64. Department of Health

 64F-1.001. Authority, Purpose And Applicability
 64F-1.002. Definitions
 64F-1.003. Vendor Selection And Authorization
 64F-1.004. Agreement
 64F-1.005. Monitoring Of Food Vendors
 64F-1.006. Food Vendor Sanctions
 64F-1.007. Fair Hearing And Appeals
 64F-1.0015. Materials Incorporated By Reference
 64F-2.005. Operation Of Coalitions
 64F-3.001. Definitions
 64F-3.002. County Health Department Responsibility
 64F-3.004. Healthy Start Care Coordination System
 64F-3.005. Care Coordination Services
 64F-3.006. Enhanced Services
 64F-4.001. Definitions
 64F-4.002. Reducing The Impact Of Prenatal Substance Abuse
 64F-4.003. Reporting Requirements For Physically Drug Dependent Newborns, Substance Exposed Children, And Children Adversely Affected By Parental Alcohol Abuse
 64F-4.004. Acceptance Of Reports For Investigation And Abuse Registry Responsibility For Initiating Investigations
 64F-4.005. Requirements For Notification Of The State Attorney And Law Enforcement Officials
 64F-4.006. District Responsibilities For Interprogram Coordination Of The Investigation And Other Services Provided To Substance Exposed Children And Their Families
 64F-4.007. Abuse Registry Staff Responsibilities
 64F-4.008. C And F Responsibilities
 64F-4.009. Chd Responsibilities
 64F-4.010. Responsibilities Of The Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Providers And The Women&Apos;S Intervention Specialists
 64F-5.001. Definition
 64F-5.003. State Health Office Responsibilities
 64F-6.001. Definitions
 64F-6.003. Screening
 64F-6.006. Exceptional Student Education Program
 64F-6.007. Non-Public Schools
 64F-6.008. Supplemental School Health Services
 64F-7.001. Definitions
 64F-7.002. Eligibility
 64F-7.003. Informed Consent
 64F-7.004. Services
 64F-7.005. Revisits
 64F-7.006. Temporary Contraceptive Methods
 64F-7.007. Voluntary Sterilization
 64F-7.008. Infertility Services
 64F-8.001. Definitions
 64F-8.002. Minimum Requirements
 64F-9.001. Definitions
 64F-9.002. Eligibility And Fees For Esp Services
 64F-9.003. Individual Action Plans (Iap)
 64F-9.004. Prevention Program Activities
 64F-9.005. Esp Reporting Requirements
 64F-9.006. Esp Antiepileptic Drug Program (Adp)
 64F-10.001. Definitions
 64F-10.002. Eligibility Criteria
 64F-10.003. Eligibility Determination Process
 64F-10.004. Fees
 64F-10.005. Primary Care Project Services
 64F-10.006. Intake And Registration Procedures
 64F-10.007. Twenty-Four-Hour Telephone Access And Evening And Weekend Clinic Services
 64F-10.008. Health Records
 64F-10.009. Quality Control And Utilization Review
 64F-11.001. Definitions
 64F-11.002. Client Eligibility
 64F-11.003. Patient Selection And Referral
 64F-11.004. Volunteer Provider Eligibility
 64F-11.005. Contract Requirements
 64F-11.006. Covered Services
 64F-11.007. Emergency Care
 64F-11.008. Notice Of Agency Relationship
 64F-11.009. Annual Report
 64F-12.001. General Regulations; Definitions
 64F-12.002. False And Misleading Labeling Or Advertising
 64F-12.003. Guaranty Or Undertaking
 64F-12.004. Prohibited Acts
 64F-12.005. Requirements For Intrastate Investigational Drug Program; Suspension &Amp; Revocation
 64F-12.006. Drugs And Devices; Labeling Requirements
 64F-12.007. Compressed Medical Gases
 64F-12.008. Complimentary Human Prescription Drug Samples: Distribution And Disposal
 64F-12.009. Cosmetic Labeling Requirements
 64F-12.011. Wholesale Distribution Of Prescription Drugs - Exceptions And Specific Distributions Authorized
 64F-12.012. Records Of Drugs, Cosmetics And Devices
 64F-12.013. Prescription Drugs; Receipt, Storage And Security
 64F-12.014. Devices Or Over-The-Counter Drugs; Storage And Receipt
 64F-12.015. Licensing, Application, Permitting
 64F-12.016. Product Registration
 64F-12.017. Certificates Of Free Sale
 64F-12.018. Fees
 64F-12.019. Inspections, Investigations, Monitoring
 64F-12.020. Forms
 64F-12.023. Restricted Prescription Drug Distributor Permits; Special Provisions
 64F-12.024. Administrative Enforcement
 64F-12.025. Certification Authority And Digital Signatures For Self-Authenticating Pedigree
 64F-12.026. Cancer Drug Donation Program
 64F-14.001. Definitions
 64F-14.002. Conditions
 64F-15.001. Administration Of Statewide Pharmaceutical Contract
 64F-15.002. Agency Contact
 64F-16.001. Definitions
 64F-16.005. Fee Exemption
 64F-16.006. Sliding Fee Scale
 64F-16.007. Waiver Of Charges
 64F-16.008. Limitation Of Income Eligibility
 64F-16.009. Continuity Of Care Of Pregnant Women
 64F-16.010. County Health Department Responsibilities
 64F-16.011. Disenrollment
 64F-17.001. Materials Incorporated By Reference
 64F-17.002. Participation Criteria
 64F-17.003. Governing Board
 64F-17.004. Food Service Management Companies
 64F-17.005. Penalties
 64F-18.001. Scope And Purpose
 64F-18.002. Definitions
 64F-18.003. Procedure
 64F-19.001. Definitions
 64F-19.002. Eligibility
 64F-19.003. Certification And Authorization
 64F-19.004. Enrollment Period
 64F-19.005. Waiver Program Enrollment Process
 64F-19.006. Management Of Minors
 64F-19.007. Non-Covered Services
 64F-19.008. Continuation Of Services
 64F-19.009. Termination Of Services
 64F-19.010. Due Process For Waiver Applicants And Clients
 64F-19.011. Approved Form; Incorporation
 64F-20.001. Distribution Of Funds From The Rape Crisis Program Trust Fund
 64F-20.002. Criteria For Distributing Monies
 64F-21.001. Modified Fetal Infant Mortality Review Specification
 64F-22.001. Eligibility
 64F-23.001. Informed Consent; Printed Materials
 64F-24.001. Practice Parameters