65. Department of Children and Families

 65C-1.001. Purpose Of The Home Care Program
 65C-1.002. Definitions
 65C-1.003. Screening And Application
 65C-1.004. Eligibility
 65C-1.005. Financial Determination
 65C-1.006. Provider Requirements
 65C-1.007. Home Study Standards
 65C-1.009. Petition Proceedings
 65C-1.014. Confidentiality Of Information
 65C-2.002. Definitions
 65C-2.005. Provider Requirements
 65C-2.006. Provider Application Procedures
 65C-2.007. Fee For Services
 65C-2.008. Community Care Costs
 65C-5.001. Definitions
 65C-5.002. Health Care Screening And Treatment
 65C-5.003. Assessment, Case Planning And Service Provision
 65C-5.004. Child Safety And Well-Being In Substitute Care Placements
 65C-5.005. Dispute Resolution
 65C-5.006. Permanency Planning For Children
 65C-5.007. Reunification
 65C-5.008. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Children
 65C-5.009. Administrative Fines For False Reporting
 65C-5.010. Collecting Information On Clients In The Programs
 65C-6.001. Definitions
 65C-6.002. Certification
 65C-6.003. Procedures For Funding
 65C-6.004. Standards For Certification
 65C-6.006. Evaluation
 65C-6.007. Appeal Hearings
 65C-9.001. Purpose
 65C-9.002. Definitions
 65C-9.003. Procedure For Handling Foreign National Children Alleged To Be Abused, Neglected Or Abandoned
 65C-10.001. Definitions
 65C-10.002. Reports Of Child Abuse And Neglect
 65C-10.003. Child Protective Investigations
 65C-10.004. Medical Screening And Medical Examination Of Children Alleged To Be Abused Or Neglected
 65C-10.005. Institutional Child Protective Investigations
 65C-10.006. Criminal And Abuse History Checks
 65C-11.001. Definitions
 65C-11.002. Ongoing Assessment And Documentation Requirements
 65C-11.003. Relative Placements
 65C-11.004. Non-Relative Placements
 65C-11.005. Termination Of Supervision
 65C-12.001. Definitions
 65C-12.002. Health Screenings And Assessments
 65C-12.003. Medical Treatment
 65C-12.004. Ongoing Health Care
 65C-12.005. Medicaid Eligibility Procedures
 65C-12.006. Mental Health And Substance Abuse Services For Children
 65C-12.007. Placement Procedures
 65C-12.008. Case Supervision Responsibilities
 65C-12.009. Voluntary Placements
 65C-12.010. Central Placement Authority
 65C-12.011. Shelter Audits
 65C-12.012. Monitoring Of Emergency Shelters
 65C-13.001. Definitions
 65C-13.002. Private Agency Foster Homes
 65C-13.003. Pre-Service And In-Service Training
 65C-13.004. Initial Licensing Procedures For Foster Homes, Emergency Shelters And Group Homes
 65C-13.005. Changes During The Licensed Year
 65C-13.006. Relicensing Procedures
 65C-13.007. Respite Care
 65C-13.008. Prospective Foster Parent Inquiries
 65C-13.009. Parent Preparation And Mutual Selection
 65C-13.010. Substitute Care Parents&Apos; Role As A Team Member
 65C-13.011. Minimum Standards For Licensure Of Family Foster Homes, Family Emergency Shelter Homes And Family Group Homes
 65C-13.012. Substitute Family Records
 65C-13.013. Definitions And Glossary
 65C-13.014. Entry Into Foster Care
 65C-13.015. The Prevention And Management Of Sexual Assault In Foster Care
 65C-13.016. Health Care
 65C-13.017. Services For Hiv Infected Children
 65C-13.018. Services To Parents Of Children In Foster Care
 65C-13.019. Administrative Review
 65C-13.020. Permanency Staffings
 65C-13.021. Post-Placement And Protective Supervision
 65C-13.022. Definitions
 65C-13.023. Background Screening Requirements
 65C-13.024. Parent Preparation Pre-Service Training
 65C-13.025. Initial Licensing And Unified Home Study
 65C-13.026. Continuing Education
 65C-13.027. Changes During The Licensed Year
 65C-13.028. Re-Licensing
 65C-13.029. Licensed Out-Of-Home Team Member Roles
 65C-13.030. Standards For Licensed Out-Of-Home Caregivers
 65C-13.031. Terms Of A License
 65C-13.032. Over-Capacity Assessments And Exceptions
 65C-13.033. Babysitting, Overnight Care, Extended Overnight Care And Other Supervision Arrangements
 65C-13.034. Foster Care Referrals And Investigations
