64. Department of Health

 64V-1.001. Delayed Birth Registration Requirements; Fees
 64V-1.002. Birth Certificate Amendments; Who May Apply; Fees
 64V-1.003. Birth Certificate Amendments; Documentary Evidence Requirements
 64V-1.004. Change Of Paternity; Evidence Required
 64V-1.005. Naming Of Child When Parents Disagree On The Selection Of The Name
 64V-1.006. Birth Registration; Evidence Required For Births Occurring Outside Of A Facility
 64V-1.007. Death And Fetal Death Certificate Amendments; Who May Apply; Fees; Documentary Evidence Requirements
 64V-1.008. Delayed Death Or Delayed Fetal Death Registration
 64V-1.009. Fetal Deaths In Licensed Hospitals
 64V-1.010. Extension Of Time
 64V-1.011. Burial-Transit Permit To Be Issued
 64V-1.012. Filing And Replacement Of Temporary Certificates
 64V-1.013. Copies Of Death And Fetal Death Records
 64V-1.014. Fees For Vital Statistics Services Provided By State Registrar
 64V-1.015. Termination Of Pregnancies; Reporting
 64V-1.016. Florida Putative Father Registry
 64V-1.017. Rescinding Vital Records
 64V-1.018. Presumptive Death Certificates
 64V-1.019. Disposition Of Fetal Demise
 64V-1.020. Marriage Reporting
 64V-1.021. Dissolution Of Marriage Reporting
 64V-1.022. Appointment Of Local Registrar
 64V-1.023. Appointment Of Deputy Registrars
 64V-1.024. Appointment Of Subregistrars
 64V-1.025. Duties Of Local Registrar For Transmittal Of Records Or Report Of No Records
 64V-1.0031. Birth Certificate Amendments By Adoption
 64V-1.0032. Birth Certificate Amendments By Paternity Establishment/Disestablishment; Judicial And Administrative Process
 64V-1.0033. Birth Certificate Amendment By Legal Change Of Name; Judicial Process
 64V-1.0061. Death And Fetal Death Registration
 64V-1.0062. Nonviable Birth Registration
 64V-1.0081. Presumptive Death Registration
 64V-1.0131. Certifications Of Vital Records; Information Required For Release; Applicant Identification Requirements