64. Department of Health

 64B6-1.001. General Description Of Department Organization And Operations
 64B6-1.002. Meetings, Notice Of Meetings And Agenda
 64B6-1.004. Public Comment
 64B6-2.002. Definitions
 64B6-2.003. Licensure By Examination
 64B6-2.004. Examination Review Procedure
 64B6-2.005. Reexamination
 64B6-2.006. Examiners For Practical Examination
 64B6-3.001. Application For Initial License
 64B6-3.003. Delinquent Status Licenses
 64B6-3.005. Inactive Status And Renewal Of Inactive License
 64B6-3.0041. Requirements For Reactivation Of Retired Status License
 64B6-4.002. Examination And Re-Examination Fees
 64B6-4.003. Initial Licensure Fee
 64B6-4.004. Biennial Renewal Fee For Active License
 64B6-4.006. Examination Review Fee
 64B6-4.007. Wall Certificate And Duplicate License Fee
 64B6-4.008. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 64B6-4.009. Inactive And Delinquent Status Fees
 64B6-4.010. Continuing Education Fees
 64B6-4.011. Special Assessment Fee
 64B6-5.001. Continuing Education As A Condition For Renewal
 64B6-5.002. Continuing Education Programs
 64B6-5.003. Reporting Continuing Education Attendance
 64B6-6.001. Thirty-Day Trial Period
 64B6-6.004. Certified Testing Room
 64B6-6.007. Retention Of Records
 64B6-6.008. Regular Place Of Business Requirements; Advertising Requirements
 64B6-6.009. Posting Of Prices
 64B6-6.010. Requirements Regarding Certain Information On The Receipt
 64B6-7.002. Guidelines For Disposition Of Disciplinary Cases
 64B6-7.004. Fraudulent, False, Deceptive Or Misleading Advertising
 64B6-7.006. Minor Violations; Notices Of Noncompliance
 64B6-7.007. Citations
 64B6-7.008. Mediation
 64B6-8.001. Definitions
 64B6-8.002. Qualifications For Trainees, Sponsors And Designated Hearing Aid Specialists
 64B6-8.003. Trainee Stages, Minimum Training Requirements, And Training Program