 65C-13.035. Administrative Actions, Appeals And Closures
 65C-14.001. Definitions
 65C-14.002. Licensed Child Caring Agencies
 65C-14.003. Application And Licensing
 65C-14.004. On Site Visits
 65C-14.005. Grievance Procedure
 65C-14.006. Administration And Organization
 65C-14.007. Buildings, Grounds, Equipment And Interior Accommodations
 65C-14.008. Interior Accommodations
 65C-14.009. Ventilation And Lighting
 65C-14.010. Safety, Sanitation And Food Service Requirements
 65C-14.011. Fire Regulations
 65C-14.012. Transportation Safety
 65C-14.013. Food And Nutrition
 65C-14.014. Health And Medical Services
 65C-14.015. Administration Of Medication
 65C-14.016. Incident Notification Procedures
 65C-14.017. Child Abuse And Neglect And Incident Notification Procedures
 65C-14.018. Individual Needs Of Children In Care
 65C-14.019. Recreation, Leisure Activities And Work Experience
 65C-14.020. Clothing And Personal Belongings
 65C-14.021. Discipline And Behavior Management
 65C-14.022. Records And Confidentiality Requirements
 65C-14.023. Personnel And Staffing Requirements
 65C-14.024. Staffing Requirements
 65C-14.025. Volunteers
 65C-14.026. Organization
 65C-14.027. Confidentiality Related To Hiv Infected Children
 65C-14.040. Admission, Placement, And Ongoing Services
 65C-14.041. Medical Information
 65C-14.042. Orientation
 65C-14.043. Child&Apos;S Case Record
 65C-14.044. Placement Agreement
 65C-14.045. Program Services For Children In Care
 65C-14.046. Continuing Service Plan And Review
 65C-14.047. Educational And Vocational Services
 65C-14.048. Discharge Planning And Post-Release Services
 65C-14.049. Religious And Ethnic Heritage
 65C-14.050. Interior Space
 65C-14.051. Food Service
 65C-14.052. Health Care
 65C-14.053. Apparel And Allowance
 65C-14.054. Personnel
 65C-14.055. Job Functions And Staff Qualifications
 65C-14.056. Staff Development
 65C-14.060. Standards For Contracted Emergency Shelters
 65C-14.061. Standards For Runaway Shelters
 65C-14.062. Medical Care In All Runaway Shelters
 65C-14.070. Specific Rules For Maternity Residences
 65C-14.071. Admission And Planning
 65C-14.072. Medical Information
 65C-14.073. Discharge
 65C-14.074. Counseling Services
 65C-14.075. Education And Vocational Service
 65C-14.076. Orientation
 65C-14.077. Case Record
 65C-14.078. Interior Furnishings And Space
 65C-14.079. Staffing Requirements For Maternity Residences
 65C-14.080. Food Service
 65C-14.081. Health Care
 65C-14.082. Apparel And Allowance
 65C-14.083. Personnel
 65C-14.084. Job Functions And Staff Qualifications
 65C-14.085. Staff Development
 65C-14.090. Exemptions
 65C-14.091. Administrative Organization
 65C-14.092. Course Admission And Planning
 65C-14.093. Medical History
 65C-14.094. Program Orientation
 65C-14.095. Case Record
 65C-14.096. Case Plan
 65C-14.097. Food Service
 65C-14.098. Health
 65C-14.099. Aquatic Safety Procedures
 65C-14.100. Fire And Weather Safety
 65C-14.101. Sedentary Programs
 65C-14.102. Mobile Programs
 65C-14.103. Personnel Practices
 65C-14.104. Job Descriptions
 65C-14.105. Training
 65C-14.110. Specific Exemptions For Wilderness Camps
 65C-14.111. Structural And Safety Requirements
 65C-14.112. Clothing And Personal Needs
 65C-14.113. Water Safety
 65C-14.114. Admission, Education And Case Record Procedures
 65C-14.115. Wilderness Camp Personnel Policies
 65C-14.116. Administrative Actions, Appeals And Closures
 65C-14.117. Standards For Contracted Emergency Shelters
 65C-14.118. Standards For Runaway Shelters
 65C-15.001. Definitions
 65C-15.002. Licensed Child-Placing Agencies
 65C-15.003. Application And Licensing Study
 65C-15.004. On-Site Visits And Complaint Investigation
 65C-15.005. Disclosure
 65C-15.006. Statement Of Purpose
 65C-15.007. Incorporation
 65C-15.008. Governing Body
 65C-15.009. Responsibilities Of The Governing Body
 65C-15.010. Finances
 65C-15.011. Changes In Agency Function Or Purpose
 65C-15.012. Notification Of Critical Injury, Illness Or Death
