64. Department of Health

 64E-1.001. Definitions
 64E-1.002. Certification - Application, Inspection And Renewal
 64E-1.003. Personnel, Sample Collection And Handling, Methodology, Proficiency Testing And Quality Assurance Requirements
 64E-1.004. Certification Of Out-Of-State Laboratories
 64E-1.005. Records, Reports, And Contractual Agreements
 64E-1.006. Denial Or Decertification
 64E-1.007. Fees And Certification Categories
 64E-1.008. Scope Of Accreditation
 64E-1.009. Laboratory Certification Criteria
 64E-1.0015. Laboratory Certification Standards
 64E-1.100. Definitions
 64E-1.101. Categories Of Certification
 64E-1.102. Certification Requirements
 64E-1.103. Methodology
 64E-1.104. On-Site Inspections
 64E-1.105. Display Of Certificate And Use Of Certification
 64E-1.106. Proficiency Testing Requirements
 64E-1.107. Renewal Of Annual Certification
 64E-1.108. Contractual Agreements, Records, And Reports
 64E-1.109. Denial Or Revocation
 64E-1.110. Fees
 64E-2.001. Definitions
 64E-2.002. Basic Life Support Service License - Ground
 64E-2.003. Advanced Life Support Service License - Ground
 64E-2.004. Medical Direction
 64E-2.005. Air Ambulances
 64E-2.006. Neonatal Interfacility Transfers
 64E-2.007. Vehicle Permits
 64E-2.008. Emergency Medical Technician
 64E-2.009. Paramedic
 64E-2.010. Examinations
 64E-2.011. Ems Training Programs
 64E-2.012. Drivers
 64E-2.013. Records And Reports
 64E-2.014. Variances And Exceptions
 64E-2.015. Prehospital Requirements For Trauma Care
 64E-2.016. Trauma Transport Protocols Approval And Denial Process
 64E-2.017. Adult Trauma Scorecard Methodology
 64E-2.018. Trauma Registry
 64E-2.019. Trauma Agency Formation Requirements
 64E-2.020. Trauma Agency Plan Approval And Denial Process
 64E-2.021. Trauma Agency Implementation And Operation Requirements
 64E-2.022. Apportionment Of Trauma Centers Within A Trauma Service Area (Tsa)
 64E-2.023. Trauma Center Requirements
 64E-2.024. Process For The Approval Of Trauma Centers
 64E-2.025. Extension Of Application Period
 64E-2.026. Certificate Of Approval
 64E-2.027. Process For Renewal Of Trauma Centers
 64E-2.028. Site Visits And Approval
 64E-2.029. Application By Hospital Denied Approval
 64E-2.030. Emergency Medical Services Grants Procedures
 64E-2.031. Do Not Resuscitate Order (Dnro) Form And Patient Identification Device
 64E-2.032. Certificate Of Public Convenience And Necessity
 64E-2.033. Convicted Felons Applying For Emt Or Paramedic Certification Or Recertification
 64E-2.034. Inspections
 64E-2.035. Emergency Treatment Of Insect Stings
 64E-2.036. Training Programs
 64E-2.037. Security Of Medications
 64E-2.038. Cardiopulmonary And Advanced Cardiac Life Support Courses
 64E-2.039. Guidelines For Automatic External Defibrillators (Aed) In State Owned Or Leased Facilities
 64E-2.040. Funding For Verified Trauma Centers
 64E-2.0094. Voluntary Inactive Certification
 64E-2.0095. Involuntary Inactive Certification
 64E-2.0175. Pediatric Trauma Scorecard Methodology
 64E-2.0321. Certificate Of Public Convenience And Necessity (Copcn)
 64E-3.001. Fees
 64E-3.002. Definitions
 64E-3.003. Qualifications For Examination
 64E-3.005. Written Examinations
 64E-3.006. Certification By Endorsement
 64E-3.007. Bone Densitometry
 64E-3.008. Continuing Education Requirements
 64E-3.009. Standards For Continuing Education Courses
 64E-3.011. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64E-3.0031. Radiation Therapy Assistance By General Radiographers
 64E-3.0032. Radiologist Assistant Duties And Supervision
