64. Department of Health

 64B32-1.001. Organization
 64B32-1.002. Delegation Of Powers And Duties To Respiratory Care Council
 64B32-1.003. Final Orders
 64B32-1.004. Designation Of Official Reporter
 64B32-1.005. Exemptions And Student Registration
 64B32-1.006. Address Of Licensee
 64B32-1.007. Certification Of Public Records
 64B32-1.008. Attendance At Board Meetings
 64B32-1.009. Other Business Involving The Board
 64B32-1.010. Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces Exemption
 64B32-1.011. Public Comments
 64B32-2.001. License By Endorsement
 64B32-2.002. Issuance Of Temporary Certificates
 64B32-2.003. Fees For Application And Initial Licensure
 64B32-3.001. Manner Of Application
 64B32-3.002. Certification By Examination
 64B32-3.003. Certification By Endorsement
 64B32-3.004. Issuance Of Temporary Certificates
 64B32-3.005. Fees For Application, Examination, Initial And Renewal Registration
 64B32-4.001. Fees
 64B32-4.002. Reactivation Of Retired Status License
 64B32-5.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B32-5.003. Unprofessional Conduct; Definition
 64B32-5.004. Code Of Ethics
 64B32-5.005. Hiv/Aids: Knowledge Of Antibody Status, Action To Be Taken
 64B32-5.006. Mediation
 64B32-5.007. Citation
 64B32-5.008. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B32-6.001. Continuing Education Requirement
 64B32-6.002. Definitions
 64B32-6.003. Citations
 64B32-6.004. Procedures For Approval Of Attendance At Continuing Education Courses
 64B32-6.005. Provider Approval And Renewal Procedures
 64B32-6.006. Aids Education And Medical Error Prevention Education
 64B32-6.007. Continuing Education Requirements For Reactivation Of License
 64B32-7.001. Probable Cause Panel