64. Department of Health

 64B21-500.001. License Required
 64B21-500.002. Application Form Required For Licensure
 64B21-500.003. Application Requirements
 64B21-500.004. Verification Of Supervised Experience
 64B21-500.005. Experience Required For Licensure
 64B21-500.009. Education Requirements For School Psychologists
 64B21-500.011. Examinations
 64B21-500.013. Licensure By Endorsement
 64B21-501.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees
 64B21-501.003. School Psychologist Fees
 64B21-501.005. Application Fees
 64B21-501.006. Reactivation Fee
 64B21-501.007. Inactive Renewal Fee
 64B21-501.008. Application Fee For Inactive Status
 64B21-501.009. Initial Licensure Fee
 64B21-501.010. Continuing Education Provider Fee
 64B21-501.011. Delinquency Fee
 64B21-501.012. Fee To Enforce Prohibition Against Unlicensed Activity
 64B21-501.013. Duplicate License Fee
 64B21-501.0065. Change Of Status Fee
 64B21-502.001. Continuing Education
 64B21-502.004. Continuing Education Credit Guidelines
 64B21-502.005. Initial Licensure Period
 64B21-502.006. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From License Renewal Requirements
 64B21-503.002. Renewal Of An Active License
 64B21-503.003. Renewal Of Inactive License
 64B21-503.004. Retired Status License
 64B21-503.005. Notice To The Department O1 Mailing Address And Place Of Practice Of Licensee
 64B21-504.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B21-504.002. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B21-504.003. Citations
 64B21-504.004. Mediation
 64B21-505.001. Use Of Test Instruments