 65C-15.013. Right To Privacy
 65C-15.014. Office Equipment And Transportation
 65C-15.015. Policies And Practices
 65C-15.016. Staff Functions And Qualifications
 65C-15.017. Personnel
 65C-15.018. Staff Development
 65C-15.019. Volunteers
 65C-15.020. Intake Procedures And Practices For Children In Foster Care And Residential Care
 65C-15.021. Services To Families And Children In Foster Care
 65C-15.022. Agency Services To Children In Foster Care
 65C-15.023. Foster Home Licensing
 65C-15.024. Foster Home Studies
 65C-15.025. Monitoring And Annual Licensing Study
 65C-15.026. Recommendations To Deny An Initial License Or Revoke A Family Foster Home License
 65C-15.027. The Agency&Apos;S Responsibilities To Licensed Out-Of-Home Caregivers
 65C-15.028. Adoption Home Study
 65C-15.029. Services To Adoptive And Birth Parents
 65C-15.030. Case Records
 65C-15.031. Child&Apos;S Case Records
 65C-15.032. Family Case Record
 65C-15.033. Family Foster Home Records
 65C-15.034. Adoptive Home Records
 65C-15.035. Agency Closure
 65C-15.0035. License Renewal
 65C-15.036. Intercountry Adoption Services
 65C-15.037. Interstate Adoptions
 65C-15.038. Specific Rules For Lead Agencies And Contracted Providers
 65C-16.001. Definitions
 65C-16.002. Adoptive Family Selection
 65C-16.003. Case Reviews
 65C-16.004. Recruitment, Screening And Application Process/Adoptive Applicants
 65C-16.005. Evaluation Of Applicants
 65C-16.006. Use Of References
 65C-16.007. Abuse Hotline And Registry And Criminal Records Checks
 65C-16.008. Dispute Resolutions And Appeals
 65C-16.009. Adoption Placement
 65C-16.010. Adoption Placement - Post-Placement Services
 65C-16.011. Confidentiality - Human Immunodeficiency Virus (Hiv) Infected Clients
 65C-16.012. Types Of Adoption Assistance
 65C-16.013. Determination Of Maintenance Subsidy Payments
 65C-16.014. Post Adoption Services
 65C-16.015. Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses
 65C-16.016. Access To Closed Adoption Records
 65C-16.017. Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
 65C-16.018. Adoption Benefits For Qualifying Employees Of State Agencies
 65C-16.019. Intervention In Dependency Cases
 65C-16.020. Communication Or Contact
 65C-16.021. Adoption Benefits For Qualifying Adoptive Employees Of State Agencies
 65C-16.0131. Determination Of Extension Of Maintenance Subsidy Payments
 65C-17.001. Authority
 65C-17.002. Definitions
 65C-17.003. Planning And Budgeting Functions
 65C-17.004. Criteria
 65C-17.005. Fee Waiver And Change In Allowance Procedures
 65C-17.006. Department Caseworker And Legal Responsibilities
 65C-19.001. Definitions
 65C-19.002. Claiming Allowable Expenditures
 65C-19.003. Title Iv-E Eligibility Criteria
 65C-19.004. Allowability Of Costs
 65C-19.005. Administrative Costs
 65C-19.006. Cost Pool
 65C-19.007. Allowable Maintenance Costs
 65C-19.008. Nonreimbursable Expenditures
 65C-19.009. Accounting/Claiming Procedures
 65C-19.010. Eligibility/Reimbursability Determination
 65C-20.001. Purpose
 65C-20.002. Personnel
 65C-20.003. Physical Facility
 65C-20.004. Nutrition
 65C-20.005. Admission And Record Keeping
 65C-20.006. Care For Children During Night Time Hours
 65C-20.007. Child Discipline
 65C-20.008. Application
 65C-20.009. Staffing Requirements
 65C-20.010. Health And Safety Related Requirements
 65C-20.011. Health Records
 65C-20.012. Enforcement
 65C-20.013. Large Family Child Care Homes (Lfcch)
 65C-20.014. Gold Seal Quality Care Program
 65C-21.001. Community Child Care Coordinating Agencies
 65C-21.002. Minimum Standards For Licensed Child Care Programs
 65C-21.003. Fee Schedule
 65C-22.001. General Requirements
 65C-22.002. Physical Environment
 65C-22.003. Training
 65C-22.004. Health Related Requirements
 65C-22.005. Food And Nutrition
 65C-22.006. Record Keeping
 65C-22.007. Evening Child Care
 65C-22.008. School-Age Child Care
 65C-22.009. Gold Seal Quality Care Program
 65C-22.010. Enforcement
 65C-22.0011. Definitions
 65C-23.001. Assessment