 64E-3.0033. Positron Emission Tomography - Computed Tomography (Pet-Ct) By Nuclear Medicine Technologists
 64E-3.0034. Specialty Technologists
 64E-4.001. Registration And Laser Radiation Requirements
 64E-4.002. Definitions
 64E-4.003. Exemptions
 64E-4.004. Laser Safety Officer (Lso)
 64E-4.005. Out-Of-State Laser Radiation Sources
 64E-4.006. Maximum Permissible Exposure (Mpe)
 64E-4.007. General Requirements For The Safe Operation Of All Facilities
 64E-4.008. Caution Signs, Labels, And Posting
 64E-4.009. Surveys
 64E-4.010. Measurement And Instrumentation
 64E-4.011. Notification And Reports Of Incidents
 64E-4.012. Records
 64E-4.013. Laser Radiation
 64E-4.014. Scanning Devices
 64E-4.015. Report To Department About Laser Light Shows
 64E-4.016. Measurements For Maximum Permissible Exposure
 64E-5.101. Definitions
 64E-5.201. Licensing Of Radioactive Material
 64E-5.203. Radioactive Material Other Than Source Material - Exemptions
 64E-5.204. Types Of Licenses
 64E-5.206. General Licenses - Radioactive Material Other Than Source Material
 64E-5.207. Filing Application For Specific Licenses
 64E-5.210. Special Requirements For A Specific License To Manufacture, Assemble, Repair Or Distribute Commodities, Products Or Devices Which Contain Radioactive Material
 64E-5.213. Specific Terms And Conditions Of License
 64E-5.214. Expiration And Termination Of Licenses And Decommissioning Of Sites And Separate Buildings Or Outdoor Areas
 64E-5.216. Reciprocal Recognition Of Licenses For Byproduct, Source, Naturally Occurring And Accelerator Produced Radioactive Material, And Special Nuclear Material In Quantities Not Sufficient To Form A Critical Mass
 64E-5.217. Bonding Of Persons Licensed Pursuant To Subpart Ii C
 64E-5.220. Radioactive Quantities
 64E-5.221. Radiological Criteria For License Termination
 64E-5.222. Radiological Criteria For Unrestricted Use
 64E-5.223. Criteria For License Termination Under Restricted Conditions
 64E-5.224. Alternate Criteria For License Termination
 64E-5.225. Public Notification And Public Participation
 64E-5.226. Minimizing Contamination
 64E-5.301. Standards For Protection Against Radiation
 64E-5.303. Radiation Protection Programs
 64E-5.304. Occupational Dose Limits For Adults
 64E-5.306. Determination Of External Dose From Airborne Radioactive Material
 64E-5.307. Determination Of Internal Exposure
 64E-5.309. Planned Special Exposures
 64E-5.311. Dose To An Embryo Or Fetus
 64E-5.312. Dose Limits For Individual Members Of The Public
 64E-5.313. Compliance With Dose Limits For Individual Members Of The Public
 64E-5.314. General
 64E-5.315. Conditions Requiring Individual Monitoring Of External And Internal Occupational Dose
 64E-5.318. Use Of Process Or Other Engineering Controls
 64E-5.319. Use Of Individual Respiratory Protection Equipment
 64E-5.323. Posting Requirements
 64E-5.326. Exemptions To Labeling Requirements
 64E-5.330. Discharge By Release Into Sanitary Sewerage
 64E-5.331. Disposal Of Specific Wastes
 64E-5.332. Transfer For Disposal And Manifests
 64E-5.333. Classification And Characteristics Of Low-Level Radioactive Waste For Near-Surface Land Disposal, Labeling And Manifest Requirements
 64E-5.334. General Provisions
 64E-5.339. Records Of Individual Monitoring Results
 64E-5.343. Reports Of Stolen, Lost, Or Missing Licensed Or Registered Sources Of Radiation
 64E-5.344. Notification Of Incidents
