64. Department of Health

 64B-1.001. Application Deadlines; Examination Rescheduling
 64B-1.002. Notification Of Applicants
 64B-1.003. Examination Administration
 64B-1.004. Conduct At Test Site
 64B-1.005. Special Testing Accommodations
 64B-1.006. Practical Or Clinical Examinations
 64B-1.007. Selection Criteria For Examiners And Examination Consultants
 64B-1.008. Grading Of Examinations; Grade Notification
 64B-1.009. Pre-Hearing Review Request
 64B-1.010. Security And Monitoring Procedures
 64B-1.011. Requirements And Standards Of A National Examination
 64B-1.012. Guidelines For Sharing Department Developed Examinations With Other State Licensing Authorities
 64B-1.013. Post- Examination Review
 64B-1.014. Use Of Pilot Test Items In Examinations
 64B-1.015. Physician Assistant Examination For Graduates Of Foreign Medical Schools
 64B-1.016. Fees: Examination And Post-Examination Review
 64B-1.017. Use Of Pilot Test Items
 64B-2.001. Practitioner Profile
 64B-2.002. Information Required Upon Renewal
 64B-2.003. Profile Updates
 64B-3.001. Definitions
 64B-3.002. Criminal Background Checks
 64B-3.003. Application, Examination, And Initial Licensure Fees
 64B-3.004. Diagnostic Testing
 64B-3.005. Counterfeit-Proof Prescription Pads Or Blanks For Controlled Substance Prescribing
 64B-3.006. Diagnostic Testing
 64B-3.007. Social Work - Title Protection
 64B-3.008. Board Expert Or Technical Advice
 64B-4.001. Certification Of Public Records Fee Rule
 64B-4.002. Office Surgery Inspection Fee
 64B-4.003. Office Surgery Registration Requirements, Fees
 64B-4.004. Certification Fees For Foreign Dental Educational Institutions
 64B-4.005. Pain Management Clinic Inspection Fee
 64B-4.006. Pain Management Clinic, Fees
 64B-4.007. Military Spouse Temporary Professional License Fee
 64B-5.001. Definitions
 64B-5.002. Responsibility Of The Continuing Education Provider And Licensee
 64B-5.003. Electronic Forms To Be Used To Submit Data To The Continuing Education Tracking System
 64B5-13.0046. Citation Authority
 64B-6.001. Citations
 64B-6.002. Issuance Of Citations
 64B-6.003. Penalties
 64B-7.001. Pain Management Clinic Registration Requirements; Exemption Certificates; Inspection And Registration Fees
 64B-7.002. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64B-7.003. Counterfeit-Resistant Prescription Blanks
 64B-8.001. Initial Registration Of Credentials Verification Organizations
 64B-8.002. Biennial Renewal Of Credentials Verification Organization Registration
 64B-8.003. Documentation Of Accreditation Or Certification Of A Credentials Verification Organization By A National Accrediting Organization
 64B-8.004. Documentation Of Liability Insurance Coverage By A Credentials Verification Organization
 64B-8.005. Requirement For Notification Of Change In Accreditation Or Certification Status Or Insurance Status
 64B-8.006. Fee To Access Core Credentials Data File
 64B-8.009. Forms
 64B-8.013. Prohibitions - Registered Credentials Verification Organizations
 64B-8.014. Prohibitions - Subscriber Authorized To Access Core Credentials Data
 64B-8.015. Penalties - Registered Credentials Verification Organizations
 64B-8.016. &Quot;
 64B-8.017. Initial Reporting Of Core Credentials
 64B-8.018. Notification Of Corrections, Updates, Or Modifications To Core Credentials Data
 64B-9.001. Biennial Licensing
 64B-9.002. Physician Survey Procedures
 64B-9.003. Military Spouse Temporary License
 64B-9.004. License Fee Waiver For Veterans And Spouses
 64B-9.005. Active Duty Military, Spouse Of Active Duty Military Or Veterans Licensure
 64B-9.006. Massage Establishment Licensure; Ownership Information
 64B-9.007. Temporary Certificate For Active Duty Military Health Care Practitioners Application
 64B-9.008. Telehealth Practitioner Survey Procedures
 64B-10.001. Citation Penalties For Certified Nursing Assistants
 64B-11.001. Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Renewal