 65C-23.002. Healthy Families Florida
 65C-24.001. Definition Of Terms
 65C-24.002. Federal Funding Requirements
 65C-24.003. Home Study Requirements
 65C-24.004. Relative Caregiver Program Benefit Payments
 65C-24.005. Legal Requirements
 65C-24.006. Permanency Planning Requirements
 65C-24.007. Placement Supervision
 65C-24.008. Child Care
 65C-24.009. Child Support Collection
 65C-24.010. Eligibility Requirements
 65C-24.011. Eligibility Process
 65C-24.012. Determining The Amount Of The Monthly Benefit Payment
 65C-25.001. Definitions
 65C-25.002. Admission And Assessment
 65C-25.003. General Information
 65C-25.004. Physical Environment
 65C-25.005. Personnel Requirements
 65C-25.006. Health And Safety
 65C-25.007. Food And Nutrition
 65C-25.008. Record Keeping
 65C-26.001. General Information
 65C-26.002. Program Guidelines
 65C-26.003. Allocation Methodology
 65C-27.001. Definitions
 65C-27.002. Timeframes
 65C-28.001. Definitions
 65C-28.002. Family Time
 65C-28.003. Medical Treatment
 65C-28.004. Placement Matching
 65C-28.005. Changing Placements
 65C-28.006. Permanency Staffings
 65C-28.007. Voluntary Licensed Out-Of-Home Care
 65C-28.008. Relative Caregiver Program Requirements
 65C-28.009. Adolescent Services
 65C-28.010. Minor Parents In The Custody Of The Department
 65C-28.011. Criminal, Delinquency And Abuse/Neglect History Checks For Release To A Parent, Placement With A Relative And Non-Relative And Approval Of Informal Safety Management Providers
 65C-28.012. Other Parent Home Assessment And Home Studies For Relative And Non-Relative Placements
 65C-28.013. Indian Child Welfare Act
 65C-28.014. Behavioral Health Services
 65C-28.015. Residential Mental Health Treatment
 65C-28.016. Psychotropic Medications
 65C-28.017. Exit Interviews
 65C-28.018. Meeting The Child&Apos;S Educational Needs
 65C-28.019. Normalcy
 65C-29.001. Definitions
 65C-29.002. Reports Of Child Abuse, Neglect Or Abandonment
 65C-29.003. Child Protective Investigations
 65C-29.004. Institutional Child Protective Investigations
 65C-29.005. Children Denied Shelter (Lockouts)
 65C-29.006. Foster Care Referrals
 65C-29.007. Child-On-Child Sexual Abuse
 65C-29.008. Initial Health Care Assessment For Children Alleged To Be Abused, Neglected Or Abandoned
 65C-29.009. Criminal, Juvenile And Abuse/Neglect History Checks
 65C-29.010. False Reports
 65C-29.011. Out-Of-Town Inquiries
 65C-29.012. Transfer Of Child Protective Investigations Within And Between Circuits
 65C-29.013. Diligent Efforts To Locate
 65C-29.014. High Risk Tracking And Review
 65C-29.015. Internal Reviews
 65C-30.001. Definitions
 65C-30.002. Safety Planning And Case Transfer
 65C-30.003. Diligent Search
 65C-30.004. Identification Of Children
 65C-30.005. Ongoing Family Functioning Assessment
 65C-30.006. Case Planning
 65C-30.007. Case Management Responsibilities After Case Transfer
 65C-30.008. Child Welfare Professional Responsibilities To Parents
 65C-30.009. Least Intrusive Interventions
 65C-30.010. Voluntary Protective Services
 65C-30.011. Placement Responsibilities Of The Child Welfare Professional
 65C-30.012. Permanency Goal Selection
 65C-30.013. Judicial Reviews And Court Reports
 65C-30.014. Post-Placement Supervision And Services
 65C-30.015. New Reports Received, Removal, And Placement Of Children
 65C-30.016. New Children In Families Under Supervision
 65C-30.017. Coordination Of Services For Youth Involved With The Department Of Juvenile Justice
 65C-30.018. Out-Of-County Services
 65C-30.019. Missing Children
 65C-30.020. Child Fatalities
 65C-30.021. Child Death Reviews
 65C-30.022. Termination Of Services
 65C-31.001. Definitions
 65C-31.002. Case Management For Young Adults Formerly In Foster Care
 65C-31.003. Aftercare Support Services For Young Adults Formerly In Foster Care
 65C-31.004. Road To Independence Scholarship
 65C-31.005. Transitional Support Services For Young Adults Formerly In Foster Care
 65C-31.006. Young Adult Services Documentation Requirements
 65C-31.007. High School Needs Assessment