 64E-5.345. Reports Of Exposures, Radiation Levels, Concentrations Of Radioactive Material Exceeding The Constraints Or Limits, Medical Events And Dose To An Embryo/Fetus Or A Nursing Child
 64E-5.347. Notifications And Reports To Individuals
 64E-5.350. Reports Of Transactions Involving Nationally Tracked Sources
 64E-5.351. Nationally Tracked Source Thresholds
 64E-5.401. Limits On Levels Of Radiation For Radiographic Exposure Devices And Storage Containers
 64E-5.402. Performance Requirements For Radiography Equipment
 64E-5.403. Locking Of Sources Of Radiation
 64E-5.404. Storage Precautions
 64E-5.405. Radiation Survey Instruments
 64E-5.406. Leak Testing, Repair, Tagging, Opening, Modification And Replacement Of Sealed Sources
 64E-5.407. Quarterly Inventory
 64E-5.408. Utilization Logs
 64E-5.409. Inspection And Maintenance
 64E-5.410. Permanent Radiographic Installations
 64E-5.411. Training And Testing
 64E-5.412. Two-Member Radiography Crews
 64E-5.413. Operating And Emergency Procedures
 64E-5.414. Personnel Monitoring Control
 64E-5.415. Security
 64E-5.416. Posting
 64E-5.417. Radiation Surveys And Survey Records
 64E-5.418. Temporary Jobsites
 64E-5.419. Special Requirements For Radiography Employing Radiation Machines
 64E-5.420. Subjects To Be Covered During The Instruction Of Industrial Radiographers
 64E-5.421. Use Of Sealed Sources In Industrial Radiography
 64E-5.422. Reporting Requirements
 64E-5.423. Definitions
 64E-5.424. Requirements For Industrial Radiography Equipment Using Sealed Sources
 64E-5.425. Locking Of Sources Of Radiation, Storage Precautions, And Surveillance
 64E-5.426. Radiation Survey Instruments
 64E-5.427. Leak Testing, Repairing, Tagging, Opening, Modifying, And Replacing Sealed Sources And Devices
 64E-5.428. Quarterly Inventory
 64E-5.429. Source Movement Logs, Daily Survey Reports, And Individual Dosimeter Logs
 64E-5.430. Inspection And Maintenance
 64E-5.431. Permanent Radiographic Installations
 64E-5.432. Radiation Protection Program
 64E-5.433. Radiation Safety Officer
 64E-5.434. Training, Testing, Certification, And Audits
 64E-5.435. Conducting Industrial Radiographic Operations
 64E-5.436. Operating And Emergency Procedures
 64E-5.437. Personnel Monitoring
 64E-5.438. Radiation Surveys
 64E-5.439. Posting
 64E-5.440. Records
 64E-5.441. Reporting Requirements
 64E-5.502. General Requirements
 64E-5.504. Fluoroscopic X-Ray Systems
 64E-5.506. Intraoral Dental Radiologic Systems
 64E-5.508. X-Ray And Electron Therapy Systems With Energies Of 1 Mev And Above
 64E-5.510. Mammographic Systems
 64E-5.511. Registration Of Radiation Machines
 64E-5.601. License Required
 64E-5.602. License Amendments
 64E-5.603. Notification
 64E-5.604. Alara Program
 64E-5.605. Radiation Safety Officer
 64E-5.606. Radiation Safety Committee
 64E-5.607. Authority And Responsibilities
 64E-5.608. Supervision
 64E-5.609. Visiting Authorized User, Visiting Authorized Medical Physicist, Or Visiting Rso
 64E-5.610. Mobile Medical Service Requirements
 64E-5.611. Quality Management Program And Notifications, Records And Reports Of Medical Events
 64E-5.612. Suppliers
 64E-5.614. Possession, Use, Calibration, And Check Of Dose Calibrators In The Use Of Unsealed Radiopharmaceuticals
 64E-5.615. Use, Calibration And Check Of Survey Instruments
 64E-5.616. Determination Of Dosages Of Unsealed Radioactive Material For Medical Use
 64E-5.617. Authorization For Calibration, Transmission And Reference Sources
 64E-5.618. Requirements For Possession Of Sealed Sources And Brachytherapy Sources
 64E-5.621. Surveys For Contamination And Ambient Radiation Dose Rate
