64. Department of Health

 64B19-10.015. Public Comment
 64B19-11.001. Examination
 64B19-11.003. Licensure By Examination: Certification For Examination
 64B19-11.004. Licensure By Examination: Additional Educational Requirements For Initial Licensure
 64B19-11.005. Supervised Experience Requirements
 64B19-11.006. Incomplete Applications
 64B19-11.007. Rule Governing Time Limits And Conditions For The Maintenance Of An Active Application File
 64B19-11.008. Reapplication By Persons Whose Licenses Have Been Revoked By The Board
 64B19-11.009. Denial Of Licensure
 64B19-11.010. Limited Licensure
 64B19-11.011. Provisional License; Supervision Of Provisional Licensees
 64B19-11.012. Application Forms
 64B19-11.0035. Licensure By Examination: Proof Satisfactory To The Board For The Purpose Of Determining Eligibility For Examination
 64B19-11.0075. Application Closure After 24 Months
 64B19-12.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 64B19-12.002. Application And Examination Fee For Licensure By Examination
 64B19-12.003. Reexamination Fee
 64B19-12.004. Application Fee For Licensure By Endorsement
 64B19-12.005. Biennial Active Renewal Fee
 64B19-12.006. Reactivation Fee And Change Of Status Fee
 64B19-12.007. Biennial Inactive Renewal Fee
 64B19-12.008. Application Fee For Inactive Status
 64B19-12.009. Continuing Education Provider Fees
 64B19-12.011. Fee To Enforce Prohibition Against Unlicensed Activity
 64B19-12.012. Fee For Provisional Licensure
 64B19-12.013. Retired Status Fee
 64B19-12.0041. Initial Fee For Licensure
 64B19-12.0075. Biennial Limited License Renewal Fee
 64B19-12.0085. Delinquency Fee
 64B19-13.001. Renewal Of Active Licenses
 64B19-13.002. Renewal Of Inactive Licenses
 64B19-13.003. Continuing Psychological Education Credit
 64B19-13.004. Board Approval Of Continuing Psychological Education Providers
 64B19-13.005. Obligations Of Continuing Psychological Education Providers
 64B19-13.0015. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From License Renewal Requirements
 64B19-13.0025. Notice To The Department Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 64B19-14.001. Request For Retired Status
 64B19-14.003. Reactivation Of Retired Status Licenses
 64B19-15.001. Request For Inactive Status
 64B19-15.003. Reactivation For Inactive Licenses
 64B19-16.001. Probable Cause Panel
 64B19-16.003. Sexual Misconduct In The Practice Of Psychology
 64B19-17.002. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B19-17.003. Advertising
 64B19-17.004. Citations
 64B19-17.007. Mediation
 64B19-17.0025. Payment Of Fine
 64B19-17.0035. Minor Misconduct; Notices Of Noncompliance
 64B19-18.001. &Quot;
 64B19-18.002. Use Of The Title Sex Therapist
 64B19-18.003. Qualifications To Practice Hypnosis
 64B19-18.004. Use Of Test Instruments
 64B19-18.006. Prohibition Against Treating Psychologists Performing Forensic Evaluations Of Minors For The Purpose Of Addressing Custody, Residence Or Visitation
 64B19-18.007. Requirements For Forensic Psychological Evaluations Of Minors For The Purpose Of Addressing Custody, Residence Or Visitation Disputes
 64B19-18.008. Board Approval Of Specialty Certifying Bodies
 64B19-18.0025. Qualifications To Practice Juvenile Sexual Offender Therapy
 64B19-19.002. Definitions
 64B19-19.004. Disposition Of Records Upon Termination Or Relocation Of Psychological Practice
 64B19-19.005. Releasing Psychological Records
 64B19-19.006. Confidentiality
 64B19-19.0025. Standards For Records