical Marijuana; Required Documentation For Comparable Medical Conditions
 64B15-14.0015. Notice To The Department Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 64B15-14.0051. Training Requirements For Physicians Practicing In Pain Management Clinics
 64B15-14.0052. Requirement For Pain Management Clinic Registration; Inspection Or Accreditation
 64B15-14.0054. Maximum Number Of Prescriptions In Registered Pain Management Clinics
 64B15-14.0075. Osteopathic Physician Office Incident Reporting
 64B15-14.0076. Requirement For Osteopathic Physician Office Registration; Inspection Or Accreditation
 64B15-14.0077. Approval Of Osteopathic Physician Office Accrediting Organizations
 64B15-14.0081. Standards For Telemedicine Practice
 64B15-15.001. Medical Records Of Deceased Physician; Retention; Time Limitations
 64B15-15.002. Handling Of Patient Records Upon Termination Of Practice
 64B15-15.003. Patient Records; Costs Of Reproduction; Timely Release
 64B15-15.004. Written Records; Minimum Content; Retention
 64B15-16.002. Procedure
 64B15-18.003. Medicinal Drugs Which May Be Ordered By Pharmacists
 64B15-18.004. Fluoride Containing Products
 64B15-19.001. Purpose
 64B15-19.002. Violations And Penalties
 64B15-19.003. Aggravating Or Mitigating Circumstances
 64B15-19.004. Time For Payment Of Civil Penalties
 64B15-19.005. Probationary Conditions And Definitions And Practice Restrictions
 64B15-19.007. Citations
 64B15-19.008. Mediation
 64B15-19.009. Submission Of Malpractice Record
 64B15-19.0041. Standard Terms Applicable To Orders
 64B15-19.0055. Reinstatement Of License
 64B15-19.0065. Notices Of Noncompliance; Minor Violatons
 64B15-20.001. Applicability
 64B15-22.001. Definitions
 64B15-22.004. Mandatory Registration Of Unlicensed Physicians