69. Department of Financial Services

 69U-100.005. Florida Control Of Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing In Financial Institutions
 69U-100.045. Examination Manuals And Referenced Standards
 69U-100.100. Authority, Purpose, And Scope
 69U-100.101. Definitions Concerning Debt Cancellation Products
 69U-100.102. Prohibited Practices
 69U-100.103. Refunds
 69U-100.104. Method Of Payment Or Fees
 69U-100.105. Disclosures
 69U-100.106. Affirmative Election To Purchase And Acknowledgment Of Receipt Of Disclosures Required
 69U-100.948. Reporting Of Significant Events Or Conditions
 69U-100.964. Transactions Relating To Iran Or Terrorism
 69U-100.03852. Disapproval Of Directors Or Executive Officers
 69U-105.102. Application
 69U-105.206. Regulatory Standards For Evaluating Applications
 69U-105.703. Application
 69U-110.002. Definitions
 69U-110.005. Application And Filing Fee
 69U-110.008. Branches
 69U-110.021. Notification To Ofr After Elections Or Appointments
 69U-110.026. Supervisory/Audit Committee; Audit
 69U-110.031. Powers
 69U-110.038. Applications For Credit
 69U-110.042. Investments
 69U-110.043. Reserves
 69U-110.044. Accounting Practices
 69U-110.045. Reports To Ofr
 69U-110.050. Currency Reporting Compliance Requirements
 69U-110.053. Credit Union Assessments
 69U-110.0061. Bylaws
 69U-110.062. Capitalization Criteria For Conservatorship Or Involuntary Liquidation Actions
 69U-110.063. Credit Unions Liquidation Certificate And Maintenance Of Records
 69U-110.065. Merger
 69U-110.066. Conversion
 69U-110.068. Central Credit Unions
 69U-110.0211. Liability And Bond Insurance
 69U-110.0212. Policies
 69U-110.0381. Loans Secured By Real Estate
 69U-110.0382. Credit Cards
 69U-110.0431. Depletion Of Regular Reserves
 69U-110.0432. Equity Plan Requirements
 69U-120.004. Loans Secured By Secondary Liens On Real Estate
 69U-120.009. Securities Purchasable By Banks; Investment Characteristics
 69U-120.0451. Financial Reports
 69U-120.680. Daily Liquidity
 69U-120.730. Bank And Trust Company Assessments
 69U-130.001. Scope
 69U-130.101. Definitions
 69U-130.102. Applications
 69U-130.103. Application For Establishment Of Separate International Trust Company Representative Offices
 69U-130.104. Reciprocity
 69U-130.105. Principles Of Adequate Supervision Of An International Trust Entity&Apos;S Foreign Establishments
 69U-130.106. Capital Accounts
 69U-130.107. Surrender Of License
 69U-130.108. Service Of Process
 69U-130.109. Interim Operational Plan
 69U-130.110. Examination Fees
 69U-135.101. Written Notice For Qualification
 69U-135.102. Renewal Of Qualification
 69U-135.103. Procedures Forsurrender Of Qualification
 69U-140.002. Applications
 69U-140.003. Principles Of Adequate Supervision Of An International Banking Corporation&Apos;S Foreign Establishments
 69U-140.004. Application For The Establishment Of Separate International Banking Agencies By A Qualified International Banking Corporation
 69U-140.005. Surrender Of License
 69U-140.006. Investment Services
 69U-140.008. Permissible Activities For An Agency
 69U-140.015. Capital Equivalency Or Asset Maintenance
 69U-140.016. Capital Accounts And Capital Ratio Standards
 69U-140.017. Acceptances
 69U-140.018. Minimum Audit Procedures - International Bank Agencies
 69U-140.019. Financial Reports
 69U-140.020. Semiannual Assessment
 69U-140.022. Service Of Process
 69U-140.023. Reciprocity
 69U-140.0045. Interim Operational Plans
 69U-140.120. Examination Fees
 69U-150.730. Association Assessments
 69U-162.001. Scope
 69U-162.002. Definitions
 69U-162.003. Application For License As A Licensed Family Trust Company
 69U-162.004. Application To Register As A Family Trust Company
 69U-162.005. Appication To Register As A Foreign Licensed Family Trust Company
 69U-162.006. Annual Renewal
 69U-162.007. Records
 69U-162.008. Examination
 69U-162.009. Application Process And Forms
 69U-162.010. Notification Of Proposed Appointment
 69U-162.011. Discontinuing Business
 69U-162.012. Quarterly Reporting Of Capital Accounts, Fidelity Bonds, And Insurance