65. Department of Children and Families

 65A-1.201. Administrative And Statutory Authority
 65A-1.202. Administration
 65A-1.203. Administrative Definitions
 65A-1.204. Rights And Responsibilities
 65A-1.205. Eligibility Determination Process
 65A-1.206. Lifeline Service
 65A-1.300. Cross Programmatic Policy Section
 65A-1.301. Citizenship
 65A-1.303. Assets
 65A-1.400. Forms For Client Notice And Contact
 65A-1.502. Beginning Dates Of Eligibility
 65A-1.504. Amount And Duration Of Cash Payment
 65A-1.505. Payee
 65A-1.506. Living In The Home Of A Specified Relative
 65A-1.507. Age
 65A-1.508. Residence
 65A-1.509. Citizenship
 65A-1.510. Deprivation Of Parental Support Or Care
 65A-1.511. Need
 65A-1.512. Income
 65A-1.513. Budgeting
 65A-1.514. Temporary Cash Assistance Eligibility For Pregnant Women
 65A-1.515. Special Provisions For Families Who Qualify Due To Unemployment Of A Parent
 65A-1.517. Immunization Program
 65A-1.518. The Family Transition Program (Welfare Reform)
 65A-1.519. Child Care
 65A-1.520. Learnfare And Family Cap Requirements
 65A-1.521. Work Sanctions
 65A-1.601. Food Stamp Program Definitions
 65A-1.602. Food Assistance Program Case Processing
 65A-1.603. Food Assistance Program Income And Expenses
 65A-1.604. Food Stamp Issuance
 65A-1.605. Food Stamp Employment And Training
 65A-1.606. Food Stamp Assets
 65A-1.630. Legal Immigrant&Apos;S Temporary Income Bridge Program
 65A-1.701. Definitions
 65A-1.702. Special Provisions
 65A-1.703. Family-Related Medicaid Coverage Groups
 65A-1.704. Family-Related Medicaid Eligibility Determination Process
 65A-1.705. Family-Related Medicaid General Eligibility Criteria
 65A-1.706. Family-Related Medicaid Needs Criteria
 65A-1.707. Family-Related Medicaid Income Criteria
 65A-1.708. Family-Related Medicaid Budgeting Criteria
 65A-1.709. Ssi-Related Medicaid Coverage
 65A-1.710. Ssi-Related Medicaid Coverage Groups
 65A-1.711. Ssi-Related Medicaid Non-Financial Eligibility Criteria
 65A-1.712. Ssi-Related Medicaid Resource Eligibility Criteria
 65A-1.713. Ssi-Related Medicaid Income Eligibility Criteria
 65A-1.714. Ssi-Related Medicaid Post-Eligibility Treatment Of Income
 65A-1.715. Emergency Medical Services For Aliens
 65A-1.716. Income And Resource Criteria
 65A-1.720. Medicare Buy-In Demonstration Project
 65A-1.721. Medicaid Ticket To Work
 65A-1.725. Medicaid For Pregnant Women Pilot Project
 65A-1.730. Medikids
 65A-1.801. Purpose
 65A-1.802. Administrative Definitions And Acronyms Applicable To Rap
 65A-1.803. General Eligibility
 65A-1.804. Citizenship
 65A-1.805. Employment Registration And Participation In Employment And Language Training Programs
 65A-1.806. Need Requirement
 65A-1.807. Assets
 65A-1.808. Income
 65A-1.809. Budgeting
 65A-1.900. Overpayment And Benefit Recovery
 65A-1.901. Public Assistance Fraud Reward Program
 65A-1.5061. Eligibility Requirements For Teens
 65A-1.7141. Ssi-Related Medicaid Post Eligibility Treatment Of Income
 65A-2.022. Rights And Responsibilities
 65A-2.023. Application And Determination Of Eligibility
 65A-2.024. Determination Of Continued Eligibility
 65A-2.031. Advance Notice: Written Ten Day Advance Notice
 65A-2.032. Optional State Supplementation Eligibility Criteria
 65A-2.033. Optional State Supplementation Coverage Groups
 65A-2.034. Definitions Of Special Living Arrangements
 65A-2.035. Income Calculation
 65A-2.036. Optional State Supplementation Base Provider Rates And Program Standards
 65A-4.100. Relocation Assistance
 65A-4.101. Wages Early Exit Diversion Program
 65A-4.201. Criteria For Hardship Extensions And Exemptions To Cash Assistance Time Limit
 65A-4.202. Calculation Of Assistance Time Limits
 65A-4.203. Personal Care Of A Disabled Family Member
 65A-4.205. Penalties For Nonparticipation In Work Requirements
 65A-4.206. Work Requirements Under Medical Incapacity, Ssi/Ssdi, And Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment
 65A-4.207. Age
 65A-4.208. Need
 65A-4.209. Income
 65A-4.210. Budgeting
 65A-4.212. Up-Front Diversion
 65A-4.213. Learnfare Program
 65A-4.214. Family Cap Requirements
 65A-4.215. Temporary Cash Assistance Eligibility Of Pregnant Women
 65A-4.216. Immunization Program
 65A-4.218. Child Care
 65A-4.219. Determination Of Continued Eligibility
 65A-4.220. Amount And Duration Of Cash Payment
 65A-4.221. Drug Testing For Temporary Cash Assistance Applicants
 65A-4.301. Drug Screening And Drug Testing Of Temporary Cash Assistance Applicants
 65A-4.2081. Hurricane Katrina Emergency Assistance Program For Evacuees
 65A-4.2082. State Temporary Recovery Assistance Program
 65A-4.2131. Learnfare Requirements
 65A-24.010. Purpose
 65A-24.011. Implementation
 65A-24.012. Legal Base And Authority
 65A-24.013. Administrative Responsibilities
 65A-24.014. Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations, Acronyms
 65A-24.015. General Eligibility
 65A-24.016. Eligible Categories
 65A-24.017. Time Limitations For Program Administration
 65A-24.018. Ineligible Categories Of Assistance
 65A-24.019. Reconsideration Review And State Fair Hearing
 65A-24.020. Fraud, Duplication Of Benefits, Grant Misapplication, Exemptions From Garnishment
 65A-24.021. Criminal And Civil Penalties
 65A-24.022. Civil Rights
 65A-24.023. Applications, Locations, Time Limitations
 65A-24.024. Document, Substantiate, Verify
 65A-32.001. Food Stamp Employment And Training
 65A-32.002. Afdc Employment And Training Program
 65A-32.227. Family Transition Program
 65A-33.001. Purpose And Legal Base
 65A-33.002. Referral Services
 65A-33.003. Definitions
 65A-33.004. Eligibility Factors Other Than Income
 65A-33.005. Determination Of Eligibility Based On Income
 65A-33.006. Income
 65A-33.007. Verification
 65A-33.008. Program Administration
 65A-33.011. Type And Amount Of Assistance