65. Department of Children and Families

 65E-4.014. Standards For Client Records, Treatment And Quality Assurance
 65E-4.016. Mental Health Residential Treatment Facilities
 65E-5.024. Types Of Receiving Facilities
 65E-5.026. Special Responsibilities Of Receiving Facilities
 65E-5.027. Responsibility Of Community Mental Health Centers And Clinics
 65E-5.032. Patient Rights
 65E-5.050. Forms And Clinical Record Requirements
 65E-5.100. Definitions
 65E-5.110. Delegation Of Authority
 65E-5.115. Mental Health Personnel
 65E-5.120. Forms
 65E-5.130. Continuity Of Care Management System
 65E-5.140. Rights Of Persons
 65E-5.150. Person?S Right To Individual Dignity
 65E-5.160. Right To Treatment
 65E-5.170. Right To Express And Informed Consent
 65E-5.180. Right To Quality Treatment
 65E-5.190. Right To Communication And Visits
 65E-5.200. Right To Care And Custody Of Personal Effects
 65E-5.210. Right To Vote In Public Elections
 65E-5.220. Right To Habeas Corpus
 65E-5.230. Guardian Advocate
 65E-5.250. Clinical Records; Confidentiality
 65E-5.260. Transportation
 65E-5.270. Voluntary Admission
 65E-5.280. Involuntary Examination
 65E-5.285. Involuntary Outpatient Placement
 65E-5.290. Involuntary Inpatient Placement
 65E-5.300. Continued Involuntary Inpatient Placement At Treatment Facilities
 65E-5.310. Transfer Of Persons Among Facilities
 65E-5.320. Discharge Of Persons On Involuntary Status
 65E-5.330. Training
 65E-5.350. Eligibility Criteria And Procedures For Designation Of Baker Act Receiving Facilities
 65E-5.351. Minimum Standards For Designated Receiving Facilities
 65E-5.352. Procedures For Complaints And Investigations In Receiving Facilities
 65E-5.353. Criteria And Procedures For Suspension Or Withdrawal Of Designation Of Receiving Facilities
 65E-5.400. Baker Act Funded Services Standards
 65E-5.601. Operation And Administration Of State Mental Health Treatment Facilities
 65E-5.602. Rights Of Residents Of State Mental Health Treatment Facilities
 65E-5.1301. Transfer Evaluations For Admission To State Mental Health Treatment Facilities From Receiving Facilities
 65E-5.1302. Admissions To State Treatment Facilities
 65E-5.1303. Discharge From Receiving And Treatment Facilities
 65E-5.1304. Discharge Policies Of Receiving And Treatment Facilities
 65E-5.1305. Discharge From A State Treatment Facility
 65E-5.1601. General Management Of The Treatment Environment
 65E-5.1602. Individual Behavioral Management Programs
 65E-5.1703. Emergency Treatment Orders For The Administration Of Psychotropic Medications
 65E-5.1802. Maintenance Of The Facility
 65E-5.2301. Health Care Surrogate Or Proxy
 65E-5.2601. Transportation Exception Plan
 65E-5.2801. S
 65E-9.001. Applicability
 65E-9.002. Definitions
 65E-9.003. Licensure
 65E-9.004. Administrative Enforcement
 65E-9.005. Operating Standards
 65E-9.006. Program Standards
 65E-9.007. Staffing
 65E-9.008. Admission
 65E-9.009. Treatment Planning
 65E-9.010. Length Of Stay
 65E-9.011. Discharge And Discharge Planning
 65E-9.012. Rights Of Children
 65E-9.013. Restraint, Seclusion, And Time-Out
 65E-9.014. Medication Administration And Use Of Psychotropic Medication
 65E-10.013. Applicability
 65E-10.014. Definitions
 65E-10.016. Licensing Requirements
 65E-10.018. Client Eligibility For Placement In Residential Treatment Programs
 65E-10.019. Cost Sharing
 65E-10.021. Standards For Residential Treatment Programs Serving Emotionally Disturbed Children And Adolescents
 65E-11.001. Purpose; Construction
 65E-11.002. Definitions
 65E-11.003. Scope Of Behavioral Health Services
 65E-11.004. Clinical Guidelines For Referral
 65E-11.005. Behavioral Health Services Standards
 65E-11.006. Performance-Based Measures And Outcomes
 65E-11.007. Practice Guidelines For Behavioral Health Services To Ensure Cost-Effective Treatment And To Prevent Unnecessary Expenditures
 65E-12.103. Definitions
 65E-12.104. Licensing Procedure
 65E-12.105. Minimum Staffing Standards
 65E-12.106. Common Minimum Program Standards
 65E-12.107. Minimum Standards For Crisis Stabilization Units (Csus)
 65E-12.108. Minimum Standards For Short-Term Residential Treatment Programs (Srt)
 65E-12.109. Minimum Construction Standards For New Csu And Srt Facilities Initially Licensed After March 1987
 65E-12.110. Integrated Crisis Stabilization Unit And Addictions Receiving Facility Services
 65E-14.001. Applicability
 65E-14.002. Retention And Access Requirements For Records
 65E-14.003. Audits Of Samh-Funded Entities
 65E-14.004. Program Income
 65E-14.005. Matching
 65E-14.006. Valuation Of Donated And Volunteer Services
 65E-14.007. Appraisal Of Real Property
 65E-14.010. Property
 65E-14.011. Programmatic Changes And Budget Revisions
 65E-14.012. Contract Closeout, Suspension, And Termination
 65E-14.014. Samh-Funded Responsibilities
 65E-14.016. Transactions Resulting In Additional Cost To The Program
 65E-14.017. Cost Principles
 65E-14.018. Sliding Fee Scale
 65E-14.019. Methods Of Paying For Services
 65E-14.020. Cost Reimbursement Method Of Payment
 65E-14.021. Schedule Of Covered Services
 65E-14.022. Data Requirements
 65E-15.021. Definitions
 65E-15.031. Priority Clients
 65E-15.032. Intensive Case Management Team Services
 65E-15.041. Case Status
 65E-15.051. Case Management
 65E-15.071. State Treatment Facility And Case Management Activities
 65E-15.081. Case Management Record
 65E-15.111. Systems Management
 65E-20.002. Definitions
 65E-20.003. The Right To Individual Dignity
 65E-20.005. The Right To Express And Informed Consent
 65E-20.010. Transportation
 65E-20.011. Receipt Of Commitment Orders And Required Documentation
 65E-20.012. Admission To A Forensic Facility
 65E-20.014. Seclusion And Restraint For Behavior Management Purposes
 65E-25.001. Assessment And Evaluation Procedures
 65E-25.002. Education And Training Requirements For Multidisciplinary Team Members
 65E-25.003. Criteria For Recommendation That Involuntary Civil Commitment Petition Be Filed
 65E-25.004. Designation Of Secure Facilities
 65E-25.005. Basic Treatment Plan Components
 65E-25.006. Notification Of Examination
 65E-26.001. Applicability
 65E-26.002. Enrollment And Eligibility Requirements