 65C-31.008. Post Secondary Needs Assessment
 65C-31.009. Independent Living Benefits Due Process Notification
 65C-31.010. Jurisdictional And Service Requirements For Young Adults Formerly In The Custody Of The Department
 65C-31.011. Independent Living Program Budget Management
 65C-32.001. Definitions
 65C-32.002. Parenting Course Delivery
 65C-32.003. Required Components Of The Parenting Course
 65C-32.004. Parenting Course Test
 65C-32.005. Parenting Course Approval
 65C-32.006. Parenting Course Approval Process
 65C-32.007. Complaints
 65C-32.008. Revocation Of Course Approval
 65C-33.001. Definitions
 65C-33.002. Certification For Child Welfare Professionals
 65C-33.003. Child Welfare Pre-Service Training
 65C-33.004. Pre-Service Training Post-Test Assessments
 65C-33.005. Provisional Certification
 65C-33.006. Full Certification
 65C-33.007. Additional Requirements For Supervisor Certification
 65C-33.008. Certification Renewal
 65C-33.009. Certificate Issuance
 65C-33.010. Waiver Process
 65C-33.011. Certification Revocation
 65C-33.012. Child Welfare Trainer Certification
 65C-33.013. &Quot;Supervising For Excellence&Quot; Trainer Certification
 65C-33.014. Third Party Credentialing Entities&Apos; Application And Review Process
 65C-33.015. Revocation Or Suspension Department Approval Of Third-Party Credentialing Entity Status
 65C-33.016. Trainer Certification
 65C-35.001. Definitions
 65C-35.002. Behavioral Health Services
 65C-35.003. Parent Or Legal Guardian Involvement
 65C-35.004. Caregiver Involvement
 65C-35.005. Child Involvement In Treatment Planning
 65C-35.006. Taking A Child Into Custody Who Is Taking Psychotropic Medication
 65C-35.007. Authority To Provide Psychotropic Medications To Children In Out-Of-Home Care
 65C-35.008. Parent Or Legal Guardian Declines To Consent To Or Withdraws Consent For The Provision Of Psychotropic Medication
 65C-35.009. Parent Or Legal Guardian Rights Terminated; Parent Or Legal Guardian Refuses To Participate; Or Parent Or Legal Guardian Location Or Identity Unknown
 65C-35.010. Emergency Administration Of Psychotropic Medication
 65C-35.011. Medication Monitoring And Administration
 65C-35.012. Requests For Second Opinions And Pre-Consent Reviews
 65C-35.013. Medical Report
 65C-35.014. Training On Psychotropic Medication
 65C-36.001. Definitions
 65C-36.002. General Provisions
 65C-36.003. Responsibilities Of The Florida Abuse Hotline
 65C-36.004. Responsibilities Related To The Child Protective Investigation
 65C-36.005. Responsibilities Of The Department Of Children And Family Services Region Director
 65C-36.006. Responsibilities Of The Lead Agency
 65C-36.007. State Child Fatality Prevention Specialist Responsibilities
 65C-36.008. Region Child Fatality Prevention Specialist Responsibilities
 65C-36.009. Dispute Resolution
 65C-37.001. Third-Party Credentialing Entities&Apos; Application And Review Process
 65C-37.002. Revocation Of Third-Party Credentialing Entity Status
 65C-37.003. Preservice Curriculum And Core Competencies Review Process
 65C-37.004. Core Competencies For Child Welfare Professionals
 65C-38.001. Definitions
 65C-38.002. Child Abuse, Abandonment And Neglect Record Check
 65C-39.001. Summer Camp Background Screening Requirements
 65C-41.001. Definitions
 65C-41.002. Application Procedures
 65C-41.003. Eligibility Requirements
 65C-41.004. Transition And Case Plans
 65C-41.005. Discharge From Program
 65C-41.006. Conflict Resolution And Appeals
 65C-41.0031. Supervised Living Arrangement
 65C-42.001. Definitions
 65C-42.002. Postsecondary Education Services And Support
 65C-42.003. Aftercare Services
 65C-42.004. Appeals
 65C-43.001. Initial Screening Instrument
 65C-43.002. Reporting
 65C-43.003. Criteria For Certification Of Safe Foster Homes And Safe Houses
 65C-43.004. Training For Foster Parents Of Safe Foster Homes And Staff Of Safe Houses
 65C-43.005. Specialized Training In Serving Sexually Exploited Children
 65C-43.006. Administrative Actions