 64E-5.622. Release Of Patients Or Human Research Subjects Treated With Radiopharmaceuticals, Implants Or Remote Afterloader Units
 64E-5.624. Decay In Storage
 64E-5.625. Safety Instructions And Precautions For Liquid Iodine, Radiopharmaceutical Therapy, Manual Brachytherapy, Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, And Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery
 64E-5.626. Use Of Radiopharmaceuticals For Uptake, Dilution, Or Excretion Studies
 64E-5.627. Use Of Unsealed Radiopharmaceuticals, Generators, And Reagent Kits For Imaging And Localization Studies
 64E-5.628. Generators
 64E-5.629. Control Of Aerosols And Gases
 64E-5.630. Use Of Radiopharmaceuticals For Therapy
 64E-5.631. Use Of Sealed Sources For Diagnosis
 64E-5.632. Use Of Sources For Manual Brachytherapy
 64E-5.633. Manual Brachytherapy Sources Inventory And Surveys
 64E-5.634. Use Of A Sealed Source In A Remote Afterloader Unit, Teletherapy Unit, Or Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Unit
 64E-5.635. Installation, Adjustment, Maintenance And Repair Restrictions
 64E-5.636. Safety Procedures And Instructions For Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, And Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
 64E-5.637. Safety Precautions For Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, And Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
 64E-5.638. Radiation Monitoring Devices
 64E-5.639. Viewing Systems
 64E-5.640. Dosimetry Equipment Used With Remote Afterloading Units, Teletherapy Units, Or Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
 64E-5.641. Full Calibration Measurements On Teletherapy Units
 64E-5.642. Periodic Spot-Checks Of Teletherapy Units
 64E-5.643. Radiation Surveys For Teletherapy Facilities
 64E-5.644. Radiation Surveys For Remote Afterloader And Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Facilities
 64E-5.645. Remote Afterloader, Gamma Stereotactic, And Teletherapy Therapy-Related Computer Systems
 64E-5.647. Five Year Inspection For Teletherapy And Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
 64E-5.648. Radiation Safety Officer
 64E-5.649. Training For Uptake, Dilution, Or Excretion Studies
 64E-5.650. Training For Imaging And Localization Studies For Which A Written Directive Is Not Required
 64E-5.651. Training For Therapeutic Use Of Radiopharmaceuticals
 64E-5.652. Training For Use Of Manual Brachytherapy Sources
 64E-5.653. Training For Ophthalmic Use Of Strontium 90
 64E-5.654. Training For Use Of Sealed Sources For Diagnosis
 64E-5.655. Training For Use Of Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, And Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
 64E-5.656. Training For An Authorized Medical Physicist
 64E-5.657. Training For Experienced Rso, Teletherapy Or Medical Physicist, Authorized Medical Physicist, Authorized User, Nuclear Pharmacist, And Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist Training For Experienced Authorized Users Or Radiation
 64E-5.658. Recentness Of Training
 64E-5.659. Training For An Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist
 64E-5.660. C
 64E-5.661. 22 Gigabecquerels (33 Millicuries)
 64E-5.662. 22 Gigabecquerels (33 Millicuries)
 64E-5.663. Training For The Parenteral Administration Of Unsealed Radioactive Material Requiring A Written Directive
 64E-5.664. Other Medical Uses Of Radioactive Material Or Radiation From Radioactive Material
 64E-5.801. Registration Requirements
 64E-5.810. Ventilation Systems
