64. Department of Health

 64B1-1.001. Service Of Process
 64B1-1.002. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 64B1-1.003. Other Business Involving The Board
 64B1-1.004. Workshops
 64B1-1.005. Declaratory Statements
 64B1-1.006. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 64B1-1.007. Probable Cause Determination
 64B1-1.008. Public Comment
 64B1-1.0035. Excused Absences
 64B1-2.001. Fees
 64B1-2.004. Application Fee
 64B1-2.005. Examination Fee
 64B1-2.006. Re-Examination Fee
 64B1-2.007. Tutorial Application Fee
 64B1-2.008. Continuing Education Program Approval Fee
 64B1-2.009. Initial Continuing Education Provider Registration Fee
 64B1-2.010. Fees For Inactive Status And Change To Active Status
 64B1-2.011. Initial Biennial License Fee
 64B1-2.012. Endorsement Fee
 64B1-2.013. Examination Review Fee
 64B1-2.014. Fee For Wall Certificate Or Duplicate License
 64B1-2.0015. Delinquent Fee
 64B1-2.016. Unauthorized Practice Fee
 64B1-2.017. Retired Status And Reactivation Of Retired Status License; Fees
 64B1-2.018. Retired Status And Reactivation Of Retired Status License; Fees
 64B1-2.0095. Continuing Education Provider Registration Renewal Fee
 64B1-3.001. Definitions
 64B1-3.002. Application For Examination, Who May Apply
 64B1-3.003. Documents In A Foreign Language
 64B1-3.004. Acupuncture Examination
 64B1-3.005. Re-Examination
 64B1-3.006. Examination Review Procedures
 64B1-3.007. Examiners In Practical Examinations: Criteria For Selection
 64B1-3.008. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examinations
 64B1-3.009. Licensure By Endorsement Through National Certification
 64B1-3.010. Licensure By Endorsement Through Another State License
 64B1-4.001. Acupuncture Program Requirements
 64B1-4.002. Tutorial
 64B1-4.003. Experience
 64B1-4.004. Herbal Therapies
 64B1-4.005. Oriental Massage
 64B1-4.006. Qi Gong
 64B1-4.007. Electroacupuncture
 64B1-4.008. Adjunctive Therapies
 64B1-4.009. Dietary Guidelines
 64B1-4.010. Traditional Chinese Medical Concepts, Modern Oriental Medical Techniques
 64B1-4.011. Diagnostic Techniques, Western Diagnostic Terminology
 64B1-4.0011. Documentation Necessary For Licensure Application
 64B1-4.0012. English Proficiency Requirement For Licensure
 64B1-4.012. Acupoint Injection Therapies
 64B1-4.0015. Supervised Clinical Experience Defined
 64B1-5.001. Board Approved Tutorial Programs
 64B1-5.002. Definitions
 64B1-5.003. Qualifications Of Trainee
 64B1-5.004. Qualifications Of Preceptor
 64B1-5.005. Requirements For Approval Of An Acupuncture Tutorial Program
 64B1-5.006. Responsibilities Of Trainee
 64B1-5.007. Responsibilities Of Preceptor
 64B1-5.008. Termination Of Tutorial Program; Change Of Preceptor; Temporary Discontinuance
 64B1-5.009. Enforcement
 64B1-6.001. Intent
 64B1-6.002. Definitions
 64B1-6.005. Standards For Approval Of Continuing Education Credit
 64B1-6.006. Requirements For The Provider
 64B1-6.007. Preapproved Providers
 64B1-6.008. Process For Program Approval
 64B1-6.010. Continuing Education For Reactivation, Reinstatement Or Renewal
 64B1-6.011. Performance Of Pro Bono Services
 64B1-6.100. Notice To The Agency Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 64B1-7.001. Biennial Renewal Of License
 64B1-7.003. Delinquent Status Certificate
 64B1-7.004. Notice To The Agency Of Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 64B1-7.0015. Continuing Education Requirement
 64B1-7.0025. Reactivation Of Retired License
 64B1-8.001. Definitions
 64B1-8.002. Monitoring Sterilization And Infection Control
 64B1-8.004. Disposal Of Biohazardous Waste
 64B1-8.006. Laboratory Testing
 64B1-9.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B1-9.002. Citations
 64B1-9.003. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B1-9.004. Probable Cause Determination
 64B1-9.005. Definitions
 64B1-9.006. Mediation
 64B1-9.007. Advertising
 64B1-10.001. Content And Retention Of Medical Records
 64B1-11.001. Requirement For Instruction On Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome