64. Department of Health

 64B3-1.001. Purpose
 64B3-1.002. Board Authority
 64B3-1.003. Board&Apos;S Composition
 64B3-1.004. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 64B3-1.005. Rules Of Procedure
 64B3-1.006. Notices, Current Address Of Licensees
 64B3-1.007. General Description Of Board&Apos;S Organization; Legal Counsel; Service Of Process
 64B3-1.008. Board Meetings
 64B3-1.009. Board Workshops
 64B3-1.010. Conducting Meetings, Hearings And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 64B3-1.011. Public Meetings; Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 64B3-1.012. Declaratory Statements
 64B3-1.013. Designation Of Official Reporter
 64B3-1.014. Certification Of Public Records
 64B3-1.015. Probable Cause Determinations
 64B3-1.0085. Public Comment
 64B3-2.001. Definitions Of Board, Agency, And Department
 64B3-2.002. Clinical Laboratory Personnel
 64B3-2.003. Definitions
 64B3-3.001. General Requirements Of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training Programs
 64B3-3.002. Personnel Of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training Programs
 64B3-3.003. Curriculum Requirements For Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training Programs
 64B3-3.004. Retraining Programs
 64B3-4.001. Trainee Registration
 64B3-5.001. Medical Errors
 64B3-5.002. Supervisor
 64B3-5.003. Technologist
 64B3-5.004. Technician
 64B3-5.005. Exclusive Use Clinical Laboratory Technician
 64B3-5.007. Director; Limitations And Qualifications
 64B3-5.008. Public Health Laboratory Personnel
 64B3-5.0011. Definitions
 64B3-6.001. Manner Of Application
 64B3-6.002. Documentation For Licensure
 64B3-6.003. Personnel Licensure - Temporary License
 64B3-7.001. Licensure Examinations
 64B3-7.002. Testing Service
 64B3-7.003. Examination Passing Scores
 64B3-7.004. Examination Failure
 64B3-7.005. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 64B3-7.006. Examination Review Procedures
 64B3-7.007. Competency Areas And Weighting
 64B3-8.001. Renewal Of Clinical Laboratory Personnel License
 64B3-8.002. Inactive Status And Reactivation Of Inactive Clinical Laboratory Personnel License
 64B3-8.003. Renewal Of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Training Program License
 64B3-8.004. Renewal Of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Continuing Education Provider License
 64B3-8.005. Delinquent License
 64B3-8.006. Exemption Of Spouses Of Members Of Armed Forces From Licensure Renewal Provisions
 64B3-9.001. Application Fees
 64B3-9.002. Initial Licensure Fees
 64B3-9.003. Examination And Reexamination Fees
 64B3-9.004. Active Status Renewal Licensure Fee
 64B3-9.005. Reactivation Fee
 64B3-9.006. Fee For Inactive Status
 64B3-9.007. Refunds
 64B3-9.008. Request To Extend Trainee Registration
 64B3-9.009. Duplicate License Fee
 64B3-9.010. Change Of Status
 64B3-9.011. Delinquency Fee
 64B3-9.012. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 64B3-9.013. Change Of Status Fee
 64B3-9.0035. Additional Specialty Fee
 64B3-9.0051. Retired Status Fee
 64B3-10.001. Confidential Information; Disclosure
 64B3-10.002. Minimum Standards Of Practice For Clinical Laboratory Personnel
 64B3-10.003. Code Of Ethics
 64B3-10.005. Scope Of Practice Relative To Specialty Of Licensure
 64B3-11.001. Continuing Education
 64B3-11.002. Standards For Continuing Education Courses
 64B3-11.003. Requirements For Continuing Education Programs
 64B3-11.004. Procedures For Approval Of Provider Programs
 64B3-11.005. Mandatory Hiv/Aids Education For Initial Licensure And Renewal
 64B3-11.006. Mandatory Hiv/Aids Education For Renewal
 64B3-12.001. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B3-12.002. Citations
 64B3-12.003. Terms Of Probation
 64B3-12.004. Mediation Offenses
 64B3-12.005. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B3-12.006. Time Limitation For Payment Of Administrative Fine Or Costs
 64B3-13.001. Responsibilities Of Directors
 64B3-13.002. Responsibilities Of Supervisors
 64B3-13.003. Responsibilities Of Technologists
 64B3-13.004. Responsibilities Of Technicians
 64B3-13.005. Responsibilities Of Exclusive Use Laboratory Technicians
 64B15-13.003. Proof Of Completion Of Continuing Medical Education Hours