65. Department of Children and Families

 65G-1.010. Definitions
 65G-1.046. Crisis Determination Procedure
 65G-1.047. Crisis Status Criteria
 65G-2.001. Definitions
 65G-2.002. License Application And Renewal Procedures
 65G-2.003. Length Of Licenses
 65G-2.004. License Violations
 65G-2.005. License Denial, Suspension, Or Revocation
 65G-2.006. Licensed Capacity
 65G-2.007. General Facility Standards
 65G-2.008. Staffing Requirements
 65G-2.009. Resident Care And Supervision Standards
 65G-2.010. Fire And Emergency Procedures
 65G-2.011. Foster Care Facility Standards
 65G-2.012. Group Home Facility Standards
 65G-2.013. Residential Habilitation Center Standards
 65G-2.014. Comprehensive Transitional Education Program Standards
 65G-2.015. Siting
 65G-2.016. Residential Fee Collection
 65G-2.017. Health Safety Standards For Licensed Facilities
 65G-2.0031. Other Licenses
 65G-2.0032. Agency Monitoring And Oversight
 65G-2.0041. License Violations - Fines And Other Disciplinary Actions
 65G-4.001. Definitions For Behavioral Services: Practice And Procedure
 65G-4.002. Service Delivery
 65G-4.003. Certification As A Behavior Analyst
 65G-4.004. Certification As An Associate Behavior Analyst
 65G-4.005. Renewal Of Behavior Analysis Certification
 65G-4.006. Approved Continuing Education
 65G-4.007. Behavior Analysis Certification Fees
 65G-4.008. Behavior Analysis Services Oversight System Organization
 65G-4.009. Design, Implementation And Monitoring Of Behavior Analysis Services
 65G-4.010. Behavior Analysis Services Approval
 65G-4.011. Determination Of Mental Retardation In Capital Felony Cases: Intellectual And Adaptive Functioning Tests To Be Administered
 65G-4.0011. Recognized Certification Organizations For Certified Behavior Analysts
 65G-4.012. Determination Of Mental Retardation: Tests To Be Administered
 65G-4.014. Eligibility For Agency Services - Definitions
 65G-4.015. Eligibility Criteria
 65G-4.016. Application Process
 65G-4.017. Establishing Eligibility
 65G-4.0021. Tier Waivers
 65G-4.0022. Tier One Waiver
 65G-4.022. The Ibudget Florida Cost Plan
 65G-4.0023. Tier Two Waiver
 65G-4.0024. Tier Three Waiver
 65G-4.024. Cost Plan Changes
 65G-4.0025. Tier Four Waiver
 65G-4.0026. Tier Waivers
 65G-4.0027. Tier One Waiver
 65G-4.027. Supplemental Cost Plan Funding
 65G-4.0028. Tier Two Waiver
 65G-4.0029. Tier Three Waiver
 65G-4.0210. Definitions
 65G-4.0211. General Provisions
 65G-4.0212. Establishing The Final Ibudget Allocation Amount
 65G-4.0213. Definitions
 65G-4.0214. Allocation Algorithm
 65G-4.0215. General Provisions
 65G-4.0216. Establishment Of The Ibudget Amount
 65G-4.0217. Ibudget Cost Plan
 65G-4.0218. Significant Additional Need Funding
 65G-4.00291. Tier Four Waiver
 65G-7.001. Definitions
 65G-7.002. Determining Need For Assistance; Informed Consent Requirement
 65G-7.003. Medication Administration Training Course
 65G-7.004. Validation Requirements
 65G-7.005. Medication Administration Procedures
 65G-7.006. Medication Errors
 65G-7.007. Storage Requirements
 65G-7.008. Documentation And Record Keeping
 65G-7.009. Off-Site Medication Administration
 65G-8.001. Definitions
 65G-8.002. Approved Emergency Procedure Curriculum
 65G-8.003. Reactive Strategy Policy And Procedures
 65G-8.004. Initial Assessments
 65G-8.005. Authorizations For Specific Reactive Strategies
 65G-8.006. Limitations On Use And Duration Of Reactive Strategies
 65G-8.007. Seclusion And Restraint
 65G-8.008. Chemical Restraint
 65G-8.009. Prohibited Procedures
 65G-8.010. Documentation And Notification
 65G-8.011. Access To Rules
 65G-8.012. Enforcement
 65G-9.002. Right To Vote In Public Elections
 65G-11.001. Definitions
 65G-11.002. Wait List Prioritization Criteria
 65G-11.003. Wait List Prioritization Procedure
 65G-13.001. Definitions
 65G-13.002. Individual And Family Supports (Ifs) Determination Procedure
 65G-13.003. Individual And Family Supports Prioritization Criteria