65. Department of Children and Families

 65D-16.003. Definitions
 65D-16.004. Common Licensure Requirements And Procedures
 65D-16.007. Minimum Standards For Addictions Receiving Facilities
 65D-16.008. Minimum Standards For Detoxification Programs
 65D-16.009. Minimum Standards For Residential Programs
 65D-16.010. Minimum Standards For Nonresidential Programs
 65D-16.011. Minimum Standards For Prevention Programs
 65D-16.012. Minimum Standards For Intervention Programs
 65D-16.014. Minimum Standards For Medication Programs
 65D-30.001. Title
 65D-30.002. Definitions
 65D-30.003. Department Licensing And Regulatory Standards
 65D-30.004. Common Licensing Standards
 65D-30.005. Standards For Addictions Receiving Facilities
 65D-30.006. Standards For Detoxification
 65D-30.007. Standards For Residential Treatment
 65D-30.008. Standards For Day Or Night Treatment With Host Homes
 65D-30.009. Standards For Day Or Night Treatment
 65D-30.010. Standards For Outpatient Treatment
 65D-30.011. Standards For Aftercare
 65D-30.012. Standards For Intervention
 65D-30.013. Standards For Prevention
 65D-30.014. Standards For Medication-Assisted Treatment For Opioid Addiction
 65D-30.0031. Certifications And Recognitions Required By Statute
 65D-30.0032. Display Of Licenses
 65D-30.0033. License Types
 65D-30.0034. Change In Status Of License
 65D-30.0035. Required Fees
 65D-30.0036. Licensure Application And Renewal
 65D-30.0037. Department Licensing Procedures
 65D-30.0038. Violations; Imposition Of Administrative Fines; Grounds
 65D-30.0041. Clinical Records
 65D-30.0042. Clinical And Medical Guidelines
 65D-30.0043. Placement
 65D-30.0044. Plans, Progress Notes, And Summaries
 65D-30.0045. Rights Of Individuals
 65D-30.0046. Staff Training, Qualifications, And Scope Of Practice
 65D-30.0047. Facility Standards
 65D-30.0048. S
 65D-30.0049. Voluntary And Involuntary Placement
 65D-30.0061. Standards For Intensive Inpatient Treatment
 65D-30.0081. Standards For Day Or Night Treatment With Community Housing
 65D-30.0091. Standards For Intensive Outpatient Treatment
 65D-31.001. Applicability
 65D-31.002. Definitions
 65D-31.003. Managing Entity Qualifications
 65D-31.004. Functions Of Managing Entities
 65D-31.005. Managing Entity Policies Requiring Departmental Approval
 65D-31.006. Department&Apos;S Responsibilities