64. Department of Health

 64J-1.001. Definitions
 64J-1.002. Basic Life Support Service License - Ground
 64J-1.003. Advanced Life Support Service License - Ground
 64J-1.004. Medical Direction
 64J-1.005. Air Ambulances
 64J-1.006. Neonatal Transports
 64J-1.007. Vehicle Permits
 64J-1.008. Emergency Medical Technician
 64J-1.009. Paramedic
 64J-1.010. Voluntary Inactive Certification
 64J-1.011. Involuntary Inactive Certification
 64J-1.012. Examinations
 64J-1.014. Records And Reports
 64J-1.019. Emergency Treatment Of Insect Stings
 64J-1.020. Training Programs
 64J-1.0201. Ems Instructor Qualifications
 64J-1.0202. Ems Recertification Training Programs
 64J-2.001. Definitions
 64J-2.004. Adult Trauma Scorecard Methodology
 64J-2.006. Trauma Registry And Trauma Quality Improvement Program
 64J-2.007. Trauma Agency Formation, Plan Approval And Denial Process
 64J-2.008. Trauma Agency Plan Approval And Denial Process
 64J-2.009. Division Of Emergency Preparedness And Community Support Trauma Agency Implementation And Operation Requirements
 64J-2.010. Allocation Of Trauma Centers Among The Trauma Service Areas (Tsas)
 64J-2.011. Trauma Center Requirements
 64J-2.012. Process For The Approval Of Trauma Centers
 64J-2.013. Extension Of Application Period
 64J-2.014. Certificate Of Approval
 64J-2.015. Process For Renewal Of Trauma Centers
 64J-2.016. Site Visits And Approval
 64J-2.017. Application By Hospital Denied Approval
 64J-2.019. Funding For Verified Trauma Centers
 64J-2.020. Acute Care Hospital Trauma Registry
 64J-3.001. Certification Of 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators
 64J-3.002. Public Safety Telecommunication Course Equivalency
 64J-3.003. Renewal Of 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Certification