 64E-5.901. Posting Of Notices To Workers
 64E-5.902. Instructions To Workers
 64E-5.1003. Monitoring Fees
 64E-5.1103. Radiation Survey Instruments
 64E-5.1104. Leak Testing Of Sealed Sources
 64E-5.1107. Design, Performance And Certification Criteria For Sealed Sources Used In Downhole Operations
 64E-5.1112. Personnel Monitoring
 64E-5.1115. Subsurface Tracer Studies
 64E-5.1119. Notification Of Incidents, Abandonment And Lost Sources
 64E-5.1203. General Provisions
 64E-5.1204. Certification Requirements For Radon Measurement Specialists And Technicians
 64E-5.1205. Certification Requirements For Radon Mitigation Specialists And Technicians
 64E-5.1206. Certification Requirements For Radon Measurement Businesses
 64E-5.1207. Certification Requirements For Radon Mitigation Businesses
 64E-5.1208. Measurement Requirements And Procedures
 64E-5.1301. Sealed Or Unsealed Sources Of Radioactive Material
 64E-5.1310. Personnel Monitoring
 64E-5.1311. Storage, Security And Transportation Precautions
 64E-5.1317. Storage And Control Of Volatiles And Gases
 64E-5.1320. Bioassay Program
 64E-5.1406. Access Control
 64E-5.1418. Personnel Monitoring
 64E-5.1419. Radiation Surveys
 64E-5.1420. Detection Of Leaking Or Contaminated Sources
 64E-5.1501. Purpose And Scope
 64E-5.1502. Transportation Of Radioactive Material
 64E-5.1508. Inspection Of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Shipments
 64E-5.1601. Definitions
 64E-5.1602. Administrative Requirements
 64E-5.1603. Training And Education
 64E-5.1604. General Technical Requirements For Electronic Brachytherapy Facilities
 64E-5.6011. Definitions
 64E-5.6251. Manual Brachytherapy Therapy Related Computer Systems
 64E-5.6331. Calibration Measurements Of Manual Brachytherapy Sources
 64E-5.6332. Decay Of Strontium-90 Sources For Ophthalmic Treatments
 64E-5.6411. Full Calibration Measurements On Remote Afterloader Units
 64E-5.6412. Full Calibration Measurements On Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
 64E-5.6421. Periodic Spot-Checks For Remote Afterloader Units
 64E-5.6422. Periodic Spot-Checks For Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
 64E-5.6423. Additional Technical Requirements For Mobile Remote Afterloader Units
 64E-5.11071. Uranium Sinker Bars
 64E-5.11072. Energy Compensation Source
 64E-5.11073. Tritium Neutron Generator Target Source
 64E-6.001. General
 64E-6.002. Definitions
 64E-6.003. Permits
 64E-6.004. Application For System Construction Permit
 64E-6.005. Location And Installation
 64E-6.006. Site Evaluation Criteria
 64E-6.007. Location Of Systems In Floodways
 64E-6.008. System Size Determinations
 64E-6.009. Alternative Systems
 64E-6.010. Septage And Food Establishment Sludge
 64E-6.011. Abandonment Of Systems
 64E-6.012. Standards For The Construction, Operation And Maintenance Of Aerobic Treatment Units
 64E-6.013. Construction Materials And Standards For Treatment Receptacles
 64E-6.014. Construction Standards For Drainfield Systems
 64E-6.015. Permitting And Construction Of Repairs
 64E-6.016. Department Of Agriculture Soil Textural Classification System
 64E-6.017. Definitions
 64E-6.018. System Location, Design And Maintenance Criteria
 64E-6.019. Requirements For Registration
 64E-6.020. Master Septic Tank Contractors
 64E-6.021. Issuance Of Registration Certificates And Renewal
 64E-6.022. Standards Of Practice And Disciplinary Guidelines
 64E-6.023. Certification Of Partnerships And Corporations
 64E-6.024. Fees
 64E-6.025. Definitions
