69. Department of Financial Services

 69I-3.001. Consolidated Equipment Financing Program
 69I-3.003. Procedure For Negotiation And Execution Of Master Equipment Financing Agreements
 69I-3.004. Deferred Payment Commodity Contracting
 69I-5.001. Applicability
 69I-5.002. Definitions
 69I-5.003. Schedule Of Expenditures Of State Financial Assistance
 69I-5.004. Types Of State Financial Assistance
 69I-5.005. State Project Determination
 69I-5.006. Recipient/Subrecipient And Vendor Determinations
 69I-5.007. State Projects Compliance Supplement
 69I-5.008. Criteria For Identifying Major State Projects
 69I-5.009. Criteria For Selecting State Projects For Audits Based On Inherent Risk
 69I-5.010. Approval Of Nonstate Entity Conduits
 69I-20.001. Registration
 69I-20.0011. Disclosure
 69I-20.0021. Procedures For Filing Claim
 69I-20.0022. Proof Of Ownership And Entitlement To Unclaimed Property
 69I-20.0023. Database Submissions
 69I-20.0026. Claimant Affidavit
 69I-20.0027. Payment Of Conflicting Claims
 69I-20.0028. General Principles For Joint Ownership Of Property For Accounts That Are Not Unclaimed Demand, Savings Or Checking Accounts Formerly Held By A Financial Institution
 69I-20.0029. Survivorship Accounts Reported By A Financial Institution
 69I-20.030. Definitions
 69I-20.031. Holder Due Diligence
 69I-20.034. Report Of Unclaimed Property
 69I-20.035. Reporting Safe Deposit Box Contents
 69I-20.036. Remitting Of Safe Deposit Box Contents And Reimbursement Of Expenses
 69I-20.0037. Reporting And Remitting Abandoned Property By Mail-In Secondhand Precious Metals Dealers
 69I-20.038. Late Annual Report(S), Late Payment(S), And Late Delivery Of Unclaimed Property
 69I-20.040. Written Notice
 69I-20.041. Unclaimed Property Reporting Instructions
 69I-20.050. Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
 69I-20.071. Purpose
 69I-20.072. Penalty Guideline Definitions
 69I-20.073. Calculating Penalty
 69I-20.074. Prosecutorial Discretion
 69I-20.075. , By Registrants
 69I-20.076. , By Persons Who Are Not Registrants
 69I-20.077. Criminal Proceedings
 69I-20.078. Aggravating And Mitigating Factors
 69I-20.079. Time For Payment Of Administrative Fines And Costs
 69I-20.080. Minor Violations
 69I-20.090. Orders Or Settlements Requiring Restitution
 69I-21.003. Procedure For Collection Of Delinquent Accounts
 69I-22.002. Definitions Applicable To Chapter 69i-22
 69I-22.003. Procedures
 69I-23.002. Definitions
 69I-23.003. Establishment, Modification, And Continuation Of Revolving Fund
 69I-23.004. Use Of Revolving Fund
 69I-23.005. Reimbursement Of Revolving Funds
 69I-31.108. Payroll Preparation Manual
 69I-31.801. Purpose And Applicability
 69I-31.803. Garnishee Agency Responsibilities
 69I-31.805. Assistance To Employing Agencies
 69I-31.807. Intervention By Chief Financial Officer
 69I-40.002. Requirements
 69I-40.040. Contracts And Grants
 69I-40.050. Lease Of Real Property
 69I-40.051. Purchase Of Land
 69I-40.103. Restriction Of Expenditures
 69I-41.001. Refund Of State Occupational License Tax
 69I-42.003. Forms
 69I-44.021. 534, Florida Statutes
 69I-44.022. 534, Florida Statutes
 69I-51.003. Procedures For Local Government Electronic Reporting
 69I-51.0012. Uniform Classification Of Accounts For Units Of Local Government
 69I-52.001. Applicability And Purpose
 69I-52.002. Definitions
 69I-52.003. Department Address For Document Delivery
 69I-52.004. Collection Of Statutory Share
 69I-52.005. Final Judgments Awarding Punitiveâ Damages
 69I-52.006. Settlements By The Parties
 69I-52.007. Payments To The Department
 69I-69.001. Definitions
 69I-69.002. Statement Of County Funded Court-Related Functions
 69I-69.003. Additional Auditing Procedures
 69I-69.004. Priority For Allocation Of Funds
 69I-72.001. Definitions
 69I-72.002. Threshold For Recording Tangible Personal Property For Inventory Purposes
 69I-72.003. Recording Of Property
 69I-72.004. Marking Of Property
 69I-72.005. Certification Of Surplus Property And Property Dispostion
 69I-72.006. Inventory Of Property
 69I-72.007. Capitalization Of Property
 69I-73.001. Definitions
 69I-73.002. Threshold For Recording Property
 69I-73.003. Recording Of Property
 69I-73.004. Marking Of Property Records
 69I-73.005. Disposition Of Property
 69I-73.006. Inventory Of Property