64. Department of Health

 64B7-24.004. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 64B7-24.005. Agency Head
 64B7-24.006. General Information
 64B7-24.008. Probable Cause Determination; Probable Cause Panel
 64B7-24.009. Meetings
 64B7-24.010. Notice Of Meetings
 64B7-24.011. Agenda
 64B7-24.012. Workshops
 64B7-24.013. Emergency Meetings
 64B7-24.014. Declaratory Statement
 64B7-24.017. Board Business
 64B7-24.018. Voluntary Relinquishment Of License
 64B7-24.020. Public Comment
 64B7-24.021. Place Of Practice Defined
 64B7-24.0071. Conducting Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops By Communications Media Technology
 64B7-25.001. Examination Requirements
 64B7-25.002. Reexamination
 64B7-25.003. Examination Review Procedure
 64B7-25.004. Endorsements
 64B7-25.005. Provisional License; Supervision Of Provisional Licensees
 64B7-25.006. Expiration Of Incomplete Application
 64B7-25.0011. Colonic Irrigation Application
 64B7-25.0012. Hiv/Aids Course Required For Initial Licensure
 64B7-25.0025. Security And Monitoring Procedures For Licensure Examination
 64B7-26.001. Definitions
 64B7-26.002. Licensure Of Massage Establishments
 64B7-26.003. Massage Establishment Operations
 64B7-26.005. Periodic Inspections
 64B7-26.007. Transfer Of Massage Establishment License
 64B7-26.008. Draping
 64B7-27.001. Collection And Payment Of Fees; Special Fee To Cover Cost Of Enforcement For Prohibitions Against Unlicensed Activities
 64B7-27.002. Application For Licensure; Fees
 64B7-27.003. Massage Establishment
 64B7-27.004. Re-Examination
 64B7-27.005. Apprentice
 64B7-27.006. Biennial Renewal Fee For Massage Therapist
 64B7-27.007. Biennial Renewal Fee For Massage Establishments
 64B7-27.008. Initial Fee For Licensure
 64B7-27.009. Provisional License Fee
 64B7-27.010. Renewal Fee For Inactive License
 64B7-27.011. Reactivation Fee For Inactive License
 64B7-27.012. Licensure Of Establishment Fee
 64B7-27.014. Duplicate License Fees
 64B7-27.015. Delinquency Fee
 64B7-27.016. Change In Status Fee
 64B7-27.017. Unlicensed Activity Fee
 64B7-27.018. Fee For Retired Status License
 64B7-27.019. Fee For Reactivation Of Retired Status License
 64B7-27.100. Fees
 64B7-28.001. Biennial Renewal Of Massage Therapist&Apos;S License
 64B7-28.002. Biennial Renewal Of Massage Establishment License
 64B7-28.003. Biennial Period, Year Defined
 64B7-28.008. Display Of Licenses
 64B7-28.009. Continuing Education
 64B7-28.010. Requirements For Board Approval Of Continuing Education Programs
 64B7-28.0015. Place Of Practice Defined
 64B7-28.0041. Inactive Status And Renewal Of Inactive Status
 64B7-28.0042. Requirements For Reactivation Of An Inactive License
 64B7-28.0044. Retired Status And Reactivation Of Retired Status License
 64B7-28.0095. Continuing Education For Pro Bono Services
 64B7-29.001. Definitions
 64B7-29.002. Qualification
 64B7-29.003. Massage Apprenticeship Training Program
 64B7-29.004. Termination
 64B7-29.005. Extension Of Apprenticeship
 64B7-29.006. Change Of Sponsoring Massage Therapist
 64B7-29.007. Colonic Irrigation Apprenticeship Program
 64B7-30.001. Misconduct And Negligence In The Practice Of Massage Therapy
 64B7-30.002. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B7-30.004. Citations
 64B7-30.005. Mediation
 64B7-30.006. Notice Of Noncompliance
 64B7-30.007. Probable Cause Panel
 64B7-30.008. Probationary Conditions And Definitions
 64B7-31.001. Colon Hydrotherapy
 64B7-32.001. Definitions
 64B7-32.002. Proof Of Graduation
 64B7-32.003. Minimum Requirements For Board Approved Massage Schools
 64B7-32.004. Standards For Transfer Of Credit
 64B7-32.005. Minimum Standards For Colonics Irrigation Training
 64B7-33.001. Advertisement