 64E-6.026. Applications For Innovative System Permits And System Construction Permits
 64E-6.027. Permits
 64E-6.028. Location And Installation
 64E-6.029. Monitoring
 64E-6.030. Fees
 64E-6.0101. Portable Restrooms And Portable Or Stationary Holding Tanks
 64E-6.0151. Product Composition
 64E-6.0181. System Repair And Cesspit And Undocumented System Replacement
 64E-6.0182. Coordinated Permitting
 64E-6.0295. Innovative System Reclassification
 64E-7.001. General
 64E-7.002. Purpose
 64E-7.003. Definitions
 64E-7.004. Review Coordination
 64E-7.005. Review Results
 64E-7.006. Intergovernmental Agreements
 64E-8.001. Definitions
 64E-8.002. Limited Use Public Water System Construction
 64E-8.003. Private And Multi-Family Water System Construction
 64E-8.004. 1/1/93, Annual Inspections And Registrations
 64E-8.005. Operation And Maintenance
 64E-8.006. Water Quality Standards And Monitoring For Limited Use Public Water Systems
 64E-8.007. Corrective Actions
 64E-8.008. Public Notification
 64E-8.009. Variances
 64E-8.010. Prohibited Acts
 64E-8.011. Services Provided
 64E-8.012. Schedule Of Fines
 64E-8.013. Cross-Connection Control
 64E-9.001. General
 64E-9.002. Definitions
 64E-9.003. Forms
 64E-9.004. Operational Requirements
 64E-9.005. Construction Plan Or Modification Plan Approval
 64E-9.006. Construction Plan Approval Standards
 64E-9.007. Recirculation And Treatment System Requirements
 64E-9.008. Supervision And Safety
 64E-9.009. Wading Pools
 64E-9.010. Spa Pools
 64E-9.011. Water Recreation Attractions And Specialized Pools
 64E-9.012. Special Purpose Pools
 64E-9.013. Bathing Places
 64E-9.014. Authorization And Operating Permit
 64E-9.015. Fee Schedule
 64E-9.016. Variances
 64E-9.017. Enforcement
 64E-9.018. Public Pool Service Technician Certification
 64E-9.0035. Exemptions
 64E-10.001. General
 64E-10.002. Special Requirements
 64E-10.003. Cleanliness And Maintenance
 64E-10.004. Soap, Towels And Toilet Tissue
 64E-11.001. Food Hygiene - General
 64E-11.002. Definitions
 64E-11.003. Food Hygiene Standards
 64E-11.004. Food Protection
 64E-11.005. Personnel
 64E-11.006. Food Equipment And Utensils
 64E-11.007. Sanitary Facilities And Controls
 64E-11.008. Other Facilities And Operations
 64E-11.009. Temporary Food Service Events
 64E-11.010. Vending Machines
 64E-11.012. Manager Certification
 64E-11.013. Sanitation And Inspection Certificates And Fees
 64E-11.014. Mobile Food Units
 64E-11.015. Afterschool Meal Program
 64E-12.001. General
 64E-12.002. Definitions
 64E-12.003. Water Supply
 64E-12.004. Food Service: Tiers And Catering
 64E-12.005. Housing
 64E-12.006. Vector And Vermin Insect And Rodent Control
 64E-12.008. Laundry
 64E-12.009. Medications, Alcohol, Poisonous Or Toxic Substances
 64E-12.011. Recreational Areas
 64E-12.012. Radon Testing
 64E-12.013. Animal Health And Safety
 64E-13.001. General
 64E-13.004. Standards
 64E-14.001. Migrant Farmworker Housing - General
 64E-14.002. Definitions
 64E-14.003. Construction Procedures, Variances
 64E-14.004. Standards, Permits, Inspections, Violations, Complaints And Retaliation
 64E-14.005. Application And Variances Fees
 64E-14.006. Sites
 64E-14.007. Buildings And Structures
 64E-14.009. Garbage And Refuse Disposal
 64E-14.010. Vermin Control
 64E-14.013. Sewage And Liquid Waste Disposal
 64E-14.015. Personal Hygiene Facilities
 64E-14.016. Field Sanitation Facilities
 64E-14.017. Food Service Facilities
 64E-14.018. Sleeping Facilities, Beds And Bedding
 64E-14.019. Fire Protection
 64E-14.020. Citations, Fines
