64. Department of Health

 64B9-1.001. Abbreviations And Definitions
 64B9-1.002. Purpose
 64B9-1.003. Composition
 64B9-1.004. Quorum
 64B9-1.005. General Description Of Agency Organization And Operations
 64B9-1.006. Board&Apos;S Official Headquarters
 64B9-1.007. Other Board Business; Unexcused Absences
 64B9-1.008. Workshops
 64B9-1.009. Ad Hoc Committees
 64B9-1.010. Statutory Chapters Or Sections Affecting Board
 64B9-1.011. Public Information And Inspection Of Records
 64B9-1.013. Address Of Record And Place Of Practice
 64B9-1.014. Model Rules Of Procedure
 64B9-1.015. Reconsideration And Modifications Of Board Orders
 64B9-1.016. Declaratory Statement
 64B9-2.001. Definitions
 64B9-2.002. Certification For Approval
 64B9-2.003. Student Employment
 64B9-2.004. Educational Objectives
 64B9-2.005. Faculty Qualifications
 64B9-2.006. Curriculum Guidelines
 64B9-2.007. Administrative Procedures
 64B9-2.008. Clinical Training
 64B9-2.009. Performance Of Graduates On The Licensing Examination
 64B9-2.010. Variance
 64B9-2.011. Approval Of Nursing Education Programs
 64B9-2.012. Full Approval Maintenance
 64B9-2.013. Program Changes Requiring Board Approval
 64B9-2.014. Closure Of Nursing Education Programs And Storage Of Records
 64B9-2.015. Standards Of Nursing Education
 64B9-2.016. Annual Report
 64B9-2.017. Approval Of Nursing Education Programs
 64B9-2.018. Annual Report
 64B9-2.019. Documentation Of Accredited Programs
 64B9-2.021. Curriculum Guidelines
 64B9-2.022. Clinical Training
 64B9-3.001. Definitions
 64B9-3.002. Qualifications For Examination
 64B9-3.003. Practice Of Nursing By Applicant For Licensure By Examination
 64B9-3.004. Written Examination; Subjects And Passing Score
 64B9-3.005. Reexamination
 64B9-3.006. Examination Review
 64B9-3.007. Examination Security
 64B9-3.008. Licensure By Endorsement
 64B9-3.009. Practice Of Nursing By Applicants For Licensure By Endorsement
 64B9-3.010. Withdrawal Of Application For Licensure
 64B9-3.011. Exemption For Licensure In An Emergency
 64B9-3.013. Renewal Of Licenses
 64B9-3.014. Graduates From International Or Non-Ncsbn Jurisdictions
 64B9-3.015. Licensure Examination Preparatory Courses
 64B9-3.0015. Application For Licensure
 64B9-3.016. Multi-State License Upgrade
 64B9-3.0025. Remedial Courses For Reexamination
 64B9-3.0085. State Requirements Not Substantially Equivalent
 64B9-4.001. Definitions
 64B9-4.002. Requirements For Certification
 64B9-4.003. Program Guidelines
 64B9-4.004. Requirements For Documentation
 64B9-4.005. Filing Of The Application
 64B9-4.006. Certification In More Than One Category
 64B9-4.008. Purpose
 64B9-4.009. Functions Of The Advanced Registered Nurse
 64B9-4.010. Standards For Protocols
 64B9-4.011. Dispensing Practitioners
 64B9-4.013. Recertification
 64B9-4.014. Inactive Status; Reactivation
 64B9-4.015. Requirements For Certification As Clinical Nurse Specialists
 64B9-4.016. Controlled Substances Formulary
 64B9-4.017. Standards For The Prescribing Of Controlled Substances For The Treatment Of Acute Pain
 64B9-4.0025. Provisional Certification
 64B9-5.001. Definitions
 64B9-5.002. Continuing Education Requirement
 64B9-5.003. Standards For Continuing Education
 64B9-5.004. Procedure For Approval Of Attendance At Continuing Education Courses
 64B9-5.005. Procedure Relating To The Provider
 64B9-5.006. Procedure Relating To The Faculty/Authors
 64B9-5.007. Continuing Education For Expert Witnesses And Probable Cause Panel Members
 64B9-5.009. Continuing Education On Hiv/Aids
 64B9-5.010. Continuing Education Of Domestic Violence
 64B9-5.011. Continuing Education On Prevention Of Medical Errors
 64B9-5.012. Continuing Education On End Of Life
 64B9-5.013. Continuing Education On Laws And Rules
 64B9-5.014. Continuing Education On Recognizing Impairment In The Workplace
 64B9-6.001. Delinquent Status; Obtaining Inactive Status
 64B9-6.002. Biennial Renewal Of Inactive Status
 64B9-6.003. Reactivation Of Inactive License
 64B9-6.004. Retired And Endorsement Applicants
 64B9-7.001. Fees
 64B9-7.002. Duplicate License Fee
 64B9-8.001. The Probable Cause Panel
 64B9-8.003. Citations
 64B9-8.005. Unprofessional Conduct
 64B9-8.006. Disciplinary Guidelines; Range Of Penalties; Aggravating And Mitigating Circumstances
 64B9-8.007. Continuances
 64B9-8.008. Deadline For Submission Of Material
 64B9-8.009. Payment Of Fines
 64B9-8.011. Reinstatement Of Suspended Licenses
 64B9-8.012. Mediation
 64B9-8.013. Statements Of Material Disputed Facts
 64B9-8.014. Continuous Sobriety
 64B9-9.002. Hiv/Aids: Knowledge Of Antibody Status; Action To Be Taken
 64B9-11.001. Medical Records Of Deceased Nurse
 64B9-11.002. Medical Records Of Nurses Relocating Or Terminating Practice
 64B9-12.001. Statement Of Intent And Purpose
 64B9-12.003. Aspects Of Intravenous Therapy Outside The Scope Of Practice Of The Lpn
 64B9-12.005. Competency And Knowledge Requirements Necessary To Qualify The Lpn To Administer Iv Therapy
 64B9-12.006. Effective Date Of This Chapter
 64B9-13.001. Purpose
 64B9-15.001. Definitions
 64B9-15.002. Certified Nursing Assistant Authorized Duties
 64B9-15.003. Eligibility For Certification
 64B9-15.004. Certified Nursing Assistant Registry
 64B9-15.005. Standards For Certified Nursing Assistant Training Programs
 64B9-15.006. Standardized Curriculum
 64B9-15.007. Approval And Renewal Of New Certified Nursing Assistant Training Programs
 64B9-15.008. Testing And Competency Evaluation
 64B9-15.009. Disciplinary Guidelines; Range Of Penalties; Aggravating And Mitigating Circumstances
 64B9-15.011. In-Service Training Requirements For Certified Nursing Assistants
 64B9-15.012. Standards For In-Service Training For Certified Nursing Assistants
 64B9-15.0035. Certification By Endorsement
 64B9-15.0045. Certified Nursing Assistant Renewal Fee
 64B9-15.0086. Citations
 64B9-15.0095. Citation For Certified Nursing Assistants
 64B9-15.0096. Mediation
 64B9-15.0097. Notice Of Non-Compliance - Minor Violations
 64B9-16.001. Definitions
 64B9-16.002. Supervision By Licensed Practical Nurses In Nursing Home Facilities
 64B9-16.003. Competency And Knowledge Requirements Necessary To Qualify The Lpn To Supervise In Nursing Home Facilities
 64B9-16.004. Delegation Of Tasks Prohibited
 64B9-17.001. Statement Of Intent Of Purpose
 64B9-17.002. Definitions
 64B9-17.003. Competency And Knowledge Requirements
 64B9-17.004. Effective Date