68E-1.001. Introduction And Scope
 68E-1.002. Introduction, Scope And Definitions
 68E-1.004. General Permit Application Procedures, Requirements And Expiration
 68E-1.005. Suspension And Revocation
 68E-1.006. Additional Special Requirements For Marine Stony Corals, Fire Corals, Sea Fans, And Marine Turtles
 68E-1.0041. Authorizations For Marine Turtle Research, Conservation, And Educational Activities
 68E-1.0061. Additional Special Requirements For Any And All Marine Turtles
 68E-2.001. Intent
 68E-2.002. Definitions
 68E-2.003. Availability Of Funds
 68E-2.004. Marine Turtle Grant Committee
 68E-2.005. Eligibility Criteria
 68E-2.006. General Grant Application Requirements
 68E-2.007. Grant Funding Criteria And Procedures
 68E-2.008. Disbursement Of Funds
 68E-2.009. Reporting Requirements
 68E-3.001. Introduction And Scope
 68E-3.003. General Permit Application Procedures And Requirements
 68E-3.004. Review, Expiration, Revocation, Penalty
 68E-4.004. Permit Application Procedures And Requirements For Obtaining A Chemical Collecting Permit For Commercial Sale
 68E-9.001. Introduction And Scope
 68E-9.002. Definitions
 68E-9.003. Artificial Reef Program Application
 68E-9.004. Program Criteria For Allocating Funds
 68E-9.005. Project Application Review And Ranking
 68E-9.006. Project Funding
 68E-9.007. Forms And Instructions
 68E-18.002. Definitions
 68E-18.003. Certificate Allocations And Fees
 68E-18.004. Spiny Lobster Trap Tags
 68E-18.005. Transfer Of Certificates
 68E-18.006. Rental Or Leasing Of Trap Tags
 68E-18.007. Trap Reduction
 68E-18.008. Suspension Of Certificates And Crawfish Endorsement
 68E-18.009. Re-Allotment Of Reverted Certificates
 68E-18.010. Commission Policy Regarding The Assessment Of Administrative Penalties