 64E-14.021. Responsibility Of Operator And Owners
 64E-14.023. Enforcement
 64E-14.024. Animal Health And Safety
 64E-14.0095. Pesticide Use, Storage And Disposal
 64E-15.002. Sites - Mobile Home, Lodging, And Recreational Vehicle Parks
 64E-15.003. Water Supply
 64E-15.004. Sewage Disposal
 64E-15.005. Sanitary Facilities
 64E-15.006. Plumbing
 64E-15.007. Garbage And Refuse Disposal
 64E-15.009. Recreational Camp Standards
 64E-15.010. Permits And Fees
 64E-16.011. Permits
 64E-16.012. Fees
 64E-16.013. Enforcement And Penalties
 64E-17.001. Definitions
 64E-17.002. Design And Safety Requirements
 64E-17.003. Requirements For Stand-Up Booths
 64E-17.004. Operation And Training
 64E-17.006. Licenses And Fees
 64E-18.001. General Provisions
 64E-18.002. Definitions
 64E-18.003. Requirements For Certification
 64E-18.004. Issuance Of Certificates And Renewals
 64E-18.005. Notifications Of Changes
 64E-18.006. Suspension, Revocation, Or Denial Of Certifications
 64E-18.007. Standards Of Practice
 64E-18.008. Disciplinary Guidelines
 64E-18.010. Fees
 64E-18.011. Fees
 64E-18.0091. Grandfathering
 64E-19.001. General
 64E-19.002. Definitions
 64E-19.003. Forms
 64E-19.004. Requirements For Premises
 64E-19.005. Requirements For Sterilizing Jewelry And Instruments
 64E-19.006. Piercing Procedures
 64E-19.007. Other Operations
 64E-19.008. Enforcement
 64E-20.001. Definitions
 64E-20.002. Testing And Standards
 64E-20.003. Non-Compliance
 64E-21.001. Drowning Prevention Education/Public Information Publication
 64E-22.001. Rural Hospital Capital Improvement Grant Application Procedures
 64E-23.001. Application
 64E-23.002. Renewal
 64E-23.003. Payment
 64E-23.004. Match Site Facilities Payment Requirement
 64E-24.001. Application
 64E-24.002. Scholarship Repayment
 64E-24.003. Penalties For Defaulting
 64E-25.001. Procedures To Be Followed By Department Of Health (Doh) Personnel When Investigating Florida Clean Indoor Air Act (Fciaa) Complaints And Notifying Alleged Violators
 64E-25.002. On-Site Investigations Of Enclosed Indoor Workplaces
 64E-25.003. Doh Procedures For Responding To Complaints And Complaint Referrals Involving Enclosed Indoor Workplaces
 64E-25.004. Minimum Standards For Assessing Fines By Doh Personnel Against An Enclosed Indoor Workplace Found To Be In Violation Of The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act
 64E-25.005. Smoking Cessation Program Designations
 64E-25.006. Definitions
 64E-26.001. General
 64E-26.002. Definitions
 64E-26.003. Water Supply
 64E-26.004. Food Service
 64E-26.005. Sanitary Standards
 64E-26.006. Garbage And Rubbish
 64E-26.007. Housing
 64E-26.008. Laundry And Dry Cleaning
 64E-26.009. Bedding, Clothing And Personal Items
 64E-26.010. Housekeeping
 64E-26.011. Insect And Rodent Control
 64E-26.012. Outdoor Areas
 64E-26.013. Industries
 64E-26.014. Plan Review
 64E-26.015. Inspection Of State And Local Detention Facilities
 64E-27.001. Screening And Case Management
 64E-28.001. Scope Of Chapter Rules
 64E-28.002. Definitions
 64E-28.003. Licensure Requirements For A Tattoo Artist
 64E-28.004. Registration Requirements For A Guest Tattoo Artist
 64E-28.005. Licensure Requirements For A Tattoo Establishment
 64E-28.006. Education Course Requirements
 64E-28.007. Operational Requirements For A Tattoo Establishment
 64E-28.008. Operational Requirements For A Temporary Tattoo Establishment
 64E-28.009. Standards Of Practice For A Tattoo Artist Or Guest Tattoo Artist
 64E-28.010. Forms
 64E-28.011